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The Continuing Committee
The cloaked release achvs have been found! Gold congrats to Holodeckplate_Leader for Embracing Our Heritage and jindrak for Return to Grace!
Hindsight: Strange New Worlds by Charlie Plaine, Chairman
Brush up on your salesmanship skills as the Ferengi make their 2E debut, as we take a look back at Strange New Worlds in this week's edition of Hindsight.
The Road to Worlds: First Edition Winning Deck Analysis, Week 3 by Lucas Thompson, Freelance Writer
Let's take a look at Richard DeLashmit's winning deck from the 4/12 Ferenginar Regional.
Dominion Basics (Part 5 of 5): Mission Solving and Multi Quadrant Expansion by Andreas Rheinländer (Dukat), Freelance Writer
Even the Dominion has to face the ultimate truth: a game is normally won by scoring 100 points. While fighting is relatively easy using a Dominion deck, mission solving is a bit more tricky ...
2009 World Champion - Dan Hamman
Make it So: The Final Challenge by Charlie Plaine, Make it So Host
It's time for the Make it So finalists to show all of us what they are made of as they begin their last challenge of the competition!
2010 World Champion - Neil Timmons
Make it So Lesson #4: How to Design an Expansion by Charlie Plaine, Make it So Host
A general guide on designing your own expansion.
Warp Pack: Emissary by Charlie Plaine, Warp Pack Emissary Lead Designer
Six (6) new cards join the pool of First Edition cards with today's release of Warp Pack: Emissary!
The Road to Worlds: First Edition Winning Deck Analysis, Week 2 by Lucas Thompson, Freelance Writer
Join me in taking a look at the winning decks from the 4/5 Sector 001 Regional and the 4/6 Deep Space 9 Regional.
2011 World Champion - Will Hoskin
Make it So Challenge #8 Results by Charlie Plaine, Make it So Host
Find out which Time Location was rated the best, and what comes next for our two (2) contestants that advance to the Final Challenge!
New Errata and Second Edition Changes by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand Manager
Today introduces errata to two cards, and an announcement of new plans to handle errata and proof reading.
2013 World Champion - Ken Tufts
April Second Edition Rules Update by Tyler Fultz, Second Edition Rules Master
A change to "equipped" in this month's CRD update.
2014 European Continental Championships by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand Manager
The European Continental Championships come to the heart of London in July 2014
2012 World Champion - Greg Dillon
2014 Danish Second Edition National Championships by Peter H. Møller, Ambassador
The Danish Second Edition National Championships return to Aarhus.
2014 North American Continental Championships by Jeremy Benedict, Chief Ambassador
The 2014 North American Continental Championships invade Minneapolis, July 11-13!
First Edition "Business Card" Promo Now Available by Jeremy Benedict, Chief Ambassador
You asked for it, First Edition players, and it's finally here!
2014 Australian Continental Championships by Steve Hartmann, Australian OP Coordinator
The 2014 AC returns to Sydney from the 3rd to 6th of July 2014, once again graciously hosted by our good friends at Good Games Hurstville!
2014 Regional Championships - Schedule by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play
List of Regional Championship events globally for the year 2014!
2014 Regional Championships by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play
Details for 2014 Regional Championships can be found here (note: applications are now closed).