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Broken Bow
A Virtual Expansion released on 2017-03-31.

Lead Designer: Dan Hamman
Design Team: Niall Matthew, Paddy Tye

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Broken Bow contains: 32 cards (32 V)

1 VA Miner ConfrontationDilemma
5 VFaux PasDilemma
7 VPreoccupiedDilemma
9 VRock People NEW!Dilemma
10 VSilent EnemyDilemma
13 VThe Ghost of Cyrus RamseyDilemma
24 VKlingon Imperial CourtIncident
25 VLaunch BayIncident
31 VKlingon BountyInterrupt
32 VBattle of Narendra IIIMission
33 VEscape GulagMission
41 VExplore New WorldObjective
42 VOperate Dilithium GulagObjective
43 VSearch and SeizeObjective
44 V❖ Four of Fifty NEW!PersonnelBorg
46 VAdvocate KolosPersonnelKlingon
47 V❖ AklamPersonnelKlingon
48 VBu'kaHPersonnelKlingon
54 VDuras Son of ToralPersonnelKlingon
56 V❖ J'MetPersonnelKlingon
57 VKlaangPersonnelKlingon
59 V❖ MorgaPersonnelKlingon
60 V❖ P'MokhPersonnelKlingon
61 VPrisoner ArcherPersonnelKlingon
62 VProsecutor OrakPersonnelKlingon
65 VShobbi-HarPersonnelNon-Aligned
66 VSkalaarPersonnelNon-Aligned
72 VJeremiah HayesPersonnelStarfleet
84 VBattle Cruiser BortasShipKlingon
85 V❖ I.K.S. RaptorShipKlingon
88 V❖ Shuttlepod TwoShipStarfleet
89 VHall of MagistratesTime Location