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[Event] Fair Play
[HA] [Ref]
When Miles O'Brien discovered his publicized racquetball match was unfairly influenced by an alien gambling device, he refused to take advantage of an unfair situation.
Seeds or plays on table; may not be nullified. No player may solve an opponent's unique mission unless its point box shows at least 40 points OR both players have a copy of it in play.

Rarity: U (The Dominion)
[Event] General Quarters
[HA] [Ref]
During shipboard emergencies such as Roga Danar's escape from the U.S.S. Enterprise brig in 2366, off-duty crew and civilians are advised to stay in their quarters for safety.
Seeds or plays on table. May not leave play. All players may only download personnel into play once every turn.

Rarity: 17 V (The Next Generation)
[Event] Intermix Ratio
[HA] [Ref]
Zefram Cochrane struggled to maintain the optimum balance of matter and anti-matter injection for the Phoenix warp systems. The proper ratio, of course, is 1 to 1.
Plays on table. If any player's ratio of bonus points to non-bonus points exceeds 1:1, the excess bonus points do not count toward winning. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

Rarity: U (First Contact)
[Event] Mirror Image
[HA] [Ref] [4]
Jean-Luc Picard reflected upon introducing an unstable element into a critical situation.
Seeds or plays on table. All Red Alert, Kivas Fajo - Collector, Masaka Transformations and The Traveler: Transcendence cards affect all players. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

Rarity: U (First Contact)
[Event] Shape-Shift Inhibitor
Prototype device developed by the Obsidian Order. Emits a quantum stasis field that prevents a changeling from altering its biomolecular structure.
Plays on table. Each player must first discard a personnel card in order to download a non-[Bor] personnel. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

Rarity: 6 V (Referee Reprints)
[Event] The Big Picture
Jean-Luc Picard had to convince Lily Sloane that she was on a starship orbiting Earth. To defeat the Borg, Captain Picard's crew had to succeed on the ship as well as on the planet.
Plays on table. Each player who has not solved (or scouted) at least 2 missions with point boxes (one [S] and one [P]) needs an additional 40 points to win. (May not be nullified.)

Rarity: 7 V (Referee Reprints)
[Event] Villagers With Torches
[HA] [Ref]
After years of poverty, the Takarians were eager to be rid of their Great Sages. Fortunately, Chakotay and Tom Paris were there to keep them from being sent away on "wings of fire."
Seeds or plays on table. Whenever opponent begins a planet mission attempt with fewer than three personnel, all are killed unless opponent has Thermal Deflectors in play.

Rarity: 8 V (Referee Reprints)
[Event] You Are a Monument
[HA] [Ref]
An ancient humanoid race, realizing they were alone in their part of the galaxy, seeded new life on other Alpha and Beta Quadrant worlds as a monument to their existence.
Plays on table. May not leave play. Each player who has not solved (or scouted) an Alpha Quadrant mission needs an additional 40 points to win.

Rarity: 20 V (The Next Generation)
[Incident] Access Denied
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. While in play, nullifies all Establish Gateway objectives targeting your missions. You may suspend play while you discard incident to download Fractal Encryption Code.

Rarity: U (Blaze of Glory)
[Incident] Containment Field
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. (Not duplicatable.) Each player who uses a  icon, Hidden Fighter, or Going to the Top must first stack a card from hand face up here. Before each player's turn begins, they reclaim up to two of those cards; if they still have any here, they must skip that turn. Also, nullifies each Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow (its owner loses its points), Static Warp Bubble, and Telepathic Alien Kidnappers.

Rarity: 60 C (Voyager)
[Incident] Feedback Surge
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. If opponent completes Establish Gateway targeting a mission they did not seed, you score those points (instead of opponent). Also, if opponent discards any seed cards using Ajur, Boratus, Senior Staff Meeting, or their own dilemma, you may immediately re-seed them under any mission(s); opponent loses 10 points for each such card.

Rarity: 27 U (The Borg)
[Incident] HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform
Plays on any homeworld. Each time opponent initiates battle here against your ship or facility matching this homeworld's affiliation, just after it is targeted each of your Orbital Weapons Platforms here may "fire upon" an opposing ship present. Each ship fired upon is damaged = [Flip][Flip] for each Platform that targets it, and you may exclude that ship from the battle.

Rarity: 25 R (The Trouble with Tribbles)
[Incident] In the Zone
Seeds or plays on table. If a non-Borg player scores more than 50 points during a single turn (including this turn), those points in excess of 50 do not count toward winning. While your score is exactly 50 points, each of your ships has double RANGE and SHIELDS. Also, nullifies End Transmission and Preparation, and each player may only call "Devidian Door" during their turn (and only once per turn).

Rarity: 31 C (Holodeck Adventures)
[Incident] Intruder Alert!
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table; nullifies all seeded Memory Wipe cards. At any time, you may capture a one- or two-person Away Team in your Ops or assimilate one personnel intruder on your Borg ship or facility if your Talon Drone is present (discard incident) OR download Intruder Force Field (place incident atop event to protect it from nullification and extend its effects to all intruders on your ships).

Rarity: U (Blaze of Glory)
[Incident] It's Only a Game
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. Limits each non-Borg report with crew action to four total personnel/equipment. Limits Red Alert to one Personnel, one Ship and one Equipment card per turn. Limits probing and doubling for Visit Cochrane Memorial to once per game per persona. Also, whenever opponent draws three or more cards in one turn, you may download (even from discard pile) Scorched Hand, ignoring Computer Crash.

Rarity: U (Rules of Acquisition)
[Incident] Obelisk of Masaka
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. Each time a card provides multiple card draws, no more than one may be converted to a download. Also, to move or initiate battle, each ship with one or more staffing icons (and each Interceptor) requires at least two crew members aboard. Once each turn (unless opponent has The Mask of Korgano in play), you may download Masaka Transformations targeting yourself, then discard incident.

Rarity: 16 V (Referee Reprints)
[Incident] Panel Overload
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. When opponent plays Scan or Full Planet Scan, you may kill one Computer Skill personnel on any ship there (even if docked or landed) and/or download Scanner Interference. Also, you may place incident on any outpost to prevent its Spacedoors from re-opening (nullified by 4 ENGINEER aboard) OR discard incident to nullify Bynars Weapon Enhancement or Genetronic Replicator.

Rarity: 17 V (Referee Reprints)
[Incident] Q the Referee
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. Once each turn, you may play one [Ref] card for free OR discard (or place beneath draw deck) one of your [Ref] cards from hand or in play to draw a card. Also, you may suspend play while you download any other [Ref] card (ignoring Computer Crash), then discard incident.

Rarity: 29 U (The Trouble with Tribbles)
[Incident] Reactor Overload
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. If any player has "processed ore" to draw two cards per turn at any one Ore Processing Unit, destroys that site. OR Seeds or plays on table. Place on your ship or facility. EM surge disables each android aboard until Cybernetics present; erases all [Holo] cards aboard; kills each Borg aboard (unless [Com] drone in hive); and kills all Rogue Borg aboard. Return incident to your hand after either use.

Rarity: 19 V (Referee Reprints)
[Incident] Scanner Interference
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. Nullifies each Scan and Full Planet Scan unless owner has 2 Computer Skill aboard a staffed ship at targeted mission. Just after opponent scans mission (after seed cards are replaced) you may discard incident to seed one card there from hand, discard pile or Q's Tent. At any time you may discard incident to download Atmospheric Ionization, Distortion Field and/or Particle Scattering Field.

Rarity: 20 V (Referee Reprints)
[Incident] Strategema
Seeds or plays on table. Ooby Dooby and Rogue Borg Mercenaries are nullified. Q's Planet may not enter play. Your opponent may not initiate battle or play Outgunned at a homeworld against your force containing a card matching that homeworld's affiliation.

Rarity: 21 V (Referee Reprints)
[Incident] White Deprivation
Seeds or plays on table. At start of every player's turn, all of that player's [KW] personnel present together must battle (and stun or mortally wound when able) opposing non-changelings present, or (if none) any non- changelings present, or (if none) each other (split randomly into two equal groups). Also, one [KW] personnel in each of that player's crews and Away Teams dies (random selection).

Rarity: 22 V (Referee Reprints)
[Incident] Writ of Accountability
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. Once per game, downloads an FCA personnel; discard incident. OR Seeds or plays on table. Place on your [Fer] FCA personnel. If opponent has used Subspace Schism, Brain Drain or Horga'hn more than twice OR played Static Warp Bubble, Anti-Time Anomaly or Black Hole more than once OR used their own dilemma(s) to score more than 15 points or to discard other dilemmas, they lose the game.

Rarity: 23 V (Referee Reprints)
[Interrupt] Oof!
Surprised by Benjamin Sisko's rather unconventional response to Q's antagonism, the allegedly omnipotent being protested, "You hit me! Picard never hit me!"
Nullifies Fightin' Words. OR Places each Q2, Amanda Rogers and Kevin Uxbridge card in opponent's point area out-of-play; opponent loses 5 points for each. (Immune to Amanda Rogers.)

Rarity: 24 V (Referee Reprints)
[Interrupt] Scorched Hand
Plasma gas from the ruptured coolant tank liquified all the organic skin grafted onto Data's endoskeletal structure.
Plays to cause each player who has more than 12 cards in hand to shuffle all but 6 (random selection) and place beneath draw deck. (Immune to Amanda Rogers.)

Rarity: 25 V (Referee Reprints)
[Interrupt] The Juggler
The Juggler hosted Lwaxana Troi and Alexander Rozhenko's visit to the Parallax Colony, all the time juggling his three worlds.
Choose any player to re-shuffle the cards in their draw deck.

Rarity: 26 V (Referee Reprints)
[Interrupt] The Wake of the Borg
The New Providence colony on Jouret IV was scooped up by the Borg in 2366, just as Federation and Romulan outposts along the Neutral Zone had been destroyed in 2364.
Plays on opponent's Neutral Zone mission. End of opponent's next turn, destroys all ships, facilities and personnel there. (May not be nullified.)

Rarity: 27 V (Referee Reprints)
[Objective] Defend Homeworld
[HA] [Ref]
Seeds or plays on table. When opponent initiates battle against your card at a homeworld matching that card's affiliation, just after it is targeted you may download there any number of HQ cards and compatible ships, leaders, SECURITY personnel, and hand weapons. Once per game, you may discard objective to download a SECURITY personnel OR any HQ card (except Return Orb to Bajor).

Rarity: 41 U (The Trouble with Tribbles)