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First Edition
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The watchlist represents a list of cards that the errata team is currently monitoring in the tournament environment to ensure that they're functioning the way that they were designed, without causing undesirable interactions or unbalanced situations. If you have any recent experiences with these cards, and reason that you believe either they should be changed, or they should be left as they currently are, please send that feedback to Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich).

Current Watch List
Card NameDate AddedReason it's being Watched
A Change of Plans2016-10-07Part of a powerful download chain combo. Gained in power as objectives proliferated outside of [BO] .
Habit of Disappearing2016-10-06The negative effect of the card have shown to be a powerful part of a combo of cards almost to the point of hexany-style level.
Post Garrison2016-10-06Have shown to be a good lock out card that in multiples make for a negative play experience for the opponent.
Jonathan Archer2016-10-04Extremely powerful ability that limits development of new "X" cards.