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March 2017

by Niall Matthew, A.K.A. Private PartsMarch 28th
The muscle has arrived...
Greetings from the New European OP Coordinator
by Julius Melhardt, European OP CoordinatorMarch 27th
A little bit about myself :-)
by Niall Matthew, Broken Bow intern designer and the inserter of tubulesMarch 27th
A frozen menace awakens...
Dial D for Dilemmas!
by Paddy Tye, Broken Bow designer and perplexing puzzlerMarch 26th
What fresh quandaries does Broken Bow have in store for us?
An Archer, By Any Other Name
by Prisoner Paddy, Broken Bow designer and In ContemptMarch 25th
Oh Boy! Look what trouble Jonathan Archer has leaped into now…
A Second Edition Gift
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMarch 24th
Second Edition players, it's been a long time since you've had anything new. It's going to be a bit longer before your next expansion, but here's a gift.
Botany Bay? Botany Bay?!
by Charlie Plaine, Poor Chekov ImpersonatorMarch 24th
Meet the new icon that makes its debut in Broken Bow: the Botany Bay icon.
The Road to Worlds: North Carolina Masters
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorMarch 23rd
Let's take a look at winning decks from Michael Van Breemen and Ryan Sutton!
Nobody Expects the Klingon Inquisition!
by Paddy Tye, Broken Bow Designer (whose chief weapon is surprise)March 22nd
Surprise, and fear.
Broken Bow's Block Rotation
by Charlie Plaine, Acting First Edition Brand ManagerMarch 22nd
The release of Broken Bow will trigger the third rotation of the Block card pool.
2017 Regional Championships - Schedule
by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized PlayMarch 22nd
Your 2017 Regional Schedule.
Known Throughout the Galaxy as the Alien’s Graveyard
by Paddy Tye, Broken Bow designer and very camp commandantMarch 21st
Gulag, Gulag, Gulag, the prison where I want to be, Pony trekking or camping, Or just watching TV...
Like Peas in a Shuttlepod
by Paddy Tye, Broken Bow designer and Broken in many other ways...March 20th
Everyday I'm shuttlin'
Announcing Broken Bow
by Dan Hamman, 1ELead DesignerMarch 20th
The first expansion in the 22nd Century Block is coming!
Broken Bow Release Kits
by Dan Hamman, Warehouse ManagerMarch 20th
Kick off the 22nd Century block with the release of Broken Bow, and make your tournament extra special with a Broken Bow release kit.
Long-overdue Programming Team Update
by Chris Lobban, Chief ProgrammerMarch 19th
After many months of near-silence, I've returned bearing good news!
Public Playtest of Project Excelsior at US Nationals
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanMarch 11th
Come join us for the public playtest of Project Excelsior, the format proposed to replace Academy in Second Edition.
Reminder Regional Applications
by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized PlayMarch 10th
FYI: Regional applications due by Monday Night

February 2017

Julius Melhardt Joins the CC as the New European Continental Coordinator for OP.
by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized PlayFebruary 25th
Please welcome the newest European Continental Coordinator for Organized Play.
Justin Ford Has Been Selected for Chief Financial Officer
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanFebruary 24th
A Chief Financial Officer has now been found for the Continuing Committee.
2017 North American Continental Championships
by Jeremy Benedict, Chief AmbassadorFebruary 24th
North American Continentals will return to Minneapolis this July 13-16! Are you in?
South Dakota Masters
by Kevin Jaeger, SD Masters OrganizerFebruary 16th
What's there to do in South Dakota? Might I offer some suggestions?
2017 Regional Championships
by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized PlayFebruary 2nd
Applications now open for the 2017 Regional Championships.
2017 Master Series Promos: See Them Now!!!
by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized PlayFebruary 1st
Hey! Look here for pretty new 2017 Master Series promos.

January 2017

Manchester Masters!
by Paddy Tye, First Edition Troublemaker and Creative ManagerJanuary 31st
The UK gets its first Masters event in March 2017...
Cristoffer Wiker Steps Down as First Edition Brand Manager
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJanuary 30th
Join me in thanking Cristoffer Wiker for his service as First Edition Brand Manager.
First Edition Creative Team Members
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJanuary 29th
The First Edition Creative Team is looking for new members!
Let's See What's Out There! Masters Comes to North Carolina
by Scott Baughman, NC Masters OrganizerJanuary 27th
Here's information about the first Masters of the year.
The Next Second Edition Set Will Be Delayed
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerJanuary 25th
The next Second Edition set, code named Project D'Argo, is going to have an April release.
First Edition Creative Manager
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJanuary 25th
Please join me in thanking retiring 1E Creative Manager David "superdave" Runyon on a long and storied tenure with the Continuing Committee.
Announcing US Nationals 2017
by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman & HostJanuary 17th
The 2017 U.S. National Championships will be held April 7th - 9th at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL.
2017 World Championship Event Schedule
by Daniel Matteson, Tournament DirectorJanuary 13th
Twenty events packed into five days. The full event schedule for 2017 Worlds in Orlando, FL is released!
The Search is On for a Chief Financial Officer
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanJanuary 9th
Financial accountability for the Continuing Committee is long overdue. The CC hopes to rectify this situation by searching for and hiring a Chief Financial Officer.

December 2016

Late Changes to The Terran Empire
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanDecember 29th
A trio of mistakes were noticed late in the release of The Terran Empire expansion, and we were negligent in fixing them efficiently. The changes are now live and listed within.
Texas Chainsaw Masters
by John Corbett, HostDecember 27th
I'm putting my money where my mouth is.
December Errata
by Matthew Zinno, 1E Errata Team LeaderDecember 24th
Six card revisions, including one coming off the ban list.
2016 Fourth Quarter Raffle - Bins Closing Soon!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerDecember 23rd
The Raffle is on!
Organized Play Coordinator Applications: European and Australian
by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized PlayDecember 20th
Now accepting applications for European and Australian Organized Play Coordinators.
Discover Your Objective
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerDecember 16th
Help us test out something for Second Edition. You just might get external as well as internal rewards.
The Road to Worlds: Austrian Nationals
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorDecember 15th
Let's take a look at winning decks from Johannes Klarhauser and Julius Melhardt.
Backwards Compatible Cards Leaving First Edition
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanDecember 12th
As the result of the public vote, Backwards Compatible Cards will be leaving First Edition; details contained in this article.
European and Australian OP Coordinators Retire
by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized PlayDecember 12th
Today, we are sad to announce the departure of two of our most valuable volunteers from Organised Play.
The Road to Worlds: Canadian, British, and Russian Nationals
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorDecember 8th
Let's take a look at winning decks from Alex Dixon, Michael Van Breemen, Nickolay Korotya, William Hoskin, and Kenneth Tufts.

November 2016

The Second Edition Rules Manager is Amber Van Breemen
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerNovember 29th
Amber Van Breeman has accepted the position of Second Edition Rules Manager.
The Terran Empire Release Kit
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerNovember 26th
Requisition a Terran Empire Release kit for your next 1E Event!
The Terran Empire - Now Available
by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Brand ManagerNovember 25th
The virtual expansion; The Terran Empire, is now available for immediate download!
by Ross Fertel, Nomenclative WriterNovember 24th
Take a peek behind the scenes and learn how the four cards that are the pinnacle of The Terran Empire came to be named.
Hail to the Dictator
by Ross Fertel, Tyrannical WriterNovember 23rd
Welcome to the Terran Empire young man. Someday, you shall rule the known universe!
Conversions: An Analysis - Mirror Phlox
by James Cream, Staff WriterNovember 22nd
A look at an In a Mirror, Darkly translation.
2016 Peldor Joi Gratitude Festival
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 21st
Celebrate life, love, happiness and the holidays with the 2016 Peldor Joi Gratitude Festival!
One Giant Leap Across The Spaceline
by Mark, Staff WriterNovember 21st
Let's do the time warp again! UFP: One Small Step adds a new dimension (or at least seriously messes with one of the regular dimensions) to using Time Locations.
The Right of Mankind
by Dr. Zefram Cochrane, Shaper of HistoryNovember 20th
"Never passively allow history to make it's own judgments. Demand that history make the right judgment and direct it, forcefully if needed, to those judgments."
Let's Talk About [Gender]
by Ross Fertel, Masculine WriterNovember 19th
Take a look at the intimate secrets behind an Andorian and how it will impact lore going forward.
Lost in the Tholian Web
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterNovember 18th
The Constitution-class Defiant comes to STCCG.
Vintaak Disappearance Site
by Charlie Plaine, The Terran Empire Assistant DesignerNovember 18th
The other side of the (card).
The Road to Worlds: San Diego Masters
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorNovember 17th
Let's take a look at Michael Van Breemen's winning deck, and an interview with Thomas Vineberg!
It’s a Mexican Invasion! Quick, Build a Wall!
by Paddy Tye – He Lies, He Cheats, He StealsNovember 17th
An easter egg for the wrestling fans.
Earth 2? A Novel thought.
by Ross Fertel, Literate WriterNovember 16th
Find out how Mike Sussman's follow up helped shape two important cards in The Terran Empire.
Russian 2E Nationals
by Oleg RyzhikovNovember 16th
The Russian 2E Nationals return to Moscow
UK 2E Nationals
by Will HoskinNovember 15th
The UK 2E Nationals will be held in Cambridge
Welcome to the Terran Empire
by Dan Hamman, 1E Design TeamNovember 14th
The Terran Empire is coming - First looks inside!
Promo Series K Error
by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Brand ManagerNovember 4th
Dr. Gillian Taylor got promoted by accident. We are fixing it!

October 2016

Austrian Nationals 2016
by Julius MelhardtOctober 28th
Nationals are returning to Austria!
The Road to Worlds: American Nationals
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorOctober 27th
Let's take a look at winning decks from Nathan Miracle!
Now Hiring: Second Edition Rules Manager
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanOctober 25th
The Continuing Committee is looking for someone to succeed Tyler Fultz as the Second Edition Rules Manager.
Tournament Kits - Series K (1E) and XV (2E)
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanOctober 24th
After a long day of work from several volunteers, we have restocked the Promenade with tournament kits! And we thought we'd be nice and finally spoil all of the promos, too!
It's That Time - the Period of Review Begins Now!
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanOctober 19th
Once again it's time for the community to weigh in on the performance of the Continuing Committee via the Period of Review.
UK 1E Nationals - Ending the Year with a Bang!
by Paddy Tye, The Nightmare of Suplex CityOctober 19th
Announcing the 2016 Nationals event for the United Kingdom.
A Trio of Errata
by Matthew Zinno, 1E Errata LeadOctober 8th
The latest batch of 1E errata, including Flute and Outgunned.
Matt Zinno is the New First Edition Errata Team Lead
by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Brand ManagerOctober 7th
Matt Zinno [commdecker] has decided to step forward and take the reins of the First Edition Errata team.
A Dialog with a Concerned Citizen
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanOctober 3rd
Earlier in the summer, I was contacted by a 2nd Edition player by the name of Tjark Ott, tjark on the Forums. He asked if we could meet on Skype to discuss a few concerns he had with the way things were currently being handled by the Continuing Committee. We had a fairly substantial conversation regarding some of the basic ways that TrekCC operates, which I was happy to answer. He asked if he could write up a series of questions, which I would then formally answer. We agreed that those questions and answers would form the basis of an article for the public. The result is this article.
October Rules Update
by Jon Carter, First Edition Rules MasterOctober 3rd
A small clean-up.