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Pre-Warp Pack Vulcan Giveaway!

by Daniel Matteson, Social Media Manager

19th June 2017

The Vulcan affiliation has finally come to First Edition, and we're celebrating this historic event with an exciting (and entirely) logical Vulcan giveaway! With this Friday's release of the Pre-Warp Pack (as well as the imminent release of Project Power), we wanted to commemorate this special occasion, and so the Continuing Committee has partnered up with contest site Gleam to bring you our latest giveaway, a chance to win one of three famous Vulcan cards from First Edition.

The contest begins today and runs until Friday, June 23rd, at 11:59 pm Eastern. You can earn entries by following the Continuing Committee on our social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube - as well as a couple of questions you can answer for bonus entries. You can also earn a bonus entry once a day just by visiting our website each day - which you'll want to do anyway to check out our daily Pre-Warp Pack spoilers!

We'll be randomly selecting three winning entries once the contest has concluded. Our three prizes are all prominent Vulcan cards from The Motion Pictures expansion. The grand prize is none other than Captain Spock! Second prize will be awarded a Saavik card, and third prize will be a Valeris card.

CLICK HERE to visit our contest page and started earning those contest entries today!

Live long and prosper, and good luck!

Captain SpockSaavikValeris


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