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1EarticleSo, I'm a New/Old First Edition Player, Bajoran Edition by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
In this series, the Vice Chairman is attempts to re-learn First Edition after a 15 year hiatus. This time she analyzes Matthew Zinno’s “Bajor for Bajorans. And some Ferengi. And a Klingon. And someone who is secretly a Trill.” deck.


1EarticleDesign Spotlight: First Edition Bajoran by Charlie Plaine, Chairman
See if the Prophets are with you, as the Bajorans get their turn in the design spotlight.
2EreportLocal (2017-11-19) by jadziadax8
I was hoping to draft DS9 folks for this tourney. The first few packs that came around didn\'t have any, but did have lots of Cardies and a few Klingons. This got everyone drafting those affiliations, so later on when Sisko, Eddington, Garak and some of the other weenies showed up, I grabbed them easily. The 1 span HQ cannot be underestimated in value in this format. I also coincidentally managed to draft lots of people with the right skills for Track Survivors and Penetrate Enemy lines. I even had some Guls for Comfort Women, which didn\'t ever get used. :-(
1EdeckSurak's Dirty Dozen [Block-ENT] by Pants o.t. Tal Shiar
Vulcan deck with only 12 different personnel.
1EdeckVulcan Block by Commander Joe
2EdeckDS9 Gamma Quadrant Exploration by jadziadax8
This is a beginner-level DS9 deck.


articleWelcome to Bajoran Week by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
Peldor Joi! Coincidentally, we're celebrating Bajorans during the United States' version of the Gratitude Festival.
1EreportLocal (2017-11-19) by Captain Parrish
I wanted to play a battle like non - aligned borg deck with mostly androids and borg for beaming battle fun! It was a lot of fun to say the least.
1EdeckBajoran Solver 4.0.0 by Resistance-is-futile
2EdeckStarfleet Mirror Deck by Warrior50
This deck is for the Starfleet Mirror achievement
2EdeckTN Dissident by The Ninja Scot
Looking for a hidden achievement
TrdeckBattle Deck by Warrior50
This deck is for the battle achievement.
TrdeckFoil Mess by Resistance-is-futile


1EarticleWelcome to the Station by Derrick Marsh, Guest Writer
Rounding out Deep Space 9 week with a look at the station in First Edition.
2EdeckBajoran Craziness by tomalak
I'm still not entirely sure if this will work out or not.
2EdeckStarfleet 2016 Attempt by tomalak
An attempt.
2EdeckBorg Dissident ver. 2 by T-Ricks
Trying to use The New Resistance to get lots of Borg in the game fast.
2EdeckGolden Assimilator and The Scalding Shower of Death by Cmdr Xym
Non-aligned deck with Rogue Borg and their allies, using lots of equipment and kill dilemmas.
2EdeckFuture killing by Jono
Relativity deck using a Kill dilemma pile
TrdeckThe Trials of getting an achievement by Jono
Trials and Tribble-lations deck


2EarticleTwo-Four-Six-Eight, Who Do You Affiliate? by Ross Fertel, Yearing To Be
Take a deep dive into Strange Bedfellows and rediscover the wonders of affiliations.
2EreportTrek Masters (2017-11-11) by CaptMDKirk
Unlike Worlds, I knew that the 2E Texas Chainsaw Masters was one day with six rounds of tournament play, and I needed a deck that could get Full Wins consistently, and be able to navigate the minefield of strategies that were trying to do the same. To that end, and since it had been scarcely a month since Orlando, I looked at the Worlds Day 1 top seed: Lucas Thompson\'s Starfleet. He had taken Tyler Fultz\'s older build from a couple years back and really slimmed it down to its core strengths; Novice Mediator Archer, Overbearing Observer T\'Pol, and Accumulated Knowledge. Without a lot of the \"win more\" cards, it quickly proved itself as the most consistently successful deck I\'ve played in a long time (about the same reliability as Klingon Sword circa 2013). I knew there were several players in the field who favored Tragic Turn-style dilemma piles, which was the only thing I found lacking in Lucas\' build (he had adjusted for the meta and sailed through successfully). I knew people would be gunning for my key personnel, so I added some insurance in the forms of Emergency Transport Unit, Escape, and Grav-Plating Trap. I had considered Trellium-Ds, but ultimately chose against them in favor of keeping Alpha 5 Approach in the mission selection, and that proved to be vital in a few matches. With some last-minute retooling, I readied for the gauntlet, and began by facing down a somewhat unfamiliar opponent...
2EdeckSuper Barclay is the one thing 2E has that 1E doesn\'t. by Pants o.t. Tal Shiar
TNG Microteaming or whatever it\'s called.


2EdeckMakeouts by willraiman
By Lucas Thompson


2EarticleSo, You're New to Deep Space 9? by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
Welcome to the Gamma Quadrant. This Second Edition Deep Space 9 deck shows off how Feds from Deep Space 9 go through the Wormhole.
2EarticleDesign Spotlight: Second Edition Deep Space 9 by Charlie Plaine, Chairman
Take a look at Deep Space 9 in this week's Second Edition Design Spotlight article.
1EdeckDS9_Feds_Intermediate_Deck by HoodieDM
A deck for those past the beginners/entry level of deck building/playing, but not at advanced. Deck is competitive and an introduction into Nors (Site cards), Time Locations, and a lot of downloading/action cheating.
1EdeckEmpress Sato Rules All by Hobie
Starfleet Empire


articleThe Road to Worlds: Texas Chainsaw Masters by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador
Let's take a look at winning decks from Kenneth Tufts and Matt Kirk!
1EarticleSo, I'm a New/Old First Edition Player, Deep Space 9 Edition by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
In this series, the Vice Chairman is attempts to re-learn First Edition after a 15 year hiatus. This time she analyzes Bruce Parrish’s Combined Task Force deck.
1EreportLocal (2017-11-11) by Iron Prime
I finally get to play some 1E again. Hopefully this marks a return and not a blip on the radar. I borrowed a deck idea from Armus, tweaked it a tiny bit, and retooled the dilemmas. Don\'t try to throw together decks at 2am though - even if you have a good one to crib from... :-)
1EdeckOTF Vidiians 5.3 by SirDan
OTF Vidiian deck. Including cards from Live Long and Prosper. Final mission is in AQ if needed.
1EdeckOperating Jointly by Iron Prime
Trotting out Quark's Jail one more time... Cribbed heavily from: http://www.trekcc.org/1e/decklists/index.php?mode=view&deckID=16094
2EdeckIt Aint Broke... by CaptMDKirk
...but it\'s close.
2EdeckStarfleet Masters by pschrader
2EdeckRainbow Crash by The Ninja Scot
Time for some milling
2EdeckRelatively Cardassian by prylardurden
bad idea