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article2017-2018 WCT (World Championship Trek) League Season begins in October by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized Play
2017-2018 WCT (World Championship Trek) League Season begins in October.
2EarticleSo, You're New to Romulans? by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
The Romulans, sneaky and manipulative, operate frequently near the Neutral Zone. This Second Edition Romulan deck shows off the power of manipulation in a deck friendly for new players and compatible with the Project Excelsior restricted card pool.
1EcardUp Yer Shaft!
Up Yer Shaft!
Trcard100,000 Tribbles - Avalanche
100,000 Tribbles - Avalanche


2EreportLocal (2017-09-16) by JamesValEson
Like with 1E, I haven\'t played constructed 2E since Last November in a Fargo League gig. I was going over what to play, and was leaning toward Equinox. Unfortunately for that deck, my Trek cards were so mis- sorted and overwhelmed by MTG cards that I couldn\'t find my previous try at a deck for that faction. I then decided to go with one of my decks that was pretty much take, check (to make sure it wasn\'t cannibalized for another pet project), and play. With recent errata that (once again) have hit Borg, I decided that I needed to retool that deck before taking it out for another run. I also had 5-space Voyager and Contingent Dominion handy. Dominion was more intact, and something I rather liked playing, so I went with that.
1EdeckWe Are Back by Proconsul Neral
A TNG Chess Game deck
1EdeckCardassian Concealed Carry: Condensed by Pants o.t. Tal Shiar
A simplified version of my classic Cardassian Concealed Carry deck. Still need to cut a seed slot to qualify for Heaney's Beginner Deck list.
1EdeckBrownshirts by Proconsul Neral
Obedience Brings Victory, and Victory is Life!


1EarticleVulcan Spies by James Monsebroten, Staff Writer
A Vulcan deck using IDIC: Courage of the V'Shar
1EarticleSo, I'm a New/Old First Edition Player, Romulan Edition by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
In this series, the Vice Chairman is attempts to re-learn First Edition after a 15 year hiatus. This time she’s analyzes Matt Hayes’ Romulan Chess deck.
1EdeckMirror Starfleet ABCD v2 by SirDan
Mirror Starfleet using the four Objectives from The Terran Empire. Solve a pair of space missions, collect the Defiant, then secure Mirror Earth.
TrdeckThe 1.87 Million Tribble Deck by commdecker
I named this for the 187 achievement, before playing it. Now go look at the score.
TrdeckThe place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum. by prylardurden
The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum. - Havelock Ellis


podcastEpisode 345 – Hype Man by Section 31
Episode 345 – Hype Man (mp3) 2017.09.18 John Corbett joins Dan to discuss the upcoming Texas Masters event. Sir Dan – Dan Hamman Sir Rogue – Rogue Shindler Art Director – Johnny Holeva Special thanks to Captain Karl for his gracious permission to use music from  Warp 11’s album, “It’s Dead, Jim.” Advertisements
1EreportRegional (2015-05-02) by BCSWowbagger
This was a standard pre-Broken Bow Starfleet deck with Paxan \"Wormhole\" and Data (Aspirer) thrown in to hopefully shield me from the Kevin Jaeger Capture Deck. Condition Red made Enterprise incredibly burly, but it wasn\'t on a mission of war this time; it just wanted to solve space missions.
1EreportLocal (2017-09-16) by JamesValEson
Since I took 12 days off from work, and had no other events going on, I decided to make the Trek (hehehe...) down to the Cities to play some Trek for the first time since January. I figured I had quite a bit of rust to shake off since my last time playing 1E in Fargo last November 12th, but it turns out that Trek can be a Lot like riding a bicycle... well, that and I avoided having to play and get my butt kicked by Kris. Of course, I still missed a few Key issues during my first two games, such as Imperial Intimidation Doubling the boosts to the Enterprise from Scotty, Mirror Scotty, and Mirror Chekov, thus making ship juggling Much easier once I remembered that.
1EdeckCourage of the V'Shar by Orbin
Vulcan Spies Deck
1EdeckImperial Ascension by SirRogue
A Mirror Starfleet contender gets some help from the "future."
2EdeckTOS-Kirkless by Galen
2EdeckFuture is here! v1.7.5 by G'Kar
My Relativity deck with updated/shortened dilemma pile


articleWelcome to Romulan Week by Maggie Geppert, Puzzle Missy
Welcome to Romulan Week. Unscramble the words to identify the episode.
1EarticleVulcan Scheming of a White Christmas by Charlie Plaine, Live Long and Prosper Lead Designer
Not sure what to do with the new Vulcan affiliation? Use this deck based on the Schemes of the High Command as a starting point!
1EreportLocal (2017-09-16) by BCSWowbagger
There was a time when Mercenary Raiders was hot stuff. Every respectable TNG deck -- even the ones that *weren\'t* bent on murdering you with vast armadas of Universal Sunad-piloted Zalkonian Vessels -- seeded this thing. You got some extra free reports on a universal ship you may well have been seeding anyway, and you got 15 bonus points for the price of a seed slot. (Plus, you could murder a bunch of people with it.) I was still a new player, too afraid of having my mission stolen to risk playing with this card, but it was on my to-do list. Baran was one of the best cards in the original starter deck I got in 1995. I still have copies of Baran, Narik, and Vekor that have little purple dots on the back, because that\'s how I marked which cards were Dad\'s and which were mine in the very first game we played. \"One day,\" I told myself. \"One day soon.\"

Then came the errata.

The CC saw that Merc Raiders was being seeded in all kinds of decks simply to build a bigger \"free report salad\" -- a phrase the community coined right around this time. So the CC fixed the problem by taking away its seedability. Merc Raiders became a plays-on-table Warp Core card, which meant it had to be your PRIMARY Continuing Mission engine if you wanted to get it into play by the start of the game. With only seven personnel (a mere two of them universal!), these guys were clearly a support faction. On their own, they were nearly as unplayable as TNG Cardassians.

And so Merc Raiders was killed to death, vanishing from worldwide decklists overnight, perhaps the saddest casualty of the great wave of TNG Block errata. So it remained for several years.

Then, lo, another erratum came to the rescue. I never played with War Council before it was banned, but I gather it was banned for pretty much the same reason as Mercenary Raiders: it provided a cheap, stacking, universally accessible free play -- one which particularly favored the Delta Quadrant, already ridiculously strong at the time. The errata, which finally came out this year, kept War Council\'s functionality, but with a new restriction: you couldn\'t get Non-Aligned freebies in just any deck. It had to be a primarily Non-Aligned deck itself. This was a fair and richly flavorful change... but not a simple one for a deck-builder to integrate into his designs!

Problem: since War Council provides free CIVILIANs and VIPs, it is lacking in some pretty major departments like OFFICER and MEDICAL. Who can help plug those holes?

Who else but the Mercenary Raiders of old, returning on their Long-Range Scan Shielded white horse to finally star in a deck they can truly call their own?

1EdeckVulcan Scheming of a White Christmas by MidnightLich
A Vulcan High Command Deck, designed to annoy the opponent with Schemes and dilemmas that stall you all day.
1EdeckOTF Klingon DS9 - SEP 2017 by jjh
Blood Oath and Combined Task Force.
2EdeckTake it or destroy it by Ein Gast...
Rom Capture Deck inspired by Julius Melhardt
2EdeckI let a dice decide which deck I play: Lousy slow TNG integrity solver by Johannes Mette
2EdeckA Long Road of Crippling by Sascha Kiefer
Stakoron,Crippling+Pattern Loss and Underlying Influence for even more stunning....unless your op is playing Bajorans


1EarticleArticle Without Words by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer
What more needs to be said?
1EdeckSong From the Universe: "I Confess, I'm Always Afraid, Always Ashamed, Of what's inside me. " TOS Terran Empire 1.1 by JamesValEson
Terran Empire TOS.
1EdeckLaunch the Enterprise-E by Commander Joe
1EdeckWarlord (Or: The War Council Seeks the Stone of Gol) by BCSWowbagger
Merc Raiders and War Council return!
1EdeckStarfleet v2 by CrimsonRavage
Starfleet v2
2EdeckGenetically Engineered, TRIH Edition by TReebel


1EarticleWe're the Syrranites. We Don't Lie. by Matthew Zinno, Logical Designer
An in-depth look at the cards which make up the Syrranite sect.
2EarticleFlashback: Cooking Some Steaks by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager
As we focus on the Klingons, let's look back on an unexpected development.
1EdeckThe Syrranites by commdecker
An in-deck look at the cards which make up the Syrranite sect.


2EarticleSo, You're New to Klingons? by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
The Klingons battle. This Second Edition Klingon deck shows off their battle chops in a deck friendly for new players and compatible with the Project Excelsior restricted card pool.
1EreportContinentals Day Two (2017-07-14) by LORE
Relieved that I had advanced to Day 2 and rejuvenated by dinner with the assembled Frozen Chosen, I changed gears to the TNG Klingon build I have had success with at other high-level events. Expecting Huth to stick with Borg, I made a few dilemma modifications and then dove right back into the competition.
TrreportLocal (2017-07-16) by LORE
Having won with Lillian\'s deck at Masters in South Dakota, I didn\'t see a reason to change horses for Continentals. Good thing I stuck with it! Jason went out a few rounds for small totals, and most of my points came from Poison or Utilize. Nat went out in round 5 to advance us both.
TrreportContinental (2017-07-16) by LORE
At the final table, I went out early for 100k and then again for 250k in round 3. With a narrow lead, I targeted Nat with every power I had as he was in last place, and he eventually went out but for not enough to top me. World Championships, you are next!
2EdeckProject Defenders Watchlist by starfleetsfinest
Defenders Watchlist. Project Defenders is a new format being developed to help remove the OP cards from 2E\'s card pool. To let old and new players play the game in a much more balance format.