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Shore Leave is tournament legal! Ross Fertel takes another look at the set and shares a recipe of his own https://t.co/9dtY508jzk

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A Private Little War The Neutral Zone Q Who? Borderless Promos The Cage Equilibrium The Gift Enterprise Collection Remastered Coming of Age Metamorphosis Cold Front Warp Pack: Holiday 2017 Live Long and Prosper Pre-Warp Pack Broken Bow The Terran Empire Star Trek 50 Through the Looking Glass Crossover: Supplemental Crossover Homefront VI The Gamma Quadrant 20th Anniversary Collection The Maquis Warp Pack: Emissary Homefront V Emissary: Supplemental Emissary Homefront IV The Sky's the Limit Engage Homefront III The Next Generation: Supplemental The Next Generation Resistance is Futile Homefront II Shades of Gray BaH! Straight and Steady Homefront Life From Lifelessness Chain of Command Virtual Promos Identity Crisis Referee Reprints Enterprise Collection All Good Things The Motion Pictures Holodeck Adventures The Borg Voyager Mirror, Mirror Enhanced Premiere Reflections Trouble with Tribbles Starter Decks The Trouble with Tribbles Second Anthology Armada Rules of Acquisition Blaze of Glory The Dominion Enhanced First Contact Starter Deck II Deep Space 9 Official Tournament Sealed Deck Away Team Pack Fajo Collection First Contact First Anthology Introductory 2-Player Game Q Continuum Alternate Universe Premiere

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Be Our Guest
by Ross Fertel, Food Eater
Shore Leave is tournament legal. Share it with your opponent and I will share with you a favorite family recipe of mine. Note: recipe not from my family.
2019 World Champion - Tjark Ott
Now Hiring: First Edition Creative Team
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
Would you like to help tell awesome Star Trek stories on new First Edition cards? If so, consider joining our Creative Team!
2018 World Champion - Michael Van Breemen
Cooking with Neelix: Meat the Chef
by Neelix, Rotisseur
Get ready to taste some sort of dish he's made by dipping his pinky in it and offering it to you; it's Quark's turn to cook with fire.
2017 World Champion - Josh Sheets
Shore Leave Release Day
by Ross Fertel, Taking Five
Shore leave releases today. Rush to your Read mroe while you are printing off the latest set from Second Edition.
2016 World Champion - Ken Tufts
The 2020 Period of Review is Under Way
by Maggie Geppert, Executive Officer
Let us know how we did in 2020.
2015 World Champion - Michael Van Breemen
(No) Rules Update, January 2021
by James Heaney, First Edition Rules Manager
Just an announcement that there's nothing to announce!
2014 World Champion - Johannes Klarhauser
New and Printable Promo Update Delayed
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
New and printable promos will be updated on Monday, February 1st.
2013 World Champion - Ken Tufts
Cooking with Neelix: Today is a Good Day to Dine
by Neelix, Patissier
The Klingon Chef running the self-described "most popular restaurant on DS9" is ready to send you off to bed with a full stomach.
2012 World Champion - Greg Dillon
A Gift for Star Trek: The Motion Picture Fans
by Michael Shea, Designer
Today's card recalls what might have been were it not for a tragic bit of pattern loss...
2011 World Champion - Will Hoskin
A Romulan's Appreciation for the Finer Things
by Michael Shea, Designer
Today's card gives us a patriot, a lover, and perhaps even a gourmand all in one.
2010 World Champion - Neil Timmons
A New Year's Surprise from Second Edition
by Michael Shea, Second Edition Art Manager
You may have noticed something new...
2009 World Champion - Dan Hamman
Cooking with Neelix: Drop me a Beet
by Neelix, Vegetable Morale Officer
The Sisko men try to instill in their children the values that led them down their particular path, but there is only one aspect of their teachings that ever truly stuck.

Card of the Day

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Shore Leave Move Along Home Apocalypse Rising All Our Yesterdays The Omega Directive Inheritance Borderless Promos Sacrifice of Angels A Less Perfect Union Qpid Shattered Mirror Warp Pack: Access Denied Far Beyond the Stars Symbiosis Dead Stop The Nth Degree Zero Hour Star Trek 50 Hard Time Infinite Diversity Remastered A Time to Stand Face of the Enemy Lower Decks Strange Bedfellows 20th Anniversary Collection Balance of Terror Return to Grace Unnatural Selection Matter of Time Tapestry Lineage Unity Tacking Into the Wind Extreme Measures Peak Performance Infinite Diversity Allegiance Legacy This Side of Paradise Raise the Stakes Favor the Bold The Undiscovered Country Virtual Promo Cards What You Leave Behind In A Mirror Darkly These Are The Voyages Genesis Captain's Log Dangerous Missions To Boldly Go Strange New Worlds Archive/Archive Portrait Reflections 2.0 Fractured Time Tenth Anniversary Collection Necessary Evil Call to Arms Energize Second Edition Promo Cards

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