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Decks created within the past 2 weeks
FerengiComing of Age TNG Ferengiby Maggie Geppert2019-08-10
Starter deck.
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BajoranFederationBajoran-E Point denial - 1E Biermeister - Worlds 2019by Johan Skoglund2019-08-09
Debloated version of the Bajoran / Ent-E deck, rebuilt to focus on point denial and stretch out the game to full time, i.e. giving opponent the opportunity to mourn as much as possible!
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KlingonFederationDevidian loosers -1E Reflections sealed Worlds 2019by Johan Skoglund2019-08-10
An event that will not happen many more times I presume, so great fun to open a whole box of reflections and build a deck from that.
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FederationWorlds`19: Ultra Amnesiac Reflections Starting Decks, Too.by Suden Käpälä2019-08-10
Sealed side event, Reflections (plus Starter II fixed).
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RomulanWorlds`19: Nefets`s Musical Intrusion In The Sound Of Anarchy.by Engage Design Team2019-08-10
Sealed side event, Sound Of Aberdeen Anarchy.
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FederationThe Unstoppable Finest Crew: EZ Mission Version 1.4by Jason Tang2019-08-11*
Same thing as the last version except I replaced Riva with Paul Rice in the tent.
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FederationWorlds`19: Laren And Riva Come Of Age Among Mercenary Bridge Crew.by Suden Käpälä2019-08-11*
Draft side event, TNG (Coming Of Age).
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Bajoran2019 1E Worlds Finals - Viennaby Justin Ford2019-08-10
Day 2
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FederationHart am Glasby Johannes Klarhauser2019-08-10
Worlds Day 2
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StarfleetVulcanAnthony Molestby Peter Ludwig2019-08-10*
Interrupt molestation all the way.
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BajoranChula: The Gangbangby Peter Ludwig2019-08-09
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RomulanWorlds_Rommies_final.dekby Jon Carter2019-08-09
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FederationCage - Season 2by Michael Van Breemen2019-08-10
Now, with less darkness
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StarfleetMACO toolbox Worlds Day 1 Aug19by Johan Skoglund2019-08-09
Worlds day 1, tweak of German nationals deck
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KlingonVirtual Vienna - Dirty Devidian Augmentsby Paddy Tye2019-08-08*
Worlds Side Event
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Federation2019 1E Worlds - Viennaby Justin Ford2019-08-09
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FerengiTNG Ferengi block Gen Con 2019by Sean O'Reilly2019-08-03*
Ferengi TNG starter deck using six Premiere packs for Gen Con 2019 tournament
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