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Regional Champion Decks
BorgStrike this mother...... out!by Kevin2019-04-14*
Borg geared for the 2018 nacc meta.
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KlingonMy Last Time in a T'Ongby Michael Van Breemen2019-03-31*
Krase FTW
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MaquisKCAdoesn't need to kill you, were faster then youby Robin Honeycutt 2019-04-07*
KCA solver
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FerengiFerengi-Nor 2019by Daniel Matteson2019-04-13*
Wanted to do something with the criminally underused Empok Nor. Trotting out the TNG Ferengi again seemed fun.
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KCAAnd You're Back... You're Back for Moreby Austin Chandler2018-07-01*
KCA deck played at the 6/18 Continental Championship.
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FederationAll Hail Her Majesty, Empress Admiral Temporal Agent Commander T'Pol I. Long May She Reign!by Stefan Slaby2018-06-09*
crown an Empress... in the Delta Quadrant
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FederationOTSD Melbourne Regional 2018by Sean O'Reilly2018-06-02*
Deck built using contents of an OTSD box and two Reflections packs.
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StarfleetMACOs 3.0.0by Justin Ford2018-06-03*
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DominionPost Dissident Garrisonby Kevin Jaeger2018-05-20*
Kevin with a k is my stripper name.... a dumb stripper who made a deck/rule error.
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RomulanVulcanScoutmaster Kevin?by Kevin Jaeger2018-06-02*
Drones and minefields buy time (and bonus points) for the vulcans and starfleeters to solve missions.
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Federation9 kinds of smokeby Kevin Jaeger2018-06-09*
7 kinds of smoke - stealable space missions + more AMS action + kir'shara to still go for the 2 mission win.
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BajoranBajoran Solver 4.0.0by Justin Ford2017-11-05
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