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Regional Champion Decks
FederationWhom Gods Destroy They First Make Mad (Or: No Gimmicks, Only More Dilemmas)by James Heaney2019-06-30*
Extremely stripped-down The Final Frontier plus dilemmas 4 dayz.
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RomulanAndroid's Undergroundby Julius Melhardt2019-06-15*
TNG Romulan Underground, latest expansion: Equilibrium
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Non-AlignedRevised Sexy Eel TImeby Niall the Sexecutioner 2019-05-03*
Take your opponent's people. A test to see if Khan Needs Nerfed
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FederationOTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.6.2by Kenneth Tufts2019-05-26*
Simple lean TNG scientific diplomacy fed deck. Now With QT:CW. Minor updates due to errata's and newer cards. Now With more extensive deck notes to answer the most common PM's I get about this deck :) Quick subtraction of YaaM & GenQ.
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Romulani'm a moronby alex dixon2019-05-05*
22nd century romulan
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KlingonOTF Klingon TNG Starter 2.0 + WB Draft - MAY 2019by Johnny Holeva2019-05-04*
TNG KLG Starter 2.0 plus drafting four packs of WB Premiere and two TNG virtual boosters.
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FederationVulcanGreen Blooded Hobgoblins 2.0by Michael Moskop2019-05-19*
Let's mix and match Vulcans! This version used T’Pol as a Temporal Benefactor to broadcast skills.
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BorgStrike this mother...... out!by Kevin2019-04-14*
Borg geared for the 2018 nacc meta.
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KlingonMy Last Time in a T'Ongby Michael Van Breemen2019-03-31*
Krase FTW
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HirogenOath of the Black (Hole)by Kevin Jaeger2019-04-27*
Go fast. Stall the opponent with ship jank dilemmas in space. Force commitment to planets and the blade them into the black hole.
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MaquisKCAdoesn't need to kill you, were faster then youby Robin Honeycutt 2019-04-07*
KCA solver
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FerengiFerengi-Nor 2019by Daniel Matteson2019-04-13*
Wanted to do something with the criminally underused Empok Nor. Trotting out the TNG Ferengi again seemed fun.
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FederationRomantic Cadet Shuttles for Twoby Phil Schrader2019-05-19*
Cadets, Cafe and Shuttles
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VulcanBluegill Department of Temporal Incursions by Robin Honeycutt 2019-05-26*
Because who doesn't like Roundhouse Kicks to the face, especially in the Drone Control Room?
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