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Dom Battle Deck v7

by Brian S

This deck is meant to be as slim as possible for a Dominion armada deck. The v1 deck before this also used Wormholes to move a fleet around. At 50 cards, the v7 draw deck is about 50 cards lighter than v1. That version used Birthing Chambers, Young Jemmies, and lots of Wormholes (20+). This time around, I opted for New Arrivals and just a fistful of Wormholes.

Tournament Record:

The following cards in this deck have received errata since it was last played in a tournament:


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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
C5x Construct Depot
23 V1x Internment Operations

Draw Deck (51)
4 VP2x Bajoran Wormhole
3 VP1x Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe
U1x Ready Room Door
C3x Ketracel-White
8 V2x Regenerate
57 VP2x Surprise Party
U2x The Traveler: Transcendence
C5x Data's Medals
C8x Wormhole
48 V1x Eris
28 VP1x Founder Architect
R1x Goran'Agar
34 V1x Guna'shan
C1x Gurat'urak
3 C 1561x Imat'Korex
51 V1x Inglatu
50 C1x Lam
U1x Lamat'Ukan
3 S 1631x Noret'ikar
R1x Omet'iklan
36 V1x Pimoo
7 V1x Rak'tazan
38 V1x Retana'var
C1x Temo'Zuma
3 C 1671x Tholun
3 C 1681x Tozara'Kesh
29 V1x Turan'Ekan
C1x Virak'kara
R1x Weyoun
54 V1x Zyree
U4x Alpha Attack Ship

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
38 S1x Medical Kit
C1x Science Kit
47 U1x Captain's Log
25 V1x Defiant Dedication Plaque
50 U1x Lower Decks
C1x Spacedock
3 V1x Tactical Console
C1x Remote Supply Depot
128 VP1x Deyos
51 R+1x Thot Gor
174 R1x Dr. Telek R'Mor
U1x Alpha Attack Ship
103 R1x Breen Warship

Q-Flash Side Deck (4)
Q Dilemma
U1x Fightin' Words
Q Dilemma/Event
P1x Hide and Seek
Q Interrupt
C1x Dr. Q, Medicine Entity
U1x The Issue is Patriotism

Battle-Bridge Side Deck (12)
9 V12x Breen Disruptor Burst

Draw Deck Strategy

Cliff Notes Version: Every turn you should be putting out at least 2 personnel, and 1 ship, while drawing 3 cards.

Long Version:
Get the Breen Warship (via Spacedoor), Deyos (via Defend Homeworld), Dr Telek R'Mor (via Temporal Micro-Wormhole), Retana'var (via Assign Support Personnel), and a universal (via hand) out on turn 1.

Fighting on turn 1 is difficult, since you'll have a -3/-3/-3 on the Warship without a Breen on board. In order to avoid that penalty, you'd need to get Lam instead of Retana'var, but you wouldn't have Officer or Leadership to initiate an attack; you'd need to get lucky on the universal personnel you report being a leader. Plus, you're trading away a card draw (via Deyos).

You've got a 96% chance of drawing an opening hand with at least 1 universal personnel that can report for free via New Arrivals. It would be helpful if that personnel was a Vorta, for matching commander purposes. If you've got a universal Jemmie, that's good for turn 2, because you'll get a Deyos card draw out of it, too (not on turn 1, it's a timing thing).

Try not to use the support personnel as the free report, if you can avoid it. There are only a limited number of them in the deck. The idea is to get a free draw for the ASP every turn via Deyos, plus a free report and draw from New Arrivals.

The concept of the deck is to get the Warship to wherever it needs to be early in the game. If your opponent gets off to a fast start, flying a stacked ship to start solving on turn 1, then you just Wormhole interrupt the Warship to his location and start blasting away. I recommend using your Wormholes to relocate your ship before your opponent ends his turn. That way, you can unstop your ship when your turn starts and shoot him up immediately.

More likely, it will take your opponent 2 or 3 turns before he ventures away from home. In that case, use the Warship to fly through the Bajoran Wormhole and setup a Remote Supply Depot. I recommend moving the Warship through the Bajoran Wormhole on turn 1. This way, on turn 2 you can build a Depot, download a couple pieces of useful equipment, and now you've got a place to report Alpha Attack Ships as you draw them (if that's how you want to bring the Attack Ships into play).

You've got an 88% chance of drawing at least 1 Attack Ship by the end of turn 2. Plus, by setting up the Depot at the Strategic Base location, you get 3 draws. I recommend using Spacedoor again to report an Alpha Attack Ship to the Primary Supply Depot on turn 2. (That means you'll need to discard to re-open it at the end of turn 1.) Load up anybody who is at the Primary Supply Depot (except Deyos), and fly the Attack Ship through the Wormhole.

By the end of turn 2, the Warship is 9/14/13, because you'll use Ready Room Door to download Thot'Gor, the Warship's Breen matching commander. In battle it's 9/18/15. This is generally enough to damage any ship (barring an early Ablative Armor on a strong ship). You could attack now and be reasonably sure of winning and dealing damage.
9/10/9 [Warship],
+0/3/3 [Captain's Log],
+0/1/1 [VR Headset],
+0/4/2 [Breen Disruptor Burst]

By the end of turn 3, you should have at least 2 fully staffed ships with matching commanders, a Captain's Log and Tactical Console. You'll also be drawing 2 or 3 cards per turn. If things go perfectly, you'll already have drawn 12 cards and put out 10 personnel, 2 ships, a 2nd facility and several pieces of equipment. If things don't go perfectly, you'll have drawn *only* 10 cards. The worst thing that could possibly happen is to draw all Wormholes, Data's Medals, and ships. But even that doesn't stop the draw engine entirely, because ASP can net you a draw via Deyos and New Arrivals doesn't care, it gives you a draw regardless.

By turn 3, you should have 2 ships on the table in the Alpha Quadrant. When working in tandem, you'll have a powerful fleet already, which is more than capable of destroying any single ship. We're talking about 36 Attack -- 9/18/12 Warship and 6/14/13 Attack Ship plus 0/4/2 Tactic.
9/10/9 [Warship],
+0/2/0 [Thot Gor],
+0/3/3 [Captain's Log],
+0/3/0 [Tactical Console]
6/8/9 [Attack Ship],
+0/2/0 [Thot Gor],
+0/3/3 [Captain's Log],
+0/1/1 [VR Headset]
0/4/2 [Breen Disruptor Burst]

If you're attacking on turn 3, that's the most weapons you can bring to bear. If you can wait until turn 4, then I suggest using Spacedoor for another Attack Ship on turn 3. Staff it and fly it to AQ, same as the last one.

Ditto for turns 4, 5, 6. You could have the entire fleet on the table turn 6 (though 1 Attack Ship will be stopped). 76 Attack on turn 7. That's enough to take on a Unicomplex.

Load the Attack Ships onto the Warship (Engage Shuttle Operations) and go hunting. This deck is about destruction. The more you blow up, the more likely you will win. If your opponent exposes his ship or facility by turn 3, attack it. (Be wary of the homeworld. You don't want to trigger Defend Homeworld early in the game. You can wait for the tricks for the homeworld or attack later when you're confident he doesn't have much left to download [or a Defend Homeworld hidden].)

Try to have 1 or more Data's Medals in hand before you take out a ship. You can score points that way. Plus, with the seeded Ultimatum, you keep a ship from coming back into play. It's only likely to be 8 or 9 points for their main ship and 6 or 7 for those thereafter, but that's better than nothing.

If the opponent decides to turtle at their homeworld or with a landed ship, there's not a whole lot you can do to force their hand, thanks to Strategema. But, if they attempt the homeworld mission, they should run into a Dead End, which will force them to go elsewhere. If they do that then come back, there's a Q-Flash, which will force them to initiate battle against you. It's important to have your fleet at the homeworld when that happens.

There's an 76% chance that you'll draw at least 1 Wormhole in your opening hand. There's a 97% chance that you'll draw at least one by the end of turn 2. Don't worry so much about your personnel dying or running out of Wormholes. There's a couple Regenerates in there, if it gets to that. You can throw red shirt Jemmies at dilemmas and still get them back later if necessary.

The weakness of this deck is its lack of skills. Equipment can get you some Science and Medical, but there are other skills that the Dominion just isn't very big on. It's entirely possible that your opponent will have dilemmas that can stop you cold.

If you come up against a formidable opponent who's giving back as good as he's receiving, there's a Spacedock in the tent. You can use it to repair your ships, since neither Supply Depot can do that. Spacedoor can download it if necessary.

Notes about seeding:

Seed Ultimatum late. You want to download the Bajoran Wormholes and set them up strategically. My advice is to plop one down next to their homeworld or seeded facility, if they're playing one. Put it between the homeworld and the "near" end of the spaceline. (Check out Spaceborne Entity, if you're curious about why "near" instead of "far".) They're going to be doing most of their work near their homeworld, so you will too. Just in case you don't have the Wormholes in hand to relocate ships, it could be handy to be able to go between quadrants the old-fashioned way.

Seeding the Bajoran Wormholes right next to homeworlds/facilities tends to put the opponent on edge. That's fine. You want them thinking about a fleet coming through the Bajoran Wormhole. If they see your ships getting stopped when coming out of the Wormhole, maybe they'll rely on that. When they actually appear via Wormhole interrupts, it's that much more surprising.

Seed the Strategic Base at the nearest Construct Depot mission to the Bajoran Wormhole. It will get you 3 card draws on turn 2 when you build your Remote Supply Depot.

The Space-Time Portal is there for 2 main reasons. First, if you should need a 2nd Wormhole interrupt in an emergency, you can use STP instead. Second, if an emergency arises where you need to evacuate your Warship from the table, you can return it to hand. It happens. Generally it's the opponent doing that, to save their bacon. But it's not impossible that you'll need it too.

There is a Q-Continuum side deck. The main reason is for The Issue Is Patriotism. This is one of the few ways you can force a battle at a Homeworld without worrying about Strategema / Defend Homeworld. Since you're forcing your opponent to initiate battle, there's not a whole lot they can do about it. But to set this up, you need to get your fleet to the location of their fleet, via Wormholes.

Dilemma Pile Strategy

The dilemmas are intended to delay and damage. The dilemmas will not hold the opponent for more than a turn, if that.

If the opponent gets stopped by a dilemma, you *must* pounce on them via Wormhole.

If the opponent gets damaged by a dilemma, you *must* pounce on them via Wormhole.

If the opponent breezes right through your dilemmas and scores points, you *must* pounce on them via Wormhole.

Any time your opponent leaves his ships somewhere, attack them!

Your fleet is the real dilemma. Use it! I cannot stress this enough.

Think of it this way:

Under every mission, you seed a dilemma like Borg Ship as the last encounter. But it's actually stronger, smarter, and faster than the Borg Ship dilemma. It doesn't go to the end of the spaceline, it doesn't incidentally score your opponent points. And it can follow them everywhere. That's your fleet!

[S] Disgraceful Assault + Abandon Ship
[S] Disgraceful Assault + Spaceborne Entity
[P] Buried Alive + Q-Flash
[P] Buried Alive + The Cloud
[S/P] Dead End + Q-Flash
[S/P] Alien Parasites & REM Fatigue + Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow


Total Dilemmas10
[P]2 (20%)
[S/P]4 (40%)
[S]4 (40%)
Draw Deck
Total Draw Deck51
Doorway4 (8%)
Equipment3 (6%)
Event6 (12%)
Interrupt13 (25%)
Personnel21 (41%)
Ship4 (8%)
Q-Tent Side Deck
Total Q-Tent Side Deck13
Equipment2 (15%)
Event5 (38%)
Facility1 (8%)
Personnel3 (23%)
Ship2 (15%)
Seed Deck
Total Seed Deck30
Dilemma10 (33%)
Doorway8 (27%)
Equipment2 (7%)
Event3 (10%)
Facility1 (3%)
Incident4 (13%)
Objective2 (7%)
Q-Flash Side Deck
Total Q-Flash Side Deck4
Q Dilemma1 (25%)
Q Dilemma/Event1 (25%)
Q Interrupt2 (50%)
Battle-Bridge Side Deck
Total Battle-Bridge Side Deck12
Tactic12 (100%)

Computer Skill8
Stellar Cartography2
Transporter Skill5
Rare Skills
Klingon Intelligence0
Memory Omega0
Miracle Worker0
Obsidian Order0
Orion Syndicate0
Section 310
Tal Shiar0
Card group
Captains Order5
Capturing-related card1
Dilemma group
female-related dilemma1
Q-related dilemma2
Equipment group
MEDICAL-related equipment1
SCIENCE-related equipment1
Mission region
Bajor Region2
Mission trait
Asymmetric mission2
Personnel gender
Personnel group
Deep Space 9-related personnel1
Internment Camp 371-related personnel1
Terok Nor-related personnel1
Personnel trait
Jem'Hadar First2
Support Personnel7
Ship equipment
Energy Dampener1
Invasive Transporters2
Tractor Beam1
Ship trait
Breen ship1
Dominion ship3
Jem'hadar Attack Ship2