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Ken Built This

by Charlie Plaine

I was looking for a TNG Romulan deck to net deck (i.e. steal) and was talking in the chat room, when Ken offered to build one for me. And when the World Champion says he's bored and will build your deck for you, you say yes!

Tournament Record:

The following cards in this deck have received errata since it was last played in a tournament:

  • Temporal Vortex (2017-04-03) - Ref icon not needed due to other errata; removing it leaves space for other time travel cards.
  • Strategema (2017-06-05) - Removing Revolving Door.
  • Strategema (2017-06-05) - Removing Revolving Door.
  • Strategema (2017-06-05) - Removing Revolving Door.
  • Access Denied (2015-04-06) - Nerf. No longer adds Computer Skill to requirements. (Ferengi Ingenuity + Dejaren controlled the dilemma meta for too long.)
  • Attention All Hands (2014-03-04) - Nerf. No longer provides reports to ships or of personnel already in play.
  • Mercenary Raiders (2014-03-04) - Nerf. No longer seedable.
  • Continuing Mission (2013-12-02) - Nerf. Reduced two extra card draws to one.
  • Strategema (2016-03-31) - Numerous changes removing (or adding) problematic cards as they receive errata, plus occasional rewording for clarity.


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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

  • Complete

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

  • Open
  • Revised
  • Warp Speed

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Seed Deck (30)
R1x Vulcan Stone of Gol
5 V1x Dead End
4 V2x Definitely Not Swedish
6 C2x Dejaren
U2x Ferengi Ingenuity
8 V2x Gomtuu Shock Wave
U2x Matriarchal Society
6 V2x Shore Leave
1 V1x Battle Bridge Door
54 VP1x Dyson Sphere Door
93 VP1x Q's Tent: Civil War
10 V1x Temporal Micro-Wormhole
P1x Husnock Outpost
27 V1x Continuing Committee
21 V1x Attention All Hands
79 VP1x Continuing Mission
23 V1x Equipment Replicator
28 V1x Mercenary Raiders
29 U1x Q the Referee
30 V1x Scientific Diplomacy
2 VP1x Tribunal of Q
18 V1x Assign Mission Specialists
U1x Husnock Ship
44 V1x Mercenary Ship

Draw Deck (48)
11 V1x Ablative Armor
C1x Plasmadyne Relay
15 V1x HQ: War Room
16 V3x Isomagnetic Disintegrator
9 V1x Access Denied
92 VP1x Always a Chess Game
6 VP7x Handshake
62 VP3x Mutation
39 C1x Remember the Alamo
77 C3x The Power
39 VP1x HQ: Secure Homeworld
34 V1x Dr. Reyga (Life From Lifelessness)
R1x Kurak
33 V1x Baran
SR1x Galen
34 V1x Jo'Bril
P1x Suna
95 V1x Will Riker
93 V1x Koral (The Next Generation)
38 V1x Agyer
46 V1x Alidar Jarok (Homefront II)
40 V1x D'Lors
31 VP1x Data (Things Past)
C1x Galathon
43 V1x Kharic
45 V1x Mareth
C1x R'Mal
47 V1x Sela (Life From Lifelessness)
U1x Sirol
48 V3x T'Jev
U1x Telak
31 V1x Tomalak (Homefront III)
50 V1x Toraan
P1x Tallera

Q-Tent Side Deck (26)
34 VP1x Space-Time Portal
2 V1x Temporal Vortex
C1x Engineering PADD
C1x Medical Kit
C1x Medical Tricorder
C1x Plasmadyne Relay
C1x Romulan Disruptor
C1x Romulan PADD
17 V1x General Quarters
U1x Lower Decks
U1x Metaphasic Shields
5 V1x Mirror Image
20 V1x You Are a Monument
9 V1x Access Denied
10 V1x Containment Field
13 V1x In the Zone
15 V1x It's Only a Game
18 V1x Q the Referee
21 V1x Strategema
24 V1x Oof!
25 V1x Scorched Hand
28 V1x Defend Homeworld
P1x Reflection Therapy
U1x Anya
R1x Salia
54 V1x Stolen Ship

Battle-Bridge Side Deck (18)
13 V18x Evasive Maneuvers

Draw Deck Strategy

From Ken:

The Battle Bridge Side Deck is purely defensive while still giving you kill chances for Gomtuu.

The Vulcan Stone of Gul should normally seed at Raid Ancient Burial Site (your main two mission win target). Don’t discard it for points the same turn you complete a mission unless it will win you the game AND be safe from In The Zone. It can be used offensively if needed but you want the points from it more. Don’t be in too much rush to discard it, but remember you can’t Handshake your hand away once you earn and once you score the points no more free reports with Mercenary Raiders.

Mission Attempt Order: You want to go for Host Metaphasic Shield Test first, then Raid Ancient Burial Site normally as space is more likely to have stall stuff. Attempt Host Metaphasic Shielding Test from Husnok Ship, preferably with a Plasmadine Relay on it; this keeps it safer from the Spaceborne Entity damage your ship combo. Also, if you’re in trouble (e.g. Cytherians), it’s the best ship to STP as you won’t need to re-report it to get your free reports running. (You get the [Rom] Stolen Attack Ship for Always a Chess Game with an Attention All Hands Download and the Mercenary Ship for Mercenary Raiders is seeded.)

Equipment Replicator should seed on Husnok Outpost at Host Metaphasic Shielding Test so as to not return to hand uf a ship is bounced.

Turn one, you should dowload Stolen Attack Ship to the outpost with your mission specialists (via Assign Mission Specialists). Every other turn until your deck is low, your card play should be Handshake to discard three (3) and then draw seven (7). Make sure that you don’t play too many cards on the first turn so that you won’t have three (3) cards for a Handshake on turn two. Get the Space-Time Portal (STP) on table unless you think they are playing a STP drop deck, then save the Temporal Micro-wormhole to counter that.

Most turns, the idea is to just puke out personal and go attempt missions. Use The Power and Mutation to manipulate hand size before/after Handshakes. Converting one draw a turn in to Q the Ref and/or Equipment Replicator can be from Handshake, Mutation, Continuing Mission or your end of turn draw.

Advanced trick: if you draw it early, use Q the Ref to free play the Access Denied in the deck on one of their missions - normally not one of the ones with the actual Computer Skill combos). Then, after Handshake on a later turn, discard Access Denied w/Q the Ref for a card draw.

Remember the Alamo can be used if in hand when they beam down to attempt a planet; just play it on the Away Team to kill a random SECURITY. Second use can be used to get out of Ferengi Ambush traps; you might lose the fight but kill one of their 20 STRENGTH guys. You might just win the next one. You can hopefully Mutation it back in to deck and draw in to it again for the next fight.

Ablative Armor takes a card play but can be used to make Husnok Ship HUGE when combined with Plasmidine Relay(s) and Metaphasic Shields, which has two ways to download it: completing Host Metaphasic Shielding Test or with Dr. Reyga.) Even Borg may be unable to damage you without some weapon bonuses. But, don’t play it unless you need to because you really want to be running the Handhsakes.

Speaking of Dr. Reyga, he can help stop Ferengi battling you because they can’t shoot at the ship he’s on with Ferengi affiliation cards.

Isomagnetic Disintegrator: remember to NEVER use this card unless you already have one in your discard pile or in your hand. Also, once two (2) copies are in the discard pile, NEVER play The Power for the draw three (3) option unless the final copy of Isomagentic Disintegrator is in your hand already. Also be careful to not Handshake away your third Isomagnetic Disintegrator. In that case, you can always flip your deck early and flip it back in a turn or two.

Every personal can play for free somewhere, and a few of the people can report for free multiple ways. For example, all of the universal Romulans can report with either Attention All Hands or Always a Chess Game (AaCG); Tallera can report with AaCG or Mercenary Raiders. There are only a few personnel that report for free with Scientific Diplomacy (including Agyer, who overlaps with AaCG), so have care how you report those personnel.

You want to try and set up your space line with your missions as close together as possible. The goal is that on turn two, you can get every at least the Mercenary and Husnock Ships to Host Metaphasic Shielding Test. If necessary, the Stolen Attack Ship can be floating in space as it is easier to restaff with Attention All Hands. Pay attention to which of your universal personnel have staffing and who you have in play (and in your discard pile) already. Only three (3) of your personal report at Continuing Committee, so if one reporting location has to be furthest away, Romulus is the best one.

Don’t risk Suna in mission attempts unless you really need his skills; you want to save him until his download of Reflection Theraphy is needed. Tomalak gets the Lower Decks. In general, save your special downloads until they are really needed - in the midst of a mission attempt, or the persona is about to die. Some of them are great for breaking combos; for example passing Q’s Vicious Animal Things and then downloading the Romulan Disruptor to boost you over the STRENGTH 70 required for Founder Secret. (Note: there is also have a Tricorder in the Tent.) Salia has Leadership to beat a Personal Duty/Friendly Fire combo. Don’t forget Data can't be killed by dilemmas.

Try and pull the Plasmadyne Relay out of the draw deck early with Equipment Replicator so you don’t draw in to it. But if the card draws work against you or you get it in your opening hand, there is another in your tent so it can be discarded with Handshake.

The only time Handshake should be used for the first function is when you also have your third copy of Isomagnetic Disintegrator in your hand already.

Anya (in the Q's Tent) is the personnel you want to download with Defend Homeworld.

Always try and keep at least one (1) Q the Ref on table; two (2) is better, but keep careful tabs on your hand size for Handshake.

Dilemma Pile Strategy

Dyson Sphere Door: Garak Has Some Issues is a random stop you might get one of the SECURITY or Leadership needed for Friendly Fire to shut down an Empok Nor deck.

Dilemma Combos:
DUAL - Ferengi Ingenuity + Dejaran.
Pull an Access Denied on to the mission when Ferengi Ingenuity is encountered. (There is one in your deck and one in the Q's Tent.)

PLANET - Shore Leave + Matriarchal Society.
Normally, for Shore Leave, you'll want to download Female's Love Interest and Parallel Romance from the Dyson Sphere Door. However, if you know there are no females in the away team, you can grab the one Male's Love Interest and the Wind Dancer. Also, Wind Dancer might be able to stall the Borg for a turn.

SPACE - Definitely Not Swedish + Gomtuu Shock Wave.
For Definitely Not Sweedish, if they don't have any Holograms, you'll want to download Strict Dress Code and then My First Ray Gun as this gives you the best chance to kill Diplomacy. If they do have Holograms, reverse this order. If your opponent is playing First Contact Feds (i.e. Enterprise E), you can replace one of the My First Ray Gun downloads with Don't Call Me Ahab.

VS. Matchups

Against Borg, if they target your species for assimilation, look to see if they have Commandeer Ship on table. If not, wait until they beam on board your ship and then return the ship to hand with Space-Time Poral (STP). You can then use Mutation to shuffle the STP back into your deck for a potential second use if drawn again.

If they target for Eliminate Starship, wait till they are at your location to bounce the ship and make them spend the RANGE. Once the ship bounces, the objective is discarded.

Against Borg in space, try and attempt with minimum personal always on the Husnok Ship and with mission requirements so that you don't lose points to Lack of Preparation, and to try and limit damage from an Assimilated Vessel + Cytherians combo.

Don’t be afraid to bounce a ship hit by Cytherians; that’s one of the main purposes of the Space-Time Poral.


Total Dilemmas13
[P]4 (31%)
[S/P]5 (38%)
[S]4 (31%)
Draw Deck
Total Draw Deck48
Equipment2 (4%)
Event4 (8%)
Incident9 (19%)
Interrupt7 (15%)
Objective1 (2%)
Personnel25 (52%)
Seed Deck
Total Seed Deck30
Artifact1 (3%)
Dilemma13 (43%)
Doorway4 (13%)
Facility2 (7%)
Incident7 (23%)
Objective1 (3%)
Ship2 (7%)
Q-Tent Side Deck
Total Q-Tent Side Deck26
Doorway2 (8%)
Equipment6 (23%)
Event5 (19%)
Incident6 (23%)
Interrupt2 (8%)
Objective2 (8%)
Personnel2 (8%)
Ship1 (4%)
Dilemma Side Deck
Total Dilemma Side Deck13
Dilemma13 (100%)
Battle-Bridge Side Deck
Total Battle-Bridge Side Deck18
Tactic18 (100%)

Astrophysics OR Stellar Cartography0
Computer Skill6
Stellar Cartography4
Transporter Skill5
Rare Skills
Klingon Intelligence0
Memory Omega0
Miracle Worker0
Obsidian Order0
Orion Syndicate0
Section 310
Tal Shiar3
Card group
Captains Order1
Capturing-related card3
Maneuver card1
Vulcan-related Artifact1
Dilemma group
Empok Nor-related dilemma2
female-related dilemma4
male-related dilemma3
Equipment group
ENGINEER-related equipment1
hand weapon1
MEDICAL-related equipment2
SCIENCE-related equipment2
Mission region
Neutral Zone Region1
Romulus System Region1
Mission trait
Asymmetric mission1
Mission II2
Test mission1
Personnel gender
Personnel group
Metaphasic Shield-related personnel3
Stone of Gol-related personnel4
U.S.S. Enterprise-related personnel2
Personnel trait
Mission Specialist2
Romulan underground2
Soong-type android1
Ship equipment
Long-Range Scan Shielding1
Tractor Beam2
Ship trait
Federation ship1
Merchant vessel1
Romulan ship1
Vulcan ship1