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Decks that placed in the top two at a tournament in the last two months.
VidiianVidiians Need Genesisby Michael Van Breemen2020-02-16*
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VidiianShitty Vidiians? Are they any good? They suck. Then its not just a clever name!by Robin Honeycutt 2020-02-08*
Organ Theft is unbanned. Hooray! Let's see if we can make Vidiians not suck! Also... Superstar... NEELIX?! WTF?!
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KlingonIs the Genesis Device in the Delta Quadrant? 2.0by Mark Panna2020-02-08
Klingon DQ, latest expansion: Equilibrium
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FederationVulcanSybok and Surak 2.0by David Bowling2020-02-02*
Sybok leads his people on a quest to the Great Barrier Region.
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Imperial StarfleetKirk Serves the "Original" Empireby Jon Carter2020-02-02
Starfleet Empire
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Klingonseize prisoner\'s by Robin Honeycutt 2020-01-26*
22nd century klingon
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FederationCage - Season 2by Christopher Ghiorzi2020-01-26
Now, with less darkness
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FederationCommander Joe Cube b2by Joe Kallstrom2020-01-25*
Joe's deck from the debut of the Warp Speed Cube, Jan 25 2020.
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KlingonWhy am I Holding This 30 Pound Cinderblock in my Hands?by Kris Sonsteby2020-01-25
Klingon deck played at the 1/20 Land of 10,000 Champions tournament.
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BorgRomulanBorgasmicby Paddy Tye2020-01-18*
TNG Borg deck
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FederationDouble Dippers [OTF-PAQ]by Jason Tang2020-01-10
Federation solver used in an online tournament that allowed only the Premiere through Q-Continuum sets, but used the modern OTF rules.
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RomulanOTF Romulan [TNG Silver Tin Draft] - JAN 2020by Johnny Holeva2020-01-04
2.0 Starter Deck + Silver Tin Draft + WB Pack Draft
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KlingonOTF - To Illegit to quit v1.5 - 2019 quick updateby Kenneth Tufts2019-12-22
Illegitimate leader of the Empire deck, a basic speed solver. With K'mtar for achievement purposes only.
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