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CardassianDominionCarDomby Michael Van Breemen2018-10-12*
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FederationAce of Angelsby Jason Drake2017-10-07*
Good luck yeah good luck I give you extra love.
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CardassianFederationBeer-fueled Nexus Party v.1.1by Peter Ludwig2016-09-04*
Worlds Day 2 Deck OTF
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BajoranOTF - Drink, feast, gamble and be youthfull forever - Worlds 2015by Kenneth Tufts2015-09-25*
latested Bajoran son'a deck.
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CardassianFederationCyberbiologists- Dont call us Borgby Jason Drake2014-08-16*
Note: I printed the deck list from an earlier version, and then made some changes (primarily to the dilemma strategy, adding a Dyson Sphere Door) which involved about 20 cards. These changes were recorded with an old-fashioned ink-dispensing device on said deck list, which was submitted prior to Day Two. So this deck list has been updated from memory, and it's possible that there is a small error or two. But not likely.
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Borgobsessedby Stefan Slaby2013-10-18*
harness particle 010
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FerengiFerengi Military Opperations Target Lock Aquiered on Diplomats.fby Kenneth Tufts2012-08-17
TNG Ferengi battle deck with anti diplomacy dilemma set.
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KlingonRomulanJeremy Commandeur's 2011 Worlds Deckby Commandeur2011-08-06*
Jeremy Commandeur's 2011 Worlds Deck
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