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[S/P] Important Guests
Ambassadors used to luxury accommodations are difficult to please while in the field. Commanding officers routinely assign their staff to placate the visiting dignitaries.
To get past requires V.I.P OR CIVILIAN. For each of your V.I.P.s and CIVILIANS present, randomly select an OFFICER OR SECURITY personnel to be "stopped."

Rarity: 5 V (Life From Lifelessness)

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: Deep Space Nine: "The Forsaken"


Dilemma Resolution Guide: Important Guests

Recent decks using this card (since 0476-09-04)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Nostalgia 2: The Second Partedgeofhearing2019-03-03Official (OTF)+49
Nostalgiaedgeofhearing2018-11-09Official (OTF)+20
Revenge_of_the_Borg.dekCaptain Parrish[No Tournament]
What warCaptain Parrish[No Tournament]
Small Solver - NavigationTheHumanHydra[No Tournament]
Not so new arrivals from far away placesscox2018-03-17Official (OTF)-2
Delta MaquisHobie2018-03-03Official (OTF)-1
yellow pileelveez2017-10-23Official (OTF)+22
22nd century block take 2winterflames2012-09-08Official (OTF)-6
Fedom InfiltrationThe Ninja Scot2017-11-05Official (OTF)-36
Pledge to the Latinum (Revised)Captain Parrish2017-09-08Official (OTF)+13
MVB sends his regards... to MVBedgeofhearing2017-10-07Official (OTF)+17
You Face GoraxusOKCoyote2017-10-06Official (OTF)-69
Nick Locarno Has a Posseedgeofhearing2017-10-06Official (OTF)+39
Be the change you want to see on Romulusedgeofhearing2017-06-03Official (OTF)-20
Bajorans Working the Reman MinesHobie2017-02-25Official (OTF)-6
Last chance for the resistance?scox2016-12-10Official (OTF)-3
Pledge to the Latinum (Revised)Captain Parrish2016-09-05Official (OTF)-2
Where are the whales?scox2016-11-12Official (OTF)+25
Screw You Guys, I'm Staying Homerazzy2016-10-29Official (OTF)-8
Feeling a little episodic. OR "Who's Balthazar Edison, again?"karonofborg132016-08-31Official (OTF)+10
The new arrivals all love their teddybearscox2016-07-22Official (OTF)-41
And they keep arriving from the GQscox2016-05-22Official (OTF)+7
Vulcan DeckNerdyByNature2016-05-21Official (OTF)-8
'MeriKCA!karonofborg132016-05-11Official (OTF)+6
All the Treaties?The Ninja Scot2016-04-10Official (OTF)+9
Yer lookin' a bit green around the gills, boyo!karonofborg132016-03-12Official (OTF)-12
Round Here Buzz (The Only Way Home) Mission IIkaronofborg132016-02-25Official (OTF)+9
The ONLY Hew-mon Rule of Acquisition: "Greed is Good"karonofborg132016-02-11Official (OTF)-2
New GQ arrivalsscox[No Tournament]
NA-na-na-na... NA-na-na-na... Hey, hey, hey, good-Bye!Latrell[No Tournament]
Well, Hello again...Latrell[No Tournament]
INPNA!karonofborg132015-09-24Official (OTF)+6
Burning Housekaronofborg132015-08-15Official (OTF)-6
Badges? We like double badges...The Ninja Scot2015-07-26Official (OTF)+5
So, we're gonna marvel back on up the road to KHANada, eh, but, we're not heading up to "The Dirty, Dirty 'Shwa" nope just Winnipeg. Don't forget to pack your jambusters & let's giv'n her, eh.karonofborg132015-06-20Official (OTF)+33
Free Report Salad - Eat Your Greensedgeofhearing2015-04-12Official (OTF)-15
How can we not talk about family? When family's all that we got. Everything I would do you were standing there by my side, and now you going be with me for the last ride.karonofborg132015-04-09Official (OTF)+4
Cardassians (Or: Guns, Germs, and Ore)BCSWowbagger2015-03-01Official (OTF)-3
1E LDS 4 - Legitimate Klingon2015-02-26Official (OTF)-10
1E LDS 4 - Legitimate Klingon2015-02-19Official (OTF)-11
The Joy of Sectskaronofborg132015-01-29Official (OTF)+5
Blank Space / Bend Ovakaronofborg132014-12-16Official (OTF)+9
(If you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a) Sledgehammerkaronofborg132014-12-11Official (OTF)+5
Korok's KlingonsMidnightLich2014-12-06Official (OTF)-33
Korok's Klingonscommdecker[No Tournament]
Are you ready to rumble? a.k.a. Fight Club (slight variant)karonofborg132014-12-04Official (OTF)+6
Are you ready to rumble? Introducing the Sioux-icide Squad a.k.a. Fight Clubkaronofborg132014-12-02Official (OTF)-4
All Hands on Deckercommdecker[No Tournament]
1E LDS v.4 - Legitimate Klingon (as played by Ryan Heiberg on 11/22)karonofborg13[No Tournament]
1E LDS v.4 - Legitimate Klingon (as played by Ryan Heiberg on 11/22)hawkster20022014-11-22Official (OTF)-5
So, these things are like 'stargates,' you say? And you're all on some kind of medical quest? huh.karonofborg132014-09-25Official (OTF)+7
In Defense of Turtlingedgeofhearing2014-08-14Official (OTF)+7
Too Many Card Playsedgeofhearing2014-07-17Official (OTF)-3
Cosmic Debris (or "say hello to my little Fortress of Doom")karonofborg132014-10-09Official (OTF)+6
Never Gonna Let You Downkaronofborg132014-06-26Official (OTF)+7
OTF TNG Illegitimate KlingonsExon2014-06-07Official (OTF)+52
Battleships/Battle Born (or) 4: You Won't Live Another Day / "Where's My Corbomite Device?! ...and don't tell me it's not being installed until Tuesday!!! Dammit, Chloe, oh uhhh, I mean Bones, I need it now! Give it to me!"karonofborg132014-06-01Official (OTF)-30
1E Learner Deck Series p.2a - Legitimate KlingonTMax19852014-05-15Official (OTF)+4
Learner Deck Series p.2 - Legitimate Klingonjames_borg_007of92014-05-08Official (OTF)+19
OTF TNG Fed/CardassianExon2014-04-26Official (OTF)+22
Chocolate, melted replay!karonofborg132014-04-24Official (OTF)+7
Scientific Legitimacyedgeofhearing2014-04-03Official (OTF)-14
Me and My Broken Heartkaronofborg132014-03-27Official (OTF)+9
Chocolatekaronofborg132014-03-13Official (OTF)+10
OTF Romulan UndergroundExon2014-03-01Official (OTF)+3
Of (Purple) Men & Women at Workkaronofborg132014-02-20Official (OTF)-6
Beyond the Edge of the Final Frontier v.3karonofborg132014-01-16Official (OTF)+13
combining powerhouseselveez2013-12-28Official (OTF)-1
Resistance Will Never Be Futile! v1.0Pazuzu2013-12-01Official (OTF)-12
world blockBoon of Bolian2013-10-20Block-12
Block FerengiCrimsonRavage2013-09-28Block-9
Block Feds LoanerCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
Block Klingons LoanerCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
Starfleet Block Loaner deckCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
Klingon block plusBeamupSTC2013-09-10Limited+23
Open Block Gen ConArcanthas2013-08-16Block+13
Gen Khan RomulansIBurgleHam2013-08-17Official (OTF)+69
Holiday RoadComicbookhero2013-08-18The "Cool" Tournament0
Gencon FedMyGutsOnYourShoes2013-08-17Official (OTF)+47
Ferengi TNG Deck GenCon9of242013-08-16Block-8
1E Learner Deck Series 4 - Klingon2013-08-17Official (OTF)+3
Resistance used to be futile.Kerlingonoas[No Tournament]
[OFT] Ferengi Redshirt RampageJCSharp2013-06-10Official (OTF)-22
Swedish block mercenariesscox[No Tournament]
Swedish virtual mercenariesscox2013-06-08Virtual+1
Swedish block mercenariesJossuPossu2013-06-08Virtual-25
Block OnlineGumbo2013-05-06Block+23
Treaty TournamentFaithful Reader2013-05-25Official (OTF)-23
April 2013 OTF Starfleetwarpaw2013-04-03Official (OTF)+7
1E SuvRupbogh SuvwI'pu' v Block.0The Guardian2013-05-18Block+30
Block Klingon/Merc attack deckOorylQrygg2013-05-18Block+34
Rogue Borg BlockArcanthas2013-05-18Block-23
The Angry Klingons v.2rsutton412013-05-18Block+25
Must...Achieve...Perfection...Faster! Turbo Edition OR Click Click Boom [sorta kinda maybe]karonofborg132013-05-18Official (OTF)-69
Virtual Klingonsrsutton412013-05-06Virtual+14
These are not the Renegade Borg you're looking forkaronofborg132013-05-07Official (OTF)+10
Virtual Ferengi Deck v2Arcanthas2013-05-06Virtual+7
1E Learner Deck Series 2 - KlingonTMax19852013-04-23Official (OTF)-17
[Block] A Gothic Romulance v1.Billnuttersuclan[No Tournament]
Finest Phone on the BlockThe Mad Vulcan2012-12-10Block+1
[Block] Bichasbootleguznuttersuclan2012-12-10Block+13
honor guides usBoon of Bolian2012-12-10Block+16
The Angry KlingonsOKCoyote2012-12-10Block+3
1E Learner Deck Series 1 - Federation2013-01-15Official (OTF)-17
Starfleet BlockCrimsonRavage2012-12-15Block-25
TNG KlingonPlatinakettu[No Tournament]
[Virtual OTF] Dig!nuttersuclan[No Tournament]
My other D'Kora is a PorscheKazonPADD2012-11-25Official (OTF)+28
Recidivistic Obsessive Manipulators (Trepidatiously Nihilistic Gangster-thugs)2012-11-20Official (OTF)-5
I like this one, Dick. It's got a good Volbeat and you can dance to it!karonofborg132012-11-20Official (OTF)+10
The Angry Klingonsrsutton412012-11-17Block+14
Ferngi Blockpfti2012-11-18Block+20
Starfleet BlockMarquetry2012-11-18Block-4
Scientific Diplomacy PackComicbookhero[No Tournament]
Klingon blockheads of many generationsHalkandro[No Tournament]
Recidivistic Obsessive Manipulators (Trepidatiously Nihilistic Gangster-thugs)karonofborg132012-11-09Official (OTF)+12
I.K.S PpPpPaAaAaAgGgGhHhH!!!! DeckCmdrSpork822012-11-18Official (OTF)+19
I had a whale of a time in the Nexusfuzzykitten2012-10-23Block+12
Klingons get things doneepinnick2012-10-23Block+22
Block Ferengi for TournamentBeamupSTC2012-10-23Block+8
Block FedsCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
Block KlingonsCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
Block Fedsmindmage2012-10-20Block-12
FER TNG Block deck2012-10-12Block-8
Synergism, Freedom, Tyranny (Tempus Nonexistence Genealogy)karonofborg132012-10-12Block+13
Starfleet Block Fun9of242012-09-24Block-10
Augmented Reality 3.0OKCoyote2012-09-24Block-1
JD's Klingon Deck 1.0NerdyByNature2012-09-22Block-21
OTF Ferengi [TNG Block] - SEPT 2012jjh2012-09-22Block+5
The Great Augment Research Facility HallMidnightLich2012-09-22Block-7
[TNG] Five K'Blocks to the Subway v1.1nuttersuclan[No Tournament]
I Got My Ferengi On YouArcanthas2012-09-01Block-4
Take off your clothes and jacket...Faithful Reader2012-09-08Official (OTF)-11
Green is goodNeelix2012-08-31Official (OTF)+8
Resuscitating the DQwho'syourdaddy?2012-08-17Official (OTF)+58
Standard Fed deckShooter McGavin2012-08-16Block-6
the Typhon Pactkaronofborg132012-08-19Open-6
Feral Earlobe Remunification Transit Non Grata [limited, so, DENIED version]karonofborg132012-08-16Block+1
big ears awayNeelix[No Tournament]
Virtually Shooting Space DebrisThe Mad Vulcan2012-07-02Virtual+14
printer overloadretsbew1972012-06-03Open-17
July 2012 Virtual/Printable Tourney (Finest Crew/Observe Greatness)warpaw2012-07-02Virtual-3
June 2012 TNG Block Federation Deckwarpaw2012-06-08Block-2
Paper TigersCaptMDKirk2012-07-02Virtual+15
[OTF - Virtual] The High Council Virtual XInuttersuclan2012-07-02Virtual+22
Continuous RomulansOKCoyote2012-07-02Virtual+1
Annoying OrangesCaptMDKirk2012-06-08Block+5
TNG Block - Blue Speed And Agilityscox2012-06-08Block+9
'advance scout' Romulan TNG 2012-06-23Revised-3
Romulans for RobertOKCoyote[No Tournament]
The United Federation of PlanetsFaithful Reader2012-06-13Block-4
2012 Regional Block Constructed KlingonSmiley2012-06-09Block-8
TNG Block - Fast and Simple Fed - 1E Regionals 2012scox2012-06-09Block+52
22nd Century Block Partywinterflames[No Tournament]
My Block deck that does not use Continuing Mission (Open style)Corbinq272012-06-03Open-30
2012 1E RegionalsOddler2012-06-03Open+31
We will be Victorious!Faithful Reader2012-05-26Block-13
The Ferengi Military Is Not A Rare Site In TNGOrbin2012-05-27Official (OTF)+7
Klingon blockLatok2012-04-20Block-17
Erika Hernandez Solo Career The Mad Vulcan2012-04-20Block-28
Chain Reaction What?CaptMDKirk2012-05-26Official (OTF)-5
Releasing the next generationBoon of Bolian2012-04-20Block0
Rock And Roll Mercenariessoggy_amphibian2012-04-23Official (OTF)-14
Take off your clothes and jacket...sexecutioner2012-05-13Block+37
U.S.S. Cookie CutterMrVorlon2012-05-12Block-7
Experience bIj!biecheer2012-05-12Block+25
U.S.S. Cookie CutterCorbinq27[No Tournament]
Klingons and Androids and Tribbles, Oh My!FrakkinPhoenix2012-04-29Official (OTF)-10
big ears awaycricketman2013-01-26Official (OTF)-2
The Great Warriors of Oldcricketman2011-03-05Official (OTF)-8
KlinksNeelix[No Tournament]
These are the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701-D, we have hit a roadBlock...karonofborg132012-04-20Block+14
Block Format (April 13)BaronMorrath2012-04-20Block-8
Save the Last Dance for DQwho'syourdaddy?2012-04-14Official (OTF)+17
[OTF] Peace Sells, but Who's Buying? v1.0nuttersuclan2012-02-12Official (OTF)+12
[OTF] Peace Sells, but Who's Buying? v1.1nuttersuclan2012-02-19Official (OTF)-4
[Virtual OTF] Bill's Romulansabraxias2012-09-16Virtual-15
Sybok Rocksoggy_amphibian2011-12-12Official (OTF)-18
Looking for a Hospital Ship, Anyone?AdmiralG2012-01-22Official (OTF)-19
Time traveling Romulan syndicateSmiley2011-11-19Official (OTF)+15
Einstien had a TheoryAdmiralG2011-12-11Official (OTF)+28
NA-na-na-na... NA-na-na-na... Hey, hey, hey, good-Bye!Latrell[No Tournament]
Watching the Clock, Part IIkaronofborg132011-11-01Open+22
VIPs for the win! (Oct 2010)Orbin2011-10-16Official (OTF)-6
Ideal Futurerazzy[No Tournament]
Homefront II Virtual Starters: Cardassian/Dominioncommdecker[No Tournament]
You Have One Hour to Build a Deck. Go.FrakkinPhoenix2011-08-06Official (OTF)+32
Virtual Starter: Cardassian/Dominioncommdecker[No Tournament]
Party like its the 22nd CenturyWalzo2011-07-01Official (OTF)-83
Deadly Chains & Whips Excite Us (and annoy the silly hell out of our enemies!)karonofborg132011-06-25Official (OTF)-7
Borg Speed Deckstartrekccggeek2011-05-15Official (OTF)-34
Where's the 2370's Disco Ball? My Isomorphic Projections want to get out on the dance floor, get down & get funky.karonofborg132011-04-30Official (OTF)+18
Romulan 1E DeckVindelron2011-05-28Official (OTF)-19
The CoW speaketh!...the order hath been given, engage Operation: Ultimate Mookaronofborg132011-04-29Official (OTF)-2
OTF Pre: DS9 + Virt shades release.Worf Son of Mogh2011-04-24Official (OTF)-8
This deck needs a freaking play engine!karonofborg132011-04-02Official (OTF)-15
OTF Crell very tight.Worf Son of Mogh[No Tournament]
Borg 1.2Jerad2011-04-02Official (OTF)+31
Borg 1.4Jerad2011-04-01Official (OTF)-19
Deyos DrawLatok2011-03-13Official (OTF)-2
No, seriously?...what new hunting ground are we meeting up in? v.2karonofborg132011-03-05Revised+18
What New Hunting Ground Are We Meeting Up In?karonofborg132011-02-20Revised+19
Dominion in the GQSirDan2011-01-08Official (OTF)+7
PAQ OTF Deck Nicklas Lind2010-11-20Official (OTF)-20
PAQ Challenge - Kirk, Sisko, Picard and TNG Crew Fun2010-11-27Official (OTF)0
PAQ Challenge - Steven's Kli/Rom Treaty2010-11-27Official (OTF)-16
PAQ tournament November 2010Smiley2010-11-20Official (OTF)+22
What Stinkin' Q-Nets? PishTosh, Fajo Freestyle PAQ Stack Attackkaronofborg132010-11-27Open+23
Back to BasicsWolf3592010-11-14Official (OTF)0
Day of GloryThe Mad Vulcan2010-11-14Official (OTF)0
Andreas Rheinlaender - Worlds 2010 Dukat2010-10-01Official (OTF)+78
PAQ Challenge from the 22nd Century!Russ2010-11-14Official (OTF)0
Am I Ready?Kaiser[No Tournament]
Live long and then live again!SAM2000[No Tournament]