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[Incident] Attention All Hands
Seeds or plays on table. Once each turn, your [Univ][TNG] personnel (except an android, hologram, or [AU]) that you do not already have in play may report (for free) aboard your matching outpost. Once per game, in place of your normal card play, you may download a [Univ][TNG] ship to your matching outpost.

Rarity: 21 V (The Next Generation)

This card has errata. See the original image here

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed

Image Source: The Next Generation: "All Good Thingsā€¦, Part I"


Recent decks using this card (since 2017-03-26)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Klingon's on the Starboard BowKeiimaster[No Tournament]
Nostalgia 2: The Second Partedgeofhearing2019-03-03Official (OTF)+49
These Are The Voyages III (Or: The Chef Riker-Doctor Phlox Creepy Grin Bake-Off)BCSWowbagger2019-03-02Official (OTF)+5
NA BorgThe Ninja Scot2018-12-24Official (OTF)+13
TNG LoversEin Gast...2018-12-15Official (OTF)-26
[OTF] An Expression of Repressed Violencenuttersuclan[No Tournament]
Nostalgiaedgeofhearing2018-11-09Official (OTF)+20
Chef Riker's Computer-Generated Gin JointExon2018-10-28Official (OTF)-12
Cardistanbhosp2018-10-21Official (OTF)0
A Deck I Copied and Made ShitLatok2018-10-12Official (OTF)+20
Ace of AngelsLatok2018-10-12Official (OTF)-48
Why, Dan? Why?MidnightLich2018-08-20Official (OTF)+46
The Inner LightTyKajada2018-08-20Official (OTF)-78
Sealed Deck Federation IIExon2018-09-16Draft-5
TNG Fed deck - post Coming of AgeKazonPADD[No Tournament]
Mistress Vekma and her Love Cafe KazonPADD2018-08-20Official (OTF)-1
The Unstoppable Finest Crew: EZ Mission Version 1.2.1Pants o.t. Tal Shiar2018-09-23Official (OTF)+64
Illegitimate Mental BangersArmus2018-08-06Official (OTF)-10
OTF Romulan TNG Starter 2.0 + WB Draft - SEP 2018jjh2018-09-16Draft-7
Coming of Age - TNG Romulan Starter Deck (ENHANCED BLOCK VARIANT)Minsk2018-08-11Block+13
Coming of Age - TNG Ferengi Starter Deck (ENHANCED BLOCK VARIANT)KazonPADD2018-08-11Block+8
Coming of Age - TNG Federation Starter Deck (ENHANCED BLOCK VARIANT)venom_11232018-08-11Block-18
Yellow Delta Borg in the Alpha QuadrantCommander Joe2018-06-04Official (OTF)+9
Coming of Age - TNG Klingon Starter Deck (ENHANCED BLOCK VARIANT)admiralgary2018-08-11Block-3
Romulan ResurgenceKeiimaster[No Tournament]
Gol Darn It!Keiimaster[No Tournament]
Gen Con Next Generation RemasteredJono2018-08-04Sealed-1
TNG Federation Starter Deck for GenCon 2018jadziadax82018-08-04Sealed+13
Science's FinestKeiimaster[No Tournament]
These Are The Voyages (Or: A Deck Based on My Least Favorite Episode of Star Trek of All-Time)BCSWowbagger2018-07-28Official (OTF)-13
TNG Maquis Version 2The Ninja Scot2018-06-04Official (OTF)+5
Coming of Age - TNG Romulan Starter DeckKaiser2018-07-01Draft+1
Coming of Age - TNG Klingon Starter Deckpfti2018-07-01Draft+7
Coming of Age - TNG Klingon Starter DeckMidnightLich[No Tournament]
Coming of Age - TNG Ferengi Starter DeckMidnightLich[No Tournament]
Coming of Age - TNG Romulan Starter DeckMidnightLich[No Tournament]
Coming of Age - TNG Federation Starter DeckMidnightLich[No Tournament]
OTF - The Continuing Mission; War Council Ver 1.5benericardus2017-11-05Official (OTF)+2
Thats just lazy writingmark_mustonjr2018-05-20Official (OTF)+11
Observer Effect (Or: "Something Something Something Mockingjay")BCSWowbagger2018-05-20Official (OTF)-1
Nobody, calls me yellow.Commander Joe2018-05-20Official (OTF)+9
Envyedgeofhearing2018-04-27Official (OTF)-3
TNG FerengiJeBuS2018-04-14Official (OTF)+17
Deck for Whoever IIIMichaelKnight2018-03-30Official (OTF)-26
Deck for Whoever IIIrameses niblick 3[No Tournament]
TNG FerengiThe Ninja Scot2018-03-25Official (OTF)+14
Warlord (Or: The War Council Seeks the Stone of Gol)SirRogue2018-03-10Official (OTF)+4
OTF Romulan TNG - MAR 2018jjh2018-03-10Official (OTF)+9
The Inner Light (Borrowed)MidnightLich2018-03-10Official (OTF)+5
The Unstoppable Finest Crew: EZ Mission Version 1.1.1Pants o.t. Tal Shiar2018-03-03Official (OTF)+11
Honor This!Commander Joe2018-03-03Official (OTF)-7
The Inner LightTyKajada2018-02-25Official (OTF)-8
I'm a Beginner. I took the Most Beginner Deck I Could Find.jadziadax82018-06-22Official (OTF)-35
TNG CardThe Ninja Scot2018-01-29Official (OTF)+20
TNG FerengiThe Ninja Scot2018-01-01Official (OTF)+19
Big Red Draft 2018!CaptMDKirk2018-01-07Draft+26
Sealed Deck RomulanExon2018-01-07Draft-9
Sealed Deck FederationExon2017-11-26Sealed-4
Phoenix Tournament 2018 jjh draftSirRogue2018-01-07Draft-5
The Unstoppable Finest Crew: EZ Mission Version 1.1.whoops.I.forgot.RRDPants o.t. Tal Shiar2017-12-16Official (OTF)+4
Enter the TournamentOrbin2017-12-31Official (OTF)-4
yellow pileelveez2017-10-23Official (OTF)+22
TNG Draft - FederationSirDan2017-11-26Sealed-1
1E SealedMidnightLich2017-11-26Sealed-5
Aurulent Gambit: Mervyns One Day Sale/ Captain Parrish VariationCaptain Parrish2016-12-02Open-16
The OrvilleWinner of Borg2017-10-15Official (OTF)-24
Love Shack 247Wambundu[No Tournament]
It's not gay when it's in a three-wayCommander Joe2017-10-08Official (OTF)-22
The Unstoppable Finest Crew: EZ Mission Version 1.1Pants o.t. Tal Shiar2017-10-08Official (OTF)+2
Scumbag (Or: "Put Simply, Genesis is Nexus... From Nexuslessness")BCSWowbagger2017-10-08Official (OTF)+14
Aberdeen Anarchy 2017 champion deckJono2017-10-04The "Cool" Tournament0
Ace of AngelsWambundu2017-10-07Official (OTF)+50
It's Our Time... It's Our Time Down HereLORE2017-12-16Official (OTF)+5
There Are Survivors... There's No WinnersLORE2017-10-06Official (OTF)+31
You Face GoraxusOKCoyote2017-10-06Official (OTF)-69
Nick Locarno Has a Posseedgeofhearing2017-10-06Official (OTF)+39
We Are BackProconsul Neral[No Tournament]
Warlord (Or: The War Council Seeks the Stone of Gol)BCSWowbagger2017-09-16Official (OTF)+19
"My Patience has Limits..."Caretaker's Guest2017-08-01Official (OTF)-14
The Unstoppable Finest Crew: EZ Mission Version 1.0Pants o.t. Tal Shiar2017-08-19Official (OTF)+9
Cyrus and his evil FerengisEnabran2017-07-14Official (OTF)-3
I'm Setting Booty Traps... You Mean Booby Traps?LORE2017-08-19Official (OTF)+8
Finest Crew In All The StarfleetsCommander Joe2017-08-19Official (OTF)-2
OTF - The Continuing Mission; Always a Chess Gamebenericardus2017-07-30Official (OTF)+20
Klingon 2017admiral-mogh2017-07-15Official (OTF)-22
Goonies Always Make Mistakes... Just Don't Make Any MoreLORE2017-07-14Official (OTF)+26
Cardy PieCaptain Parrish[No Tournament]
Trying AgainCaptain Parrish2016-06-19Official (OTF)-18
Deck for Whoever Part IIrameses niblick 3[No Tournament]
Deck for Whoever Part IIMichaelKnight2017-06-24Official (OTF)-50
OTF - The Continuing Mission; War Councilbenericardus2017-07-09Official (OTF)+4
Be the change you want to see on Romulusedgeofhearing2017-06-03Official (OTF)-20
While You Live... the Revolution LivesLORE2017-05-27Official (OTF)+1
Safe Sexecution: Making Niall lose via teethshattering Coital based HeadbuttsKazonPADD2017-05-13Official (OTF)+6
So easy a six year old can do it. StarPrincess20102017-05-07Official (OTF)-47
So easy a six year old can do it. StarPrincess20102017-07-29Official (OTF)-21
Im pretty sure the answer is I Am Fedmark_mustonjr2017-04-09Official (OTF)+21
Those Are My Friends... The GooniesLORE2017-04-09Official (OTF)-17
Legitly IllegitThe Ninja Scot2017-03-01Official (OTF)+17
klingon music companyelveez2017-03-19Official (OTF)-29
OTF Ferengi TNG and SCIENCE! - MARCH 2017jjh2017-03-25Official (OTF)+3