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[Objective] HQ: Defensive Measures
[HA] [3]
Seeds or plays on table. Your personnel with any Intelligence gain 1 Leadership and may initiate battle against their own affiliation. Also, opponent may not attempt any of your missions with more than one affiliation icon on each end unless opponent attempted to seed a copy of that mission OR opponent is using an appropriate Espionage card.

Rarity: 14 V (Homefront III)

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Block
Legal Rules Sets: OTF Open Warp Speed
This card is part of the Block Core List

Image Source: Enterprise: "Affliction"


Alternate Prints
HQ: Defensive Measures

Recent decks using this card (since 0476-09-04)

Deck Player Date Format Rating Change
Hail MaryRachmaninoff[No Tournament]
Bluegill Department of Temporal Incursions Armus2019-03-03Official (OTF)+101
These Are The Voyages III (Or: The Chef Riker-Doctor Phlox Creepy Grin Bake-Off)BCSWowbagger2019-03-02Official (OTF)+5
"Sorry, no mercy killings on my bridge."Ausgang2018-11-24Official (OTF)-19
He's the Chef for Chairman's Challenge 2018Aubi2018-11-24Official (OTF)-15
The Gateau from the Chateau 2.0KazonPADD2018-11-24Official (OTF)-12
Chefs Starfleet SaladDarkSabre[No Tournament]
Chefs Starfleet SaladDarkSabre2018-10-21Official (OTF)+18
There are Temporal Agents in the house!!!Clerasil ToB2018-10-12Official (OTF)0
Why, Dan? Why?MidnightLich2018-08-20Official (OTF)+46
Our Most Gifted MindsCaptain Parrish2018-10-17Official (OTF)+6
Coming of Age - TNG Ferengi Starter Deck (ENHANCED BLOCK VARIANT)KazonPADD2018-08-11Block+8
Coming of Age - TNG Federation Starter Deck (ENHANCED BLOCK VARIANT)venom_11232018-08-11Block-18
Coming of Age - TNG Klingon Starter Deck (ENHANCED BLOCK VARIANT)admiralgary2018-08-11Block-3
Coming of Age - TNG Romulan Starter Deck (ENHANCED BLOCK VARIANT)Minsk2018-08-11Block+13
Rohrmulan ReunificationMogh, Son Of Worf2018-07-28Official (OTF)+26
These Are The Voyages (Or: A Deck Based on My Least Favorite Episode of Star Trek of All-Time)BCSWowbagger2018-07-28Official (OTF)-13
Repopulating the Past by Digging in the PresentHobie2018-07-28Official (OTF)+12
Jake the Snakesexecutioner2018-06-30Official (OTF)-33
Alpha QuadrantMogh, Son Of Worf2018-06-30Official (OTF)+13
The Gateau from the ChateauKazonPADD2018-06-30Official (OTF)+3
22nd Century Romulan slaves v1.1Worf Son of Mogh2018-06-23Official (OTF)+39
22nd Century Romulan slavesWorf Son of Mogh2018-06-22Official (OTF)+17
Mr Meeseeks, give me a Pustervik!pfti2018-04-14Official (OTF)+22
Mr Meeseeks, give me a Pustervik!Mogh, Son Of Worf2018-05-05Official (OTF)+33
Call_of_Duty_2รข.dekpfti2018-04-27Official (OTF)-11
TNG FerengiJeBuS2018-04-14Official (OTF)+17
The Power of Logic and DiversityArmus2018-04-08Official (OTF)+27
TNG FerengiThe Ninja Scot2018-03-25Official (OTF)+14
The KCA (Kazon-Cardassian Alliance)Corbinq272018-02-18Official (OTF)0
TNG FerengiThe Ninja Scot2018-01-01Official (OTF)+19
The All-England Summarize Proust CompetitionKazonPADD2018-01-27Official (OTF)-4
Romulan-Cardassian 1.1 Joint Operation to be Emissarys to the Gama QuadrentWorf Son of Mogh2018-01-14Official (OTF)-21
Hirograms - Michael ModificationThe Ninja Scot2017-12-31Official (OTF)+7
vulcansalexd2017-11-25Official (OTF)+17
Oh Jeremy Korvek! V2.1KazonPADD2017-11-25Official (OTF)+32
Vulcan BlockCommander Joe2017-11-19Block+3
Surak's Dirty Dozen [Block-ENT]Pants o.t. Tal Shiar2017-11-19Block+19
OTF Vidiians 5.3SirDan2017-11-11Official (OTF)-28
Paddy's Worlds KlingonsMidnightLich2017-11-11Official (OTF)+17
7 kinds of smokeCaptain Parrish2017-09-15Revised+1
For Cardassia v5.0Legate_Damar[No Tournament]
Love Shack 247Wambundu[No Tournament]
It's Our Time... It's Our Time Down HereLORE2017-12-16Official (OTF)+5
Oh Jeremy Korvek! V2.0KazonPADD2017-10-07Official (OTF)+9
"Elementary, dear Tucker."Caretaker's Guest2017-09-08Official (OTF)+14
Courage of the V'SharOrbin[No Tournament]
I'm Setting Booty Traps... You Mean Booby Traps?LORE2017-08-19Official (OTF)+8
test21admiral-mogh2017-07-14Official (OTF)-7
Goonies Always Make Mistakes... Just Don't Make Any MoreLORE2017-07-14Official (OTF)+26
22nd Century KlingonsAubi2017-06-25Official (OTF)-60
Oh Jeremy Korvek!KazonPADD2017-06-24Official (OTF)+26
Avery OTSDaverybean2017-06-17Sealed-15
Call of Duty: Dakota Sniper pfti2017-04-08Official (OTF)+32
In Space, No One Can hear You Scream.prylardurden2017-05-07Official (OTF)+8
7 kinds of smokeHoss-Drone2017-05-07Official (OTF)+12
For Cardassia! V 3.5Legate_Damar2017-04-09Official (OTF)-8
Call of Duty: Dakota Sniper Hoss-Drone2017-04-09Official (OTF)+20
Those Are My Friends... The GooniesLORE2017-04-09Official (OTF)-17
OTF Ferengi TNG and SCIENCE! - MARCH 2017jjh2017-03-25Official (OTF)+3
Revenge_of_the_Borg.dekCaptain Parrish2017-01-09Official (OTF)-22
Romulan-Cardassian Joint Operation to be Emissarys to the Gama QuadrentWorf Son of Mogh2017-04-22Official (OTF)-1
enterprise is fastalexd2017-03-25Official (OTF)-7
TNG Block_RehashLatrell2017-01-02Limited+8
TNG VirtualThe Ninja Scot2017-01-02Limited-14
Rogue IntelligenceSirRogue2017-02-11Official (OTF)+11
Romulan/Cardassian Lots of Achievements! 2.2The Ninja Scot2017-02-05Official (OTF)-12
The Romulan Underground & BevThe Mad Vulcan2017-01-09Official (OTF)+17
The Romulan Underground & BevThe Mad Vulcan2017-01-09Official (OTF)+17
Fifth Cardassian Order - Part ThreeEnabran2016-12-10Official (OTF)-8
Revenge_of_the_Borg.dekCaptain Parrish2016-05-09Official (OTF)-17
ferenginarCaptain Parrish2016-06-20Block+15
The Romulan UndergroundThe Mad Vulcan2016-10-07Official (OTF)+1
That's Okay, Daddy... You Can't Hug a PhotographLORE2016-11-19Official (OTF)+7
Screw You Guys, I'm Staying Homerazzy2016-10-29Official (OTF)-8
Illegal Immigration of the Borgprylardurden2016-10-22Official (OTF)+30
Bruce's Philosophers SongKazonPADD2016-10-22Official (OTF)-1
klingons again elveez2016-08-21Official (OTF)+15
Thrice Now, I Have Shamelessly Netdecked "Yesterday's Enterprise" by Richard DeLashmitLegate_Damar2016-09-05Official (OTF)+9
Jizzland domination day 2martok882016-07-23Official (OTF)-12
Jizzland dominationmartok882016-07-22Official (OTF)0
StarfleetLieutenant Malone2016-07-31Official (OTF)-14
#fortheempireOKCoyote2016-06-24Official (OTF)+86
If I dont make it, get yourself and Frito to the Time Masheen.Hoss-Drone2016-06-19Official (OTF)+13
Triple Treaty Hard ModeCaptMDKirk2016-05-09Official (OTF)-20
I Shamelessly Netdecked "Yesterday's Enterprise" by Richard DeLashmit, and I Liked ItLegate_Damar2016-06-12Official (OTF)+23
I Feel Like I'm Babysitting... Except I'm Not Getting PaidLORE2016-05-09Official (OTF)-6
Yesterday's Enterprisebenericardus2016-05-29Official (OTF)+69
OTF Romulan TNG and SCIENCE! - MAY 2016jjh2016-05-21Official (OTF)+8
Block TE StationSirRogue2016-04-10Block+16
ferenginarCaptain Parrish2016-05-14Block-5
Phlox's projectAlphajemmie2016-05-01Official (OTF)-10
For the Empire - Terran Empire 2.0DavidCamp2016-05-14Block-49
If You Hit the Wrong Note... We'll All B Flat!LORE2016-04-17Official (OTF)+51
TK OTF - Regionals 2016bosskamiura2016-04-09Official (OTF)-44
OTF Klingon TNG and SCIENCE! - APR 2016jjh2016-04-09Official (OTF)+6
OTF Klingon TNG and SCIENCE! - MAR 2016jjh2016-03-12Official (OTF)0
Vids in X-List pfti2016-01-31X-List (Standard)+11
Initial design for CAR TNGLatrell[No Tournament]
Initial design for CAR TNGLatrell[No Tournament]
Don't Play This DeckOKCoyote2015-10-19Official (OTF)-43
"He's dead, Evil-Jim..."Caretaker's Guest2015-06-29Official (OTF)-2
Terror empireBoon of Bolian2015-09-28Official (OTF)-26
Female Executivepaul rice2015-10-18Official (OTF)-62
The Father, The Son, The Holy Book of OriginWambundu2015-10-17Official (OTF)-10
Qapla' of borg 1.2Worf Son of Mogh2015-10-18Official (OTF)-12
Quark Has Some IssuesExon2015-10-10Official (OTF)0
The Universal Lust for BattleMidnightLich2015-10-10Official (OTF)+1
VBSSNerdyByNature2015-10-10Official (OTF)-7
My first Borg deck, stolen from Jeremy HuthNerdyByNature2015-09-12Official (OTF)-12
Bajor of Yorkshireadmiralgary2015-05-09Official (OTF)-2
DS9 Regional Variantjames_borg_007of92015-05-16Official (OTF)-25
Yesterday's Enterprise 3.33benericardus2015-06-28Official (OTF)+17
The love shack or love boat?Boon of Bolian2015-05-11Official (OTF)+4
Fifth Cardassian Order - Part TwoEnabran2015-06-07Official (OTF)-25
ITZ, Why have you forsaken me?9of242015-06-07Official (OTF)+90
Ferengi BlockMarquetry2015-05-31Block0
Gratitude, Johnnies, Takret, Audit's, Kalto.commdecker2015-04-13Official (OTF)-12
The love shack or love boat? 1ABoon of Bolian2015-05-16Official (OTF)+29
OTF - The Continuing Mission; FMO Revival v1.11bsuperdark2015-05-17Official (OTF)+19
TNG FedsWedge7722015-04-13Official (OTF)+9
OTF - The Continuing Mission; FMO Revival v1.11abenericardus2015-04-26Official (OTF)+5
What's Your Favorite Thing About Space? Mine is SpaceOKCoyote2015-03-01Block+4
Continuing FerengiTReebel2015-03-15Official (OTF)-15
Speedy Hero of the Highlands 3KazonPADD2015-02-28Official (OTF)+8
Emerald & Violetkaronofborg132015-03-01Official (OTF)-24
Romulan Tal Shiar deckarjan2422015-01-17Official (OTF)-14
Romulan Tal Shiar deckarjan2422015-01-17Official (OTF)-14
On Second Thought, Let's Not Go to SpaceOKCoyote2015-02-07Block+1
Up In SmokeThe Mad Vulcan[No Tournament]
Up In SmokeThe Mad Vulcan[No Tournament]
Ferengi MadnessDizzyKungFu2015-01-03Block-27
DS9The Guardian2015-01-03Block-11
Block Non-Aiigned TNG BorgJono2014-12-27Official (OTF)-4
Those Treacherous Romulans!DizzyKungFu2014-12-20Block-24
Qapla' of borg 1.1Worf Son of Mogh2014-12-14Official (OTF)+10
Federation TNG Deck - Jim's Intro to 1EDizzyKungFu2014-12-06Official (OTF)+22
Federation TNG Deck - Jim's Intro to 1ESirRogue[No Tournament]
PLACEHOLDER NAME [OTF]bhosp2014-12-07Official (OTF)+22
Grant Unto Him Eternal TongKazonPADD2014-11-23Official (OTF)+5
Chirpy Burby Selfie Sheepnickyank2014-11-23Official (OTF)-18
Maximum Mercenary Molestationmartok882014-11-23Official (OTF)+21
OTF - Standard Cardassian Procedure v4.0benericardus2014-09-06Official (OTF)-1
Kurtis' Borg Deck 00000010benericardus2014-08-24Official (OTF)-13
010 is the loneliest number9of242014-08-16Official (OTF)0
If I'm Gonna Die... I Wanna Still Be MeLORE2014-08-16Official (OTF)-53
Block Non-Aiigned TNG BorgJono2014-08-14Sealed0
Games Vs JamesKerlingonoas[No Tournament]
Super phun time!Caretaker's Guest2014-07-07Official (OTF)-42
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.6benericardus2014-08-14Official (OTF)+26
Super phun time!Caretaker's Guest2014-07-07Official (OTF)-42
OTF - Yesterday's Enterprise v2.3benericardus2014-06-29Official (OTF)+23
OTF - Bajorans and friends, spilling drinks on your computers.Worf Son of Mogh2014-08-14Official (OTF)-58
Cardiesbhosp2014-07-07Official (OTF)-16
PLACEHOLDER NAME [Block]bhosp2014-07-07Block+32
PLACEHOLDER NAME [Block]bhosp2014-07-07Block+32
010 is the loneliest number9of242014-07-11Official (OTF)-25
Going to Beccles (AKA Karaoke Ken and his magnificent Ferengi)Karaoke_Ken2014-07-05Official (OTF)-25
No Uniform, No OrdersThe Mad Vulcan[No Tournament]
TNG Ferengi Lite - fixedWedge772[No Tournament]
it is a beautiful nightHalkandro2014-06-15Official (OTF)+4
I Fucking Love Sciencesexecutioner2014-04-28Block+10
Battleships/Battle Born (or) 4: You Won't Live Another Day / "Where's My Corbomite Device?! ...and don't tell me it's not being installed until Tuesday!!! Dammit, Chloe, oh uhhh, I mean Bones, I need it now! Give it to me!"karonofborg132014-06-01Official (OTF)-30
Battleships/Battle Born (or) 4: You Won't Live Another Day / "Where's My Corbomite Device?! ...and don't tell me it's not being installed until Tuesday!!! Dammit, Chloe, oh uhhh, I mean Bones, I need it now! Give it to me!"karonofborg132014-06-01Official (OTF)-30
The Neutral Zone is our Domain 2.0mindmage2014-07-11Official (OTF)+61
Bareil of Borgs Omega coated love beadssexecutioner2014-05-24Official (OTF)+43
Section 31 RenditionSAM20002014-05-24Official (OTF)-2
Sealed - Cardassian Starterbenericardus2014-05-18Sealed-7
Fourth Cardassian OrderEnabran2014-05-18Official (OTF)-14
There is no time like the present for yesterdays EnterpriseHalkandro2014-05-11Official (OTF)+23
Nano-Biogenic Disarmament the new Mercenary Raiders?Kerlingonoas2014-04-26Block-24
Star TruckingWedge7722014-04-07Official (OTF)-2
The Eighth DoctorThe Mad Vulcan2014-04-12Official (OTF)-7
Qapla' of borg 1.1Worf Son of Mogh2014-04-13Official (OTF)+9
TNG CardassiansThe Ninja Scot2014-03-03Official (OTF)+19
TNG Ferengi LiteWedge7722014-03-03Official (OTF)+7
The Seventh DoctorThe Mad Vulcan2014-04-06Official (OTF)+3
Qapla' of borgWorf Son of Mogh2014-04-06Official (OTF)+7
Kurtis' Borg Deck 00000001benericardus2014-04-06Official (OTF)-16
OTF - The Next Phase benericardus2014-04-05Official (OTF)+17
Super Fun Cards9of242014-04-06Official (OTF)+34
OTF Federation TNG - MAR 2014jjh2014-03-01Official (OTF)+21
Coprophiling Cardassianssexecutioner2014-02-03Limited+3
Toss the Pack!OKCoyote2014-02-08Official (OTF)+6
Talos IV 3.4 I thought it was a poopy deck but some how it pulled off some good wins in the clutch.Worf Son of Mogh2014-01-06Sealed+2
Mirror by InvitationSirRogue2014-02-01Official (OTF)+9
The Fifth DoctorThe Mad Vulcan2014-01-26Official (OTF)+22
2 Legit 2 WinThe Ninja Scot2014-01-18Block+13
Borg AssimilatorWedge7722013-12-16Official (OTF)+2
Beyond the Edge of the Final Frontier v.3karonofborg132014-01-16Official (OTF)+13
New blok stuffelveez2013-12-16Block+15
A Good Run of Bad LuckDoomsplay2014-02-22Official (OTF)-6
A Good Run of Bad LuckGooeyChewie[No Tournament]
The Fourth DoctorThe Mad Vulcan2013-12-01Official (OTF)+15
Talos IV 2.4 - DS9 SealedMogh, Son Of Worf2013-01-07Sealed+32
Romulan Puppet MastersSAM20002013-11-04Official (OTF)+9
BORGasm!karonofborg132013-11-24Official (OTF)+6
Kurtis's Borg Deck. 1.2Worf Son of Mogh2013-11-10Official (OTF)+6
[Virtual] Underachievernuttersuclan2013-11-08Virtual+7
Appreciating the ART formLatrell[No Tournament]
Salon and SaloonGooeyChewie2013-10-25Block+8
TNG KlingonsThe Ninja Scot2013-10-21Official (OTF)+8
Starfleet loves its lovely Orion ladiesJono2013-10-20Block-14
Kurtis's Borg Deck.Worf Son of Mogh2013-10-18Official (OTF)-36
Gowrons whor(d)es of Klingons will Sexplode all over your face!sexecutioner[No Tournament]
NACC Borg Deck- Mission solving/opponent interferenceCmdrSpork822013-08-17Official (OTF)+36
Finest Crew in the... oh, Who am I KiddingOKCoyote2013-08-27Virtual+10
The Third DoctorThe Mad Vulcan2013-08-26X-List (Standard)+16
Block Feds LoanerCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
OTF - Standard Cardassian Procedure v2.0benericardus2013-09-15Official (OTF)-23
Stars & HorseshoesCaptMDKirk2013-07-29Official (OTF)-35
Gozar and his Non-Aligned Block BuddiesKazonPADD2013-09-01Block+10
Legitimacy ShlegitimacyWambundu2013-08-17Official (OTF)+66
Battle Block DeckKerlingonoas[No Tournament]
1E Learner Deck Series 3 - Bajoran2013-08-16Official (OTF)+7
Yours is Mine Revised GenCon9of242013-08-15Revised-22
OTF Federation TNG - AUG 2013jjh2013-08-10Official (OTF)+23
A day of great rejoicing for the Empire [OTF]bhosp[No Tournament]
Movie TNG teamTF_Loki2013-06-30Official (OTF)-55
Cardasian Law!SAM20002013-06-30Official (OTF)+32
Followers stuff [TNG-Block]bhosp2013-06-09Block-18
Selling Free Candy9of242013-06-02Official (OTF)+16
[OTF] FMO British invasion styleWorf Son of Mogh2013-06-02Official (OTF)-14
trophieschristianz2013-06-02Official (OTF)-12
Keeping Up With The Cardassians 13.05.26HoodieDM2013-05-25Official (OTF)-26
Keeping Up With The Cardassians 13.05.26HoodieDM2013-05-25Official (OTF)-26
Duplo Romulanssoggy_amphibian2013-05-06Block+17
Yours is Mine Revised9of242013-05-05Revised+18
[OTF] Beyond the Unholy Gravenuttersuclan2013-05-19Official (OTF)+19
The Neutral Zone is our Domainmindmage2014-02-22Official (OTF)+12
Keeping Up With The Cardassians 13.05.05HoodieDM2013-05-05Official (OTF)-10
Keeping Up With The Cardassians 13.05.05HoodieDM2013-05-05Official (OTF)-10
OTF Romulan TNG - MAY 2013jjh2013-05-04Official (OTF)+13
Regional Tournament DeckKerlingonoas2013-05-04Official (OTF)-18
[OTF] The Last Timenuttersuclan2013-04-03Official (OTF)+14
[OTF] The Last Timenuttersuclan2013-04-03Official (OTF)+14
Forcing the FED: BLOCK FY 2013Latrell[No Tournament]
What's yours is mine9of242013-03-01Open+9
UK designs are best!Caretaker's Guest2013-02-11Official (OTF)+16
TNG FerengiSirRogue2013-02-11Official (OTF)+9
TNG FerengiSirRogue2013-02-11Official (OTF)+9
UK designs are best!Caretaker's Guest2013-02-11Official (OTF)+16
[Block] A Gothic Romulance v1.Billnuttersuclan[No Tournament]
[Block] A Gothic Romulancenuttersuclan2013-02-24Block+7
Forcing the FED: BLOCK FY 2013SpyfortheOtherGuy2013-03-24Block-5
TNG BLOCK FY2013 Vr.2Latrell[No Tournament]
The AdmiraltyMidnightLich2013-02-09Revised+13
Counterfeit GreenbacksCaptMDKirk2012-11-19Virtual+1
Virtually Conquering the Neutral ZoneThe Mad Vulcan2012-11-19Virtual-5
Virtually Conquering the Neutral ZoneThe Mad Vulcan2012-11-19Virtual-5
Finest Phone on the BlockThe Mad Vulcan2012-12-10Block+1
Ferengi Blockchompers2013-02-03Block-15
"Let's do some goddam SCIENCE!!!"sexecutioner2012-12-10Block+12
Continuing Missionhyperlight2013-01-20Official (OTF)-12
OTF Klingon [TNG Silver Tin Draft] - DEC 2012 jjh2012-12-30Draft-5
Inked: TNG RomulanCaptMDKirk2012-12-01Official (OTF)-25
Harvesters without a Croppfti2012-11-05Traditional+17
[OTF] Atak Of Da Bal-Hedznuttersuclan2012-11-25Official (OTF)+35
[OTF] Atak Of Da Bal-Hedznuttersuclan2012-11-25Official (OTF)+35
"It's not easy being green" - K. FrogWorf Son of Mogh2012-11-18Official (OTF)-1
Ferngi Blockpfti2012-11-18Block+20
Starfleet BlockMarquetry2012-11-18Block-4
Block Partyprylardurden2012-11-17Block+6
Block Sealed Engage! release Seattle 10-nov-2012Worf Son of Mogh2012-11-10Sealed-12
Block FedsCrimsonRavage[No Tournament]
Block Fedsmindmage2012-10-20Block-12
Starfleet Block DeckOrbin2012-10-14Block+7
I Hate Temporal MechanicsCaptMDKirk2012-09-24Block-33
Achievement BlockThe Ninja Scot2012-09-24Block+10
Augmented Reality 3.0OKCoyote2012-09-24Block-1
When You Play Bajorans (... You Will Meet a Stranger)commdecker2012-09-03Revised+10
Are Now Challenge This Hewmon MadnessCaptMDKirk2012-09-08Official (OTF)+8
Look in the Mirror, See YourselfArcanthas2012-09-02Open+8
TNG Frengi Deck 2012Moggle2012-08-17Official (OTF)+99
Gen Con 2012: Continuing Mission 3.0Commandeur2012-08-17Official (OTF)+24
Gen Con 2012: Continuing Mission 3.0Commandeur2012-08-17Official (OTF)+24
United EmpiresThe Mad Vulcan2012-07-23Traditional-13
OTF Cardassian - AUG 2012jjh2012-08-04Official (OTF)+18
Testing Jeremy's Hypothesis - OTF v1.1MidnightLich2012-08-04Official (OTF)-21
Romulan thingy mingyDunnagh2012-07-22Official (OTF)-25
2012 Continental Enterprise-E Relaunched deckarjan2422012-07-22Official (OTF)+53
30 Card Deck Design Series #100 Klingon Vidiian DQ Solver REVgrendelX2011-03-06Revised+22
Cardassian Capture - Ver 5hyperlight2012-06-10Official (OTF)+22
Romulan Speed Armadadetze0012012-06-10Official (OTF)-55
Cardassian Capture - Ver 4hyperlight2012-06-03Official (OTF)+2
Testing Jeremy's Hypothesis - OTFMidnightLich2012-05-26Official (OTF)+5
Cardassian Capture - Ver 3hyperlight2012-05-27Official (OTF)+1
Romulans, time locations, and Nors (v1.1)commdecker[No Tournament]
Cardassian Capture Deck - Ver. 2hyperlight2012-04-29Official (OTF)-3
Draws from Continuing Mission might be OP :-(Commandeur2012-04-28Revised+31
Talos Golden Era Romulan Decksexecutioner2012-02-27Official (OTF)+5
Talos Carrdecommdecker2012-02-27Official (OTF)-12
Cardassian Capture Deckhyperlight2012-03-11Official (OTF)-16
Hiro WorshipCaptMDKirk2012-01-30Official (OTF)-14
The Romulan Ambush V2.0SAM20002012-01-15Official (OTF)+22
The Cardassians and The FoundersOrbin[No Tournament]
[OTF] All 3s: The Blood Oath Hatricknuttersuclan[No Tournament]
The Kazon-Cardassian Alliancehyperlight2011-10-16Official (OTF)+6
SOTC 2011 - 1e Sealed Eventsoggy_amphibian2011-08-08Sealed-15
Auntie PollyWambundu[No Tournament]
Enterprise Insurrection (What I Would Have Played at Worldskingmj4891[No Tournament]
Flagship for hireCorbinq27[No Tournament]
Negative, Misogynistic & CruelAestu[No Tournament]
The Romulan AmbushSAM20002011-06-19Official (OTF)-33
Enterprising Young MenCaptMDKirk2011-05-28Official (OTF)-28
How would you like a trip to Romulus? (Section 31 Competition)SAM20002011-05-15Official (OTF)0
Magnificent FerengiLee Carver2011-04-01Official (OTF)+4
Insurrectionarjan2422011-05-08Official (OTF)+10
Revenge is a dishenrico812011-04-09Open+43
Androids are Fun!Worf Son of Mogh2011-08-07Open+18
Third Cardassian OrderEnabran[No Tournament]
Federation 1-ship Attack!Maelwys[No Tournament]