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To Boldly Go
A Physical Expansion released on 2006-08-18.

Get ready for the the crew of Enterprise! Characters like Captain Archer, Tripp, Reed and T'Pol launch a full-fledged affiliation and provide players with new game play options and strategies. The Enterprise affiliations feel will make all players look at their dilemma piles a bit differently. Affiliations specific dilemmas and the relicate keyword Boldly take this expansion in a bright new direction. The 122 card set includes an 18-card Archive foil subset and collectors can look for two Archive Portrait cards randomly inserted into packs. Are you ready To Boldly Go??

To Boldly Go contains: 52 cards (13 C, 15 R, 24 U)

8 U 3Between Duty And Respect (Errata)Dilemma
8 R 5Cardassian Processing (Errata)Dilemma
8 U 6Chula: Move Along HomeDilemma
8 R 8Cultural Differences (Errata)Dilemma
8 R 14ParallelsDilemma
8 R 16Tactical Disadvantage (Errata)Dilemma
8 R 19Warp Bubble Mishap (Errata)Dilemma
8 U 23Vulcan Tricorder (Errata)Equipment
8 C 25Assimilation TechniquesEvent
8 R 26Bound By AddictionEvent
8 R 29Defend Our PeopleEvent
8 U 31Diplomatic OfferEvent
8 U 37Preeminent Precision (Errata)Event
8 U 41Rule Of Acquisition #102Event
8 C 44Target PracticeEvent
8 U 52Assist Cloaked ShipMission
8 U 53Automated Repair Station (Errata)Mission
8 U 54Control Plague (Errata)Mission
8 U 56Escape Gulag (Errata)Mission
8 U 57Investigate Stalled ShipMission
8 U 59Practice Orbital Maneuvers (Errata)Mission
8 U 60Retrieve Materiel (Errata)Mission
8 U 61Traverse Ion StormMission
8 U 62❖ Survey New World (Errata)Mission
8 R 72BoothbyPersonnelFederation
8 C 73Jean Hejar (Errata)PersonnelFederation
8 R 76Wesley Crusher (Errata)PersonnelFederation
8 U 78GrimpPersonnelFerengi
8 U 81Arik SoongPersonnelNon-Aligned
8 C 82Cyrus RedblockPersonnelNon-Aligned
8 U 84Malik (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
8 C 85Miss SardaPersonnelNon-Aligned
8 C 92ShinzonPersonnelRomulan
8 R 93Burrows (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 U 94❖ Callaghan (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 C 97❖ Dallas (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 U 98DanielsPersonnelStarfleet
8 C 99Elizabeth CutlerPersonnelStarfleet
8 U 100Emory EricksonPersonnelStarfleet
8 C 101❖ GaetaPersonnelStarfleet
8 C 102❖ Garrid (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 U 103Hoshi Sato (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 C 104Jeffrey Pierce (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 R 106Jonathan Archer (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 U 107Kelby (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 R 108Malcolm ReedPersonnelStarfleet
8 R 109Maxwell Forrest (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 C 110❖ McDermott (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 R 111Phlox (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 C 112T'Pol (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 R 113Travis Mayweather (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
8 U 114WilliamsPersonnelStarfleet