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Trekcc First Edition

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Q Continuum
A Physical Expansion released on 1996-10-01.

The Q-intessential expansion set of 121 cards brings to life the irrepressible personality of the elegant prankster, Q. Prepare yourself for fun as this endearing entity throws you into one improbable situation after another in his quest to keep himself entertained, and you, the players, guessing. Open the door to the Continuum and watch these cards warp reality. Your strategies and game plays will never be the same.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Q Continuum contains: 122 cards (40 C, 41 R, 41 U)

RBlade of TkonArtifact
RMona LisaArtifact
UAndroid NightmaresDilemma
RBendii SyndromeDilemma
CChinese Finger Puzzle (Errata)Dilemma
UQ's Vicious Animal ThingsDilemma
URoyale Casino: CrapsDilemma
CSecurity PrecautionsDilemma
RSystem-Wide Cascade FailureDilemma
RThe Sheliak (Errata)Dilemma
RManheim's Dimensional DoorDoorway
CQ's TentDoorway
CQ-Flash (Errata)Doorway
CAnti-Matter PodEquipment
CPlasmadyne RelayEquipment
UBarber PoleEvent
RDrag NetEvent
CDrought TreeEvent
UHeisenberg CompensatorsEvent
RI Am Not a Merry Man!Event
UImmortal AgainEvent
RKlingon Civil WarEvent
RZalkonian Storage CapsuleEvent
C❖ Colony (Errata)FacilityNeutral
RTerraforming StationFacilityNeutral
RArbiter of SuccessionInterrupt
CData's MedalsInterrupt
CEnd Transmission (Errata)Interrupt
UKlingon PainstikInterrupt
COff SwitchInterrupt
CParallax ArguersInterrupt
UWrong DoorInterrupt
RInvestigate LegendMission
C❖ NebulaMission
RPaxan "Wormhole"Mission
RPlague PlanetMission
RSamaritan SnareMission
C❖ Space (Errata)Mission
RTarchannen StudyMission
C❖ GibsonPersonnelFederation
RJuliana TainerPersonnelFederation
RKatherine PulaskiPersonnelFederation
RKeiko O'BrienPersonnelFederation
UMirasta YalePersonnelFederation
RMr. HomnPersonnelFederation
URobin LeflerPersonnelFederation
USonya GomezPersonnelFederation
C❖ K'chiQPersonnelKlingon
RData's BodyPersonnelNon-Aligned
RIra GravesPersonnelNon-Aligned
UJenice ManheimPersonnelNon-Aligned
UJohn DoePersonnelNon-Aligned
UKareen BrianonPersonnelNon-Aligned
UKova ThollPersonnelNon-Aligned
RMadam GuinanPersonnelNon-Aligned
RMortal Q (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
RNick LocarnoPersonnelNon-Aligned
RPaul ManheimPersonnelNon-Aligned
USamuel ClemensPersonnelNon-Aligned
C❖ Soong-type Android (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
UVes AlkarPersonnelNon-Aligned
RZon (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
RTaris (Errata)PersonnelRomulan
CGo Back Whence Thou Camest (Errata)Q Dilemma
UGuilty - Provisionally (Errata)Q Dilemma
UHis Honor, The High Sheriff of Nottingham (Errata)Q Dilemma
CMandarin Bailiff (Errata)Q Dilemma
CPla-NetQ Dilemma
CAldebaran Serpent (Errata)Q Event
CAmanda's Parents (Errata)Q Event
CAmanda's Parents (Errata)Q EventAlternate print version.
CDoor-NetQ Event
UFrigidQ Event
CInto the BreachQ Event
CJealous AmandaQ Event
CMilitary PrivilegeQ Event
UPenalty BoxQ Event
CScottish Setter (Errata)Q Event
CTijuana CrassQ Event
CTrust MeQ Event
CYou Will in TimeQ Event
CAre These Truly Your Friends, Brother?Q Interrupt
CDr. Q, Medicine EntityQ Interrupt
CGift of the TormentorQ Interrupt
CIncoming Message - The Continuum (Errata)Q Interrupt
CLemon-AidQ Interrupt
CSubsection Q, Paragraph 10Q Interrupt
CThe Higher... The Q-er (Errata)Q Interrupt
UThe Issue is Patriotism (Errata)Q Interrupt
UThe Naked Truth (Errata)Q Interrupt
UWesley Gets the PointQ Interrupt
UWhere's Guinan?Q Interrupt
UQ's PlanetQ Mission
RU.S.S. StargazerShipFederation
RI.K.C. Maht-H'aShipKlingon
UI.K.C. T'OngShipKlingon
C❖ Zalkonian VesselShipNon-Aligned