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Trekcc First Edition

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Introductory 2-Player Game
A Physical Expansion released on 1997-01-01.

Each and every game set contains two pre-customized 60-card decks, one Federation, one Klingon, both of which are white-bordered. In addition, each includes the same 3 premium cards (a black-bordered Admiral McCoy and Data Laughing and a white-bordered Spock) and 11 new white-bordered mission cards. The two-player game is published in two distinct editions. Edition #1 (blue box) contains a set of three new black-bordered premium Federation cards, the same in every set. Edition #2 (red box) similarly contains a set of three new black-bordered premium Klingon cards.
Federation Starter by Smiley
Klingon Starter by Smiley

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Introductory 2-Player Game contains: 29 cards (9 C, 20 P)

CAlien LabyrinthDilemma
CFerengi AttackDilemma
CHidden EntranceDilemma
CHunter GangsDilemma
CMalfunctioning DoorDilemma
CThe GatherersDilemma
PData Laughing (Errata)InterruptInitially Offered as a Star Trek CCG Strategy Guide Mail-In
CKevin Uxbridge: ConvergenceInterrupt
PA Good Place to DieMission
PAvert DangerMission
PCargo Rendezvous (Errata)Mission
PDistress MissionMission
PHostage SituationMission
PReopen Dig (Errata)Mission
PReported Activity (Errata)Mission
PSurvey InstabilityMission
PAdmiral McCoyPersonnelFederation
PAdmiral PicardPersonnelFederation
PCommander DataPersonnelFederation
PCommander TroiPersonnelFederation
C❖ Mendon (Errata)PersonnelFederation
CI.K.C. K'RatakShipKlingon