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Trekcc First Edition

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First Contact
A Physical Expansion released on 1997-12-17.

The 130 cards of Star Trek Customizable Card Game First Contact introduce a new affiliation, The Borg, enhanced personnel battling and other gameplay innovations, including Objective cards and new deck sizes (the 30/30 Rule). Sold in expansion packs of nine cards each.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

First Contact contains: 130 cards (40 C, 50 R, 40 U)

RAntique Machine GunArtifact
RMagic Carpet Ride OCDArtifact
RZefram Cochrane's Telescope (Errata)Artifact
UBalancing Act (Errata)Dilemma
UBorg ServoDilemma
UDead EndDilemma
UDon't Call Me AhabDilemma
CLack of PreparationDilemma
RMy First RaygunDilemma
ROoby DoobyDilemma
RPrimitive CultureDilemma
RScout EncounterDilemma
CShot in the BackDilemma
RStrict Dress CodeDilemma
RTheta-Radiation PoisoningDilemma
RUndetected Beam-InDilemma
ULaunch Portal (Errata)Doorway
UReady Room Door (Errata)Doorway
UTemporal Vortex (Errata)Doorway
CTranswarp Network Gateway (Errata)Doorway
UAssimilation TableEquipment
UStarfleet Type III Phaser RifleEquipment
RAbandon MissionEvent
CActivate SubcommandsEvent
UDisengage Safety ProtocolsEvent
UIntermix Ratio (Errata)Event
UMirror Image (Errata)Event
UMission DebriefingEvent
ROcular ImplantsEvent
CThe Line Must Be Drawn HereEvent
RWall of ShipsEvent
C❖ Borg Outpost (Errata)FacilityBorg
CA Change of Plans (Errata)Interrupt
UAdapt: Modulate ShieldsInterrupt
CAdapt: Negate Obstruction (Errata)Interrupt
RAlas, Poor QueenInterrupt
RAndroid HeadlockInterrupt
RAssimilate This!Interrupt
UAssimilation TubulesInterrupt
RBorg KissInterrupt
RBorg NeuroprocessorInterrupt
UFractal Encryption CodeInterrupt
UHe Will Make an Excellent DroneInterrupt
UI'm a Doctor, Not a DoorstopInterrupt
UMercy KillInterrupt
URemodulation (Errata)Interrupt
UScorched Hand (Errata)Interrupt
USense the Borg (Errata)Interrupt
RTemporal Wake (Errata)Interrupt
RThree-Dimensional ThinkingInterrupt
RWeak SpotInterrupt
REspionage Mission (Errata)Mission
U❖ Patrol Neutral Zone (Errata)Mission
C❖ PlanetMission
CAssign Mission Specialists (Errata)Objective
UAssimilate CounterpartObjective
RAssimilate Homeworld (Errata)Objective
CAssimilate Planet (Errata)Objective
UAssimilate Starship (Errata)Objective
RBuild Interplexing BeaconObjective
UEliminate Starship (Errata)Objective
CEstablish Gateway (Errata)Objective
UPrepare Assault TeamsObjective
RSalvage Starship (Errata)Objective
RStop First ContactObjective
RVisit Cochrane Memorial (Errata)Objective
R✶ Borg QueenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Eight of NineteenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Eighteen of NineteenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Eleven of NineteenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Fifteen of SeventeenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Five of ElevenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Four of ElevenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Nine of ElevenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Nine of SeventeenPersonnelBorg
C❖ One of ElevenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Six of Eleven (Errata)PersonnelBorg
C❖ Six of SeventeenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Sixteen of NineteenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Ten of NineteenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Thirteen of NineteenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Three of NineteenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Two of ElevenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Two of NineteenPersonnelBorg
C❖ Two of SeventeenPersonnelBorg
RAdmiral HayesPersonnelFederation
RAlyssa OgawaPersonnelFederation
RBeverly CrusherPersonnelFederation
RDeanna TroiPersonnelFederation
C❖ Dr. RoysePersonnelFederation
U❖ E.M.H. ProgramPersonnelFederation
RGeordi La ForgePersonnelFederation
C❖ Inge EigerPersonnelFederation
RJean-Luc PicardPersonnelFederation
C❖ Joseph TravisPersonnelFederation
ULisa AzarPersonnelFederation
C❖ ObarakehPersonnelFederation
RPaul PorterPersonnelFederation
RReginald BarclayPersonnelFederation
C❖ Richard WilkinsPersonnelFederation
UThomas McClurePersonnelFederation
RWilliam T. RikerPersonnelFederation
UKathleen TonellPersonnelNon-Aligned
RLily SloanePersonnelNon-Aligned
RZefram CochranePersonnelNon-Aligned
U❖ Borg Cube (Errata)ShipBorg
C❖ Borg Scout VesselShipBorg
C❖ Borg SphereShipBorg
RQueen's Borg Cube (Errata)ShipBorg
RQueen's Borg SphereShipBorg
UU.S.S. BozemanShipFederation
RU.S.S. Enterprise-EShipFederation
U❖ Vulcan LanderShipNon-Aligned
RMontana Missile ComplexTime Location