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Trekcc First Edition

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1E Traditional editions map Enterprise Collection All Good Things The Motion Pictures Holodeck Adventures The Borg Voyager Mirror, Mirror Enhanced Premiere Reflections Tournament Foils Trouble with Tribbles Starter Decks The Trouble with Tribbles Second Anthology Armada Rules of Acquisition Blaze of Glory The Dominion Enhanced First Contact Starter Deck II Deep Space 9 Official Tournament Sealed Deck Away Team Pack Fajo Collection First Contact First Anthology Introductory 2-Player Game Q Continuum Alternate Universe Premiere (Collector's Tin) Warp Pack Premiere Beta (WB95) Premiere Alpha (WB94) Premiere
1E Virtual editions map Paradise Lost The Motion Pictures Remastered Second Star to the Right The Trial Never Ended Official Tournament Sealed Deck Remastered Dogs of War A Private Little War The Neutral Zone Q Who? Borderless Promos The Cage Equilibrium The Gift Enterprise Collection Remastered Coming of Age Metamorphosis Cold Front Warp Pack: Holiday 2017 Live Long and Prosper Pre-Warp Pack Broken Bow The Terran Empire Star Trek 50 Through the Looking Glass Crossover: Supplemental Crossover Homefront VI The Gamma Quadrant 20th Anniversary Collection The Maquis Warp Pack: Emissary Homefront V Emissary: Supplemental Emissary Homefront IV The Sky's the Limit Engage Homefront III The Next Generation: Supplemental The Next Generation Resistance is Futile Homefront II Shades of Gray BaH! Straight and Steady Homefront Life From Lifelessness Chain of Command Virtual Promos Identity Crisis Referee Reprints
Official Tournament Sealed Deck
A Physical Expansion released on 1998-05-14.

The Official Tournament Sealed Deck will contain everything needed for challenging and well-balanced play. Each and every set will contain the same fixed deck of twenty new black border cards, including doorways, outposts, ships and personnel. Also included in each set will be four Premiere (white border) expansion packs and one Alternate Universe expansion pack. The basic set is presented in six different box designs (each representing an affiliation). The box is sized to hold 300 cards unsleeved, 150 cards in protective sleeves, or three 50-card hard plastic boxes.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Official Tournament Sealed Deck contains: 20 cards (20 P)

PAbandon Ship! (Errata)Dilemma
PArmus: Sticky Situation (Errata)Dilemma
PHippocratic Oath (Errata)Dilemma
PMake Us Go (Errata)Dilemma
PUnscientific Method (Errata)Dilemma
PSpace-Time Portal (Errata)Doorway
PSpacedoor (Reverse side) (Errata)Doorway
PTreaty: Federation/Romulan/Klingon (Errata)Event
P❖ Husnock Outpost (Errata)FacilityNon-Aligned
P❖ Establish Relations (Errata)Mission
P❖ Explore Interstellar Matter (Errata)Mission
P❖ Impose OrderMission
P❖ Investigate IncursionMission
P❖ Mineral SurveyMission
P❖ Test Propulsion SystemsMission
POpen Diplomatic Relations (Errata)Objective
PReflection Therapy (Errata)Objective
P❖ Suna (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
PHide and Seek (Errata)Q Dilemma
P❖ Darmok (Errata)ShipNon-Aligned