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Trekcc First Edition

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The Dominion
A Physical Expansion released on 1999-01-20.

Introduces the Dominion affiliation in a 130-card Limited expansion. Plus four special white-border preview cards that preview cards in future Star Trek CCG expansions. Included in the four preview cards are Seven of Nine and Captain Kirk.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

The Dominion contains: 134 cards (40 C, 4 P, 50 R, 40 U)

RCroden's KeyArtifact
ROrb of Prophecy and ChangeArtifact
RThe Earring of Li NalasArtifact
UBerserk ChangelingDilemma
UChula: Pick One to Save TwoDilemma
RChula: The ChandraDilemma
CChula: The DiceDilemma
RFounder SecretDilemma
CFriendly FireDilemma
UMission Fatigue (Errata)Dilemma
CNavigational HazardsDilemma
RSleeper TrapDilemma
CSurprise AssaultDilemma
CDominion PADDEquipment
CJem'Hadar Birthing ChamberEquipment
CJem'Hadar DisruptorEquipment
UJem'Hadar Disruptor RifleEquipment
UCrew ReassignmentEvent
CEspionage - Dominion on FederationEvent
CEspionage - Dominion on KlingonEvent
CEspionage - Dominion on RomulanEvent
UFair Play (Errata)Event
CInvasive Beam-In (Errata)Event
USisko 197 SubroutineEvent
UTactical ConsoleEvent
CTreaty: Bajoran/DominionEvent
CTreaty: Cardassian/DominionEvent
CTreaty: Romulan/DominionEvent
C❖ Primary Supply Depot (Errata)FacilityDominion
C❖ Remote Supply Depot (Errata)FacilityDominion
RThe Great LinkFacilityDominion
ROffice of the PresidentFacilityFederation
RThe Great HallFacilityKlingon
REmpok Nor (Reverse side)FacilityNeutral
ROffice of the ProconsulFacilityRomulan
CCaught Red-HandedInterrupt
UFlight of the IntruderInterrupt
CIn the BagInterrupt
CJem'Hadar SacrificeInterrupt
CStrike ThreeInterrupt
UYou Dirty RatInterrupt
UArchanis DisputeMission
RBetazed InvasionMission
UBioweapon RuseMission
C❖ Construct DepotMission
UIntelligence OperationMission
UInvestigate CoupMission
UMining SurveyMission
UProtect ShipmentMission
UQuest for the SwordMission
URescue FounderMission
USecurity BriefingMission
UUncover DNA CluesMission
UEngage CloakObjective
UEstablish Dominion FootholdObjective
UInstall Autonomic Systems ParasiteObjective
RIssue Secret OrdersObjective
UOperate Wormhole Relays (Errata)Objective
UPost GarrisonObjective
CSubjugate PlanetObjective
C❖ General HazarPersonnelBajoran
RKai WinnPersonnelBajoran
C❖ Keeve FalorPersonnelBajoran
PSeven of NinePersonnelBorg
U❖ DaroPersonnelCardassian
USilaran PrinPersonnelCardassian
C❖ TellePersonnelCardassian
C❖ Azet'izanPersonnelDominion
C❖ ErisPersonnelDominion
U❖ FounderPersonnelDominion
RFounder LeaderPersonnelDominion
C❖ Gurat'urakPersonnelDominion
RKira FounderPersonnelDominion
C❖ Koret'alakPersonnelDominion
RLeyton FounderPersonnelDominion
C❖ Limara'SonPersonnelDominion
RLovok FounderPersonnelDominion
C❖ Makla'GorPersonnelDominion
RMartok FounderPersonnelDominion
RO'Brien FounderPersonnelDominion
C❖ OrnitharPersonnelDominion
C❖ Temo'ZumaPersonnelDominion
C❖ Virak'karaPersonnelDominion
C❖ Yak'TalonPersonnelDominion
C❖ Young Jem'HadarPersonnelDominion
C❖ ZyreePersonnelDominion
RAdmiral LeytonPersonnelFederation
PAdmiral RikerPersonnelFederation
PCaptain KirkPersonnelFederation
RMichael EddingtonPersonnelFederation
U❖ AtulPersonnelKlingon
RMartok (Errata)PersonnelKlingon
PWorf Son of MoghPersonnelKlingon
R10 and 01PersonnelNon-Aligned
U❖ SotoPersonnelNon-Aligned
RSenator VreenakPersonnelRomulan
R❖ Keldon AdvancedShipCardassian
C❖ Jem'Hadar Attack ShipShipDominion
U❖ Jem'Hadar WarshipShipDominion
RU.S.S. DefiantShipFederation
UU.S.S. OdysseyShipFederation
RU.S.S. Rio GrandeShipFederation
RI.K.C. RotarranShipKlingon
R❖ D'deridex AdvancedShipRomulan