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Trekcc First Edition

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Blaze of Glory
A Physical Expansion released on 1999-08-18.

Star Trek CCG Blaze of Glory is all about the heat of warfare, bringing players more realistic battles, enhanced capturing and hand-to-hand combat, battle ready personnel, and the new Battle Bridge side deck. The set's content is guaranteed to amplify gaming excitement for battlers and cool strategists both. Don't be surprised at the blistering varnish on the gaming tables. . The expansion set of 130 cards contains 50 Rare, 40 Uncommon and 40 Common cards, sold in 9 card booster packs. Plus, 18 foils - the first in any Star Trek CCG expansion

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Blaze of Glory contains: 148 cards (40 C, 18 F, 50 R, 40 U)

RSword of KahlessArtifact
FSword of KahlessArtifactFoil
RChula: The AbyssDilemma
CChula: The LightsDilemma
UFerengi IngenuityDilemma
CGravimetric DistortionDilemma
CHazardous DutyDilemma
UNew EssentialistsDilemma
UStellar FlareDilemma
UUnder FireDilemma
CBattle Bridge DoorDoorway
CHolding Cell DoorDoorway
CD'k TahgEquipment
UKlingon Disruptor RifleEquipment
URomulan Disruptor RifleEquipment
CStarfleet Type I PhaserEquipment
UDefense System UpgradeEvent
UDial Martok for MurderEvent
RE-Band EmissionsEvent
UEngage Shuttle Operations: DominionEvent
RFajo's GalleryEvent
FFajo's GalleryEventFoil
UThe Big PictureEvent
UAccess Denied (Errata)Incident
RBlood Oath (Errata)Incident
UIntruder Alert! (Errata)Incident
RLong Live the QueenIncident
UPrisoner ExchangeIncident
UScanner InterferenceIncident
UUltimatum (Errata)Incident
UAttack Pattern DeltaInterrupt
RInside OperationInterrupt
FInside OperationInterruptFoil
ROutgunned (Errata)Interrupt
CPhaser Array Power CellInterrupt
CPrisoner EscortInterrupt
UThe GuardianInterrupt
UThe Wake of the Borg (Errata)Interrupt
CVictory Is LifeInterrupt
RA Good Day To LiveMission
U❖ Bat'leth TournamentMission
RChart Stellar ClusterMission
UCommandeer ShipObjective
UExamine SingularityObjective
RImpersonate CaptiveObjective
UPrepare the PrisonerObjective
RRiker WilPersonnelBajoran
FRiker WilPersonnelBajoranFoil
RRo LarenPersonnelBajoran
RBoone ImpersonatorPersonnelCardassian
RGul MadredPersonnelCardassian
C❖ Duran'AdarPersonnelDominion
ROdo FounderPersonnelDominion
FOdo FounderPersonnelDominionFoil
C❖ Oken'alakPersonnelDominion
RAdmiral RossPersonnelFederation
RDonald VarleyPersonnelFederation
REnrique MunizPersonnelFederation
RMiles O'BrienPersonnelFederation
C❖ Sarita CarsonPersonnelFederation
RIlon TandroPersonnelFederation/Cardassian
RJadzia DaxPersonnelKlingon
FJadzia DaxPersonnelKlingonFoil
U❖ N'GarenPersonnelKlingon
C❖ VoktakPersonnelKlingon
C❖ Wo'DinPersonnelKlingon
RWorf Son of MoghPersonnelKlingon
C❖ ZetalPersonnelKlingon
RQuark Son of KeldarPersonnelKlingon/Ferengi
RThe AlbinoPersonnelNon-Aligned
RAmbassador TomalakPersonnelRomulan
R❖ Chief O'BrienPersonnelRomulan
C❖ D'VinPersonnelRomulan
UDr. KoramarPersonnelRomulan
RLa Forge ImpersonatorPersonnelRomulan
FLa Forge ImpersonatorPersonnelRomulanFoil
C❖ MopakPersonnelRomulan
C❖ NavokPersonnelRomulan
C❖ R'MalPersonnelRomulan
RSenator LetantPersonnelRomulan
RLocutus' Borg Cube (Errata)ShipBorg
FLocutus' Borg Cube (Errata)ShipBorgFoil
C❖ KeldonShipCardassian
U❖ Alpha Attack ShipShipDominion
RU.S.S. ThunderchildShipFederation
FU.S.S. ThunderchildShipFederationFoil
RI.K.C. KoragaShipKlingon
RI.K.C. LukaraShipKlingon
RI.K.C. Negh'VarShipKlingon
FI.K.C. Negh'VarShipKlingonFoil
C❖ Romulan ShuttleShipRomulan
U❖ Security Holding CellSite
U"Crimson Forcefield"Tactic
CAttack WingTactic
RBorg Cutting BeamTactic
FBorg Cutting BeamTacticFoil
CEvasive ManeuversTactic
CFull Phaser SpreadTactic
RMaximum Firepower (Errata)Tactic
FMaximum Firepower (Errata)TacticFoil
CPhased Polaron BeamTactic
CPhaser BanksTactic
CPhoton TorpedoTactic
RPicard Maneuver (Errata)Tactic
CPlasma TorpedoTactic
CPrimary Energy WeaponTactic
CPulse DisruptorTactic
CPulse Phaser CannonsTactic
CQuantum TorpedoTactic
CSpiral-Wave DisruptorTactic
CStrafing RunTactic
CTarget EnginesTactic
CTarget ShieldsTactic
RTarget These CoordinatesTactic
CTarget WeaponsTactic