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Trekcc First Edition

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Mirror, Mirror
A Physical Expansion released on 2000-12-06.

Included in the set's 131 cards is the ultra-rare First Officer Spock, a handful of Rare+ cards (33% more rare than rare), and a distribution of Rare, Uncommon and Common cards, similar to other Star Trek CCG sets. In Mirror, Mirror, you'll find more personnel per capita than in any previous Star Trek CCG set, including the "mirror personae" of TOS and Deep Space Nine personnel who've entered the Mirror Universe.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Mirror, Mirror contains: 131 cards (40 C, 20 R, 30 R+, 40 U, 1 UR)

1 RTantalus FieldArtifact
2 RA Fast Ship Would Be NiceDilemma
3 RArtillery AttackDilemma
4 UChula: The GameDilemma
5 RDenevan Neural ParasitesDilemma
6 UDistractionDilemma
7 CEmergency ConversionDilemma
8 UGorn EncounterDilemma
9 RHortaDilemma
10 RKelvan Show of ForceDilemma
11 UQuantum FissureDilemma
12 CRoyale Casino: SlotsDilemma
13 UBajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe (Errata)Doorway
14 RThe Guardian of ForeverDoorway
15 UAgonizerEquipment
16 CClassic DisruptorEquipment
17 UFerengi WhipEquipment
18 CMirror DaggerEquipment
19 CMultidimensional Transport Device (Errata)Equipment
20 URomulan Cloaking DeviceEquipment
21 CSelf-Sealing Stem BoltsEquipment
22 UStolen Cloaking DeviceEquipment
23 U35th Rule of AcquisitionEvent
24 UBlood ScreeningEvent
25 CTreaty: Federation/DominionEvent
26 C❖ Alliance NorFacilityCardassian
27 R+Mirror Terok Nor (Reverse side)FacilityFederation
28 C❖ Terran OutpostFacilityFederation
29 RTerran Rebellion HQFacilityFederation
30 C❖ Klingon Empire OutpostFacilityKlingon
31 UAgony BoothIncident
32 CCrossoverIncident
33 CEmblem of the AllianceIncident
34 CEmblem of the EmpireIncident
35 CHostage TradeIncident
36 UNo Way OutIncident
37 RThe Art of DiplomacyIncident
38 UTransporter MixupIncident
39 UI'm a Doctor, Not a BricklayerInterrupt
40 UVulcan "Death Grip"Interrupt
41 UDisrupt Alliance (Errata)Mission
42 UFeldomite RushMission
43 UHistorical ResearchMission
44 UMine Dilithium (Errata)Mission
45 USearch for Rebels (Errata)Mission
46 RConstruct StarshipObjective
47 UFor Cardassia!Objective
48 UThe Emperor's New CloakObjective
49 R+BareilPersonnelBajoran
50 RCommander LeetaPersonnelBajoran
51 C❖ GanttPersonnelBajoran
52 C❖ Javek LenPersonnelBajoran
53 R+Overseer OdoPersonnelBajoran/Cardassian
54 C❖ Romara CalPersonnelBajoran
55 C❖ Taymar BernPersonnelBajoran
56 R+The IntendantPersonnelBajoran
57 R+Weyoun of BorgPersonnelBorg
58 C❖ AramaxPersonnelCardassian
59 C❖ DorzaPersonnelCardassian
60 UOverseer MardelPersonnelCardassian
61 R+Security Chief GarakPersonnelCardassian
62 UThraxPersonnelCardassian
63 RLuaranPersonnelDominion
64 R+Captain BashirPersonnelFederation
65 R+Captain DaxPersonnelFederation
66 R+Chief Engineer Scott (Errata)PersonnelFederation
67 R+Chief Navigator ChekovPersonnelFederation
68 R+Chief Surgeon McCoyPersonnelFederation
69 R+Comm Officer UhuraPersonnelFederation
70 C❖ Crewman WilsonPersonnelFederation
71 RDr. FarallonPersonnelFederation
72 C❖ Ensign DavisPersonnelFederation
73 C❖ Ensign GaffneyPersonnelFederation
74 URFirst Officer SpockPersonnelFederation
75 R+Jake SiskoPersonnelFederation
76 R+James Tiberius KirkPersonnelFederation
77 ULt. KylePersonnelFederation
78 ULt. MoreauPersonnelFederation
79 C❖ MarauderPersonnelFederation
80 R+Marlena MoreauPersonnelFederation
81 C❖ Mr. AndrewsPersonnelFederation
82 RMr. TuvokPersonnelFederation
83 R+Nurse ChapelPersonnelFederation
84 UProtPersonnelFederation/Ferengi
85 R+Security Chief SuluPersonnelFederation
86 R+SmileyPersonnelFederation
87 UTransporter Chief KylePersonnelFederation
88 R+Mr. BruntPersonnelFerengi
89 R+Mr. NogPersonnelFerengi
90 R+Mr. QuarkPersonnelFerengi
91 R+Mr. RomPersonnelFerengi
92 C❖ KorvekPersonnelKlingon
93 C❖ LorevaPersonnelKlingon
94 R+Regent WorfPersonnelKlingon
95 URinoxPersonnelKlingon
96 U❖ RukorPersonnelKlingon
97 C❖ T'VorPersonnelKlingon
98 UTelokPersonnelKlingon
99 C❖ VartoqPersonnelKlingon
100 UBalokPersonnelNon-Aligned
101 UDr. Roger KorbyPersonnelNon-Aligned
102 R+EzriPersonnelNon-Aligned
103 R+✶ FontainePersonnelNon-Aligned
104 R+Mr. SiskoPersonnelNon-Aligned
105 R+Professor SiskoPersonnelNon-Aligned
106 RRukPersonnelNon-Aligned
107 RThomas ParisPersonnelNon-Aligned
108 UWyatt EarpPersonnelNon-Aligned
109 R+Commander CharvanekPersonnelRomulan
110 C❖ D'vanoPersonnelRomulan
111 C❖ GorrusPersonnelRomulan
112 USubcommander TalPersonnelRomulan
113 C❖ TagusPersonnelRomulan
114 C❖ Alliance InterceptorShipBajoran
115 R❖ Bajoran WarshipShipBajoran
116 C❖ Alliance GalorShipCardassian
117 U❖ Enhanced Attack ShipShipDominion
118 R+DefiantShipFederation
119 C❖ I.S.S. ConstitutionShipFederation
120 R+I.S.S. EnterpriseShipFederation
121 C❖ Rebel InterceptorShipFederation
122 U❖ Type 18 ShuttlepodShipFederation
123 U❖ Mirror Ferengi ShuttleShipFerengi
124 C❖ Alliance K'VortShipKlingon
125 C❖ Alliance Vor'ChaShipKlingon
126 UI.K.C. Ki'tangShipKlingon
127 RRegency 1ShipKlingon
128 RFesariusShipNon-Aligned
129 C❖ Battle CruiserShipRomulan/Klingon
130 COps: Mirror UniverseSite
131 RHalkan Council (Errata)Time Location