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Trekcc First Edition

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The Borg
A Physical Expansion released on 2001-09-19.

The Borg is the perfect companion set to the popular Voyager expansion. 131 cards include new Borg personnel and ships, a new Hirogen affiliation, new cards for the Vidiians, Kazon, Federation, and other affiliations, additional Delta Quadrant missions, and new dilemmas, objectives, and other cards to enhance your Voyager, full environment, and Warp Speed format decks.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

The Borg contains: 143 cards (42 C, 20 R, 40 R+, 40 U, 1 UR)

1 RAnkari "Spirits" (Errata)Dilemma
2 UImpressive TrophiesDilemma
3 UInvasive ProceduresDilemma
4 UPhotonic Energy BeingDilemma
5 RReplicator AccidentDilemma
6 USabotaged NegotiationsDilemma
7 UThe Clown: Beneath the MaskDilemma
8 RThe Clown: My FestivalDilemma
9 RThe Weak Will Perish (Errata)Dilemma
10 CTranswarp Network GatewayDoorway
11 UBorg Data NodeEquipment
12 UBorg NanoprobesEquipment
13 CBorg VinculumEquipment
14 UHirogen Disruptor RifleEquipment
15 CHirogen TalonEquipment
16 UMaturation ChamberEquipment
17 CActivate SubcommandsEvent
18 UAlas, Poor DroneEvent
19 CCranial Transceiver ImplantEvent
20 UMeditationEvent
21 UOmega ParticleEvent
22 CQuantum Slipstream DriveEvent
23 C❖ Borg OutpostFacilityBorg
24 R+✶ UnicomplexFacilityBorg
25 C❖ Hirogen OutpostFacilityHirogen
26 CCortical Node ImplantIncident
27 UFeedback SurgeIncident
28 CHirogen Hunt (Errata)Incident
29 URelics of the Chase (Errata)Incident
30 CRituals of the HuntIncident
31 UAdapt: Modulate ShieldsInterrupt
32 CAdapt: Negate ObstructionInterrupt
33 CAwakenInterrupt
34 UMultivector Assault ModeInterrupt
35 UNarrow EscapeInterrupt
36 UCorner Enemy ShipMission
37 UEstablish SettlementMission
38 UHunt AlienMission
39 UMaintenance OverhaulMission
40 URepair Null Space CatapultMission
41 C❖ Secure StationMission
42 CAssimilate Planet (Errata)Objective
43 RAssimilate SpeciesObjective
44 UAssimilate StarshipObjective
45 UEliminate Starship (Errata)Objective
46 CEstablish Gateway (Errata)Objective
47 RHarness Particle 010 (Errata)Objective
48 UOmega DirectiveObjective
49 UReassimilate Lost DroneObjective
50 R+✶ Borg QueenPersonnelBorg
51 C❖ Eight of EighteenPersonnelBorg
52 C❖ Eight of FifteenPersonnelBorg
53 C❖ Eleven of EighteenPersonnelBorg
54 C❖ Eleven of TwelvePersonnelBorg
55 R+FifthPersonnelBorg
56 R+FirstPersonnelBorg
57 R+Four of NinePersonnelBorg
58 C❖ Nine of FifteenPersonnelBorg
59 C❖ Nine of TwelvePersonnelBorg
60 R+SecondPersonnelBorg
61 R+Seven of NinePersonnelBorg
62 C❖ Seventeen of EighteenPersonnelBorg
63 C❖ Six of TwelvePersonnelBorg
64 R+Third and FourthPersonnelBorg
65 R+Three of NinePersonnelBorg
66 R+Two of NinePersonnelBorg
67 C❖ Two of TwelvePersonnelBorg
68 C❖ Angelo Tassoni (Alt Image)PersonnelFederation/Non-Aligned
69 R+Deanna TroiPersonnelFederation
70 R+Equinox Doctor (Alt Image)PersonnelFederation/Non-Aligned
71 C❖ Hogan (Alt Image)PersonnelFederation/Non-Aligned
72 URReginald BarclayPersonnelFederation
73 RGegis (Errata)PersonnelFerengi
74 UNunkPersonnelFerengi
75 UYeggiePersonnelFerengi
76 C❖ DavarPersonnelHirogen
77 RDecarenPersonnelHirogen
78 R+DonikPersonnelHirogen
79 RGannPersonnelHirogen
80 R+Hajur (Alt Image)PersonnelHirogen/Non-Aligned
81 C❖ HarkanPersonnelHirogen
82 RIdrinPersonnelHirogen
83 C❖ JetarnPersonnelHirogen
84 RJorikPersonnelHirogen
85 RKaronPersonnelHirogen
86 R+KarrPersonnelHirogen
87 C❖ KonuricPersonnelHirogen
88 R+NetekPersonnelHirogen
89 C❖ RanjenPersonnelHirogen
90 U❖ TakiracPersonnelHirogen
91 UTuranjPersonnelHirogen
92 C❖ VurondPersonnelHirogen
93 ULagrenPersonnelKazon
94 RSuratPersonnelKazon
95 C❖ TanarPersonnelKazon
96 UCh'ReghaPersonnelKlingon
97 C❖ KamokPersonnelKlingon
98 RKohlarPersonnelKlingon
99 UMorakPersonnelKlingon
100 UT'GrethPersonnelKlingon
101 R+B'ElannaPersonnelNon-Aligned
102 R+Captain ChakotayPersonnelNon-Aligned
103 RFennimPersonnelNon-Aligned
104 R+Icheb (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Federation
105 R+KesPersonnelNon-Aligned
106 ULansorPersonnelNon-Aligned
107 UMabusPersonnelNon-Aligned
108 R+Marika (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Federation
109 R+Mezoti (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Federation
110 R+OnePersonnelNon-Aligned
111 R+Orum (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Romulan
112 UP'ChanPersonnelNon-Aligned
113 R+Rebi and Azan (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Federation
114 R+Riley Frazier (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Federation
115 RSullinPersonnelNon-Aligned
116 UThe Artificial IntelligencePersonnelNon-Aligned
117 C❖ ThenelakPersonnelRomulan
118 C❖ DilanumPersonnelVidiian
119 C❖ SinarenPersonnelVidiian
120 U❖ Borg CubeShipBorg
121 C❖ Borg ProbeShipBorg
122 RBorg Queen's ShipShipBorg
123 R❖ Borg Tactical CubeShipBorg
124 R+U.S.S. Prometheus (Alt Image)ShipFederation/Romulan
125 C❖ Hunting VesselShipHirogen
126 R❖ Venatic HunterShipHirogen
127 U❖ Kazon FighterShipKazon
128 R+I.K.C. Voq'lengShipKlingon
129 R+Liberty (Errata)ShipNon-Aligned
130 RThe Think Tank's ShipShipNon-Aligned
131 R+U.S.S. Dauntless (Alt Image)ShipNon-Aligned/Federation