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Trekcc First Edition

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Holodeck Adventures
A Physical Expansion released on 2001-12-21.

The expansion set that Star Trek CCG fans have been waiting for since 1995 is here!! Yes, Holodeck Adventures is in stores now, featuring cards from all your favorite holodeck episodes, from Dixon Hill and the town of Deadwood to Secret Agent Julian Bashir and Captain Proton. Holographic personnel and equipment, holodeck "personas" of main characters, and other holodeck-themed cards are complemented by new Delta Quadrant missions, Q-icon cards, and many long-awaited "broken links." Like other recent expansions, this 131-card set consists of 40 common, 40 uncommon, 50 rare, and one ultra-rare card. It is packaged in display boxes of thirty 11-card packs, each containing one rare card and a mix of 10 common and uncommon cards.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Holodeck Adventures contains: 142 cards (47 C, 20 R, 34 R+, 40 U, 1 UR)

1 RThe City of B'halaArtifact
2 CAliceDilemma
3 CChula: EchoesDilemma
4 UChula: TrickeryDilemma
5 UCytoplasmic Life-formDilemma
6 CDejarenDilemma
7 UEmergent Life-formDilemma
8 CPrimitive HumanoidsDilemma
9 UTalosian CageDilemma
10 UThe Clown: GuillotineDilemma
11 RThe Clown: Playing DoctorDilemma
12 RYour Galaxy Is Impure (Errata)Dilemma
13 UHolodeck Door (Errata)Doorway
14 C'45 Dom PerignonEquipment
15 CAblative ArmorEquipment
16 USatan's RobotEquipment
17 UBynars Data TransferEvent
18 CDominion War EffortsEvent
19 RFerengi Financial Data NetEvent
20 UHolo-ProjectorsEvent
21 COo-moxEvent
22 R❖ Transwarp HubFacilityBorg
23 CChildren of LightIncident
24 RClone MachineIncident
25 CCybernetics Expertise (Errata)Incident
26 CHoloprogram: 221B Baker StreetIncident
27 CHoloprogram: DeadwoodIncident
28 CHoloprogram: Noah's Mountain RetreatIncident
29 CHoloprogram: Fortress of Doom (Errata)Incident
30 CHoloprogram: The Office of Dixon HillIncident
31 CIn the ZoneIncident
32 CJem'Hadar ShroudingIncident
33 RTongoIncident
34 CWhite DeprivationIncident
35 UAll ThreesInterrupt
36 UData, Keep Dealing (Errata)Interrupt
37 CI'm a Doctor, Not a BartenderInterrupt
38 UI've Been Waiting for YouInterrupt
39 CRemember the AlamoInterrupt
40 CSmall OversightInterrupt
41 UEstablish Home PlanetMission
42 CMine GalliciteMission
43 URepair MemorialMission
44 USeal RiftMission
45 UStudy ProtonebulaMission
46 CTransport ColonistsMission
47 UBajoran Resistance Cell (Errata)Objective
48 CHunting GroupObjective
49 ROrbital BombardmentObjective
50 UEls RenoraPersonnelBajoran
51 R+Iden (Alt Image)PersonnelBajoran/Hirogen
52 RTeero AnaydisPersonnelBajoran
53 R+Crell MosetPersonnelCardassian
54 C❖ Doran (Alt Image)PersonnelCardassian/Hirogen
55 UEkoorPersonnelCardassian
56 C❖ Harath (Alt Image)PersonnelCardassian/Hirogen
57 R+Kejal (Alt Image)PersonnelCardassian/Hirogen
58 UMilaPersonnelCardassian
59 URusotPersonnelCardassian
60 USeskalPersonnelCardassian
61 C❖ VornarPersonnelCardassian
62 C❖ Dar (Alt Image)PersonnelDominion/Hirogen
63 C❖ Wodek'idan (Alt Image)PersonnelDominion/Hirogen
64 R+Admiral J. P. HansonPersonnelFederation
65 R+BoothbyPersonnelFederation
66 U❖ E.M.H.-Mark IIPersonnelFederation
67 R+Edward JellicoPersonnelFederation
68 R+Ezri DaxPersonnelFederation
69 R+Lewis ZimmermanPersonnelFederation
70 UNaomi WildmanPersonnelFederation
71 C❖ Sam Lavelle (Errata)PersonnelFederation
72 C❖ Sumek (Alt Image)PersonnelFederation/Hirogen
73 R+The E.C.H.PersonnelFederation
74 R+Weiss (Alt Image)PersonnelFederation/Hirogen
75 URulatPersonnelKazon
76 R+B'Elanna Daughter of MiralPersonnelKlingon
77 R+Chancellor GowronPersonnelKlingon
78 C❖ Kar'methPersonnelKlingon
79 UNirokPersonnelKlingon
80 RAh-Kel and Ro-KelPersonnelNon-Aligned
81 R+Anastasia KomananovPersonnelNon-Aligned
82 R+ArachniaPersonnelNon-Aligned
83 RBarashPersonnelNon-Aligned
84 RBuster KincaidPersonnelNon-Aligned
85 R+Captain ProtonPersonnelNon-Aligned
86 RCarlosPersonnelNon-Aligned
87 RChaoticaPersonnelNon-Aligned
88 C❖ Cravic Unit 122PersonnelNon-Aligned
89 UCyrus Redblock (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
90 UDeputy RozhenkoPersonnelNon-Aligned
91 URDixon Hill (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
92 R+Dr. NoahPersonnelNon-Aligned
93 R+DuchampsPersonnelNon-Aligned
94 R+DurangoPersonnelNon-Aligned
95 UEli HollanderPersonnelNon-Aligned
96 R+FalconPersonnelNon-Aligned
97 UFelix LeechPersonnelNon-Aligned
98 R+Frank HollanderPersonnelNon-Aligned
99 R+John WatsonPersonnelNon-Aligned
100 RLeonardo da VinciPersonnelNon-Aligned
101 RLilyPersonnelNon-Aligned
102 ULonzakPersonnelNon-Aligned
103 UMadam PulaskiPersonnelNon-Aligned
104 RMinuetPersonnelNon-Aligned
105 RMona LuvsittPersonnelNon-Aligned
106 R+Mr. GarakPersonnelNon-Aligned
107 UNicki the NosePersonnelNon-Aligned
108 UPralor Unit 3947PersonnelNon-Aligned
109 C❖ Pralor Unit 6263PersonnelNon-Aligned
110 R+Professor Honey BarePersonnelNon-Aligned
111 R+Professor MoriartyPersonnelNon-Aligned
112 URegina Barthalomew (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
113 R+Secret Agent Julian BashirPersonnelNon-Aligned
114 R+Sheriff WorfPersonnelNon-Aligned
115 R+Sherlock HolmesPersonnelNon-Aligned
116 RSigmund FreudPersonnelNon-Aligned
117 RThe President of EarthPersonnelNon-Aligned
118 UThe Twin Mistresses of EvilPersonnelNon-Aligned
119 R+Vic Fontaine (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
120 C❖ Garren (Alt Image)PersonnelRomulan/Hirogen
121 R+Praetor NeralPersonnelRomulan
122 C❖ MalethPersonnelVidiian
123 CAr-Q-ologist (Errata)Q Dilemma
124 CQ's Fantasy Women (Errata)Q Event
125 CQuandaryQ Interrupt
126 UTrulluxShipFerengi
127 UBaxialShipNon-Aligned
128 U❖ Cravic WarshipShipNon-Aligned
129 R+Olarra (Alt Image)ShipNon-Aligned/Hirogen
130 U❖ Pralor WarshipShipNon-Aligned
131 C❖ Holosuite (Errata)Site
131 C❖ Holosuite (Errata)SiteAlternate print version. (g-Ring)