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Trekcc First Edition

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All Good Things
A Physical Expansion released on 2003-07-16.

The longest-anticipated set in Star Trek CCG history. All those tantalizing references on earlier cards will finally be realized in All Good Things, a limited-edition set that will mend all the "broken links" of First Edition.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

All Good Things contains: 41 cards (41 P)

1 PEnvironmental SuitEquipment
2 PEspionage: Bajoran on DominionEvent
3 PShape-Shift InhibitorEvent
4 PTimepod RingEvent
5 PTreacherous AdviceEvent
6 PBluegill InfestationIncident
7 PKobayashi Maru Scenario (Errata)Incident
8 PStrategema (Errata)Incident
9 PChangeling SweepInterrupt
10 PDimensional ShiftingInterrupt
11 PEmpathic TouchInterrupt
12 PAid Clone ColonyMission
13 PIn for a TrimObjective
14 PColonel KiraPersonnelBajoran
15 P❖ ShandorPersonnelBajoran
16 PAdmiral JanewayPersonnelFederation
17 PAdmiral RikerPersonnelFederation
18 PChristopher PikePersonnelFederation
19 PGideon SeyetikPersonnelFederation
20 P❖ Lt. PalmerPersonnelFederation
21 PMiral Paris (Alt Image)PersonnelFederation/Klingon
22 PRaymond BoonePersonnelFederation
23 PRobert DeSotoPersonnelFederation
24 PYeoman RandPersonnelFederation
25 P❖ Uri'lashPersonnelFerengi
26 PK'TemocPersonnelKlingon
27 PAnijPersonnelNon-Aligned
28 PArtimPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 PRaimusPersonnelNon-Aligned
30 PSojefPersonnelNon-Aligned
31 PSunad (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
32 PTournelPersonnelNon-Aligned
33 PWeyoun 6PersonnelNon-Aligned
34 PReklarShipCardassian
35 PU.S.S. DrakeShipFederation
36 PU.S.S. GrissomShipFederation
37 PU.S.S. PegasusShipFederation
38 PCalondonShipNon-Aligned
39 P❖ Lokirrim VesselShipNon-Aligned
40 PTsunkatse ShipShipNon-Aligned