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Trekcc First Edition

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Identity Crisis
A Virtual Expansion released on 2009-01-05.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (535 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (1.78 MB) Download Standard Resolution
[PDF] (20 MB) Download High Resolution

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Identity Crisis contains: 25 cards (25 V)

1 V❖ Klaestron OutpostFacilityCardassian/Federation
2 VKasidy YatesPersonnelBajoran/Non-Aligned
3 VKira (Alt Image)PersonnelBajoran/Cardassian/Federation
4 VRomPersonnelBajoran/Ferengi
5 VTora ZiyalPersonnelBajoran/Cardassian
6 VIlon TandroPersonnelCardassian/Federation
7 VOverseer OdoPersonnelCardassian/Bajoran
8 VData and PicardPersonnelFederation/Romulan
9 VKovalPersonnelFederation/Romulan
10 VMajor RakalPersonnelFederation/Romulan
11 VStefan DeSevePersonnelFederation/Romulan
12 VThe EmissaryPersonnelFederation/Bajoran
13 VThe TroisPersonnelFederation/Ferengi
14 VAluuraPersonnelFerengi/Non-Aligned
15 VJake and NogPersonnelFerengi/Federation
16 VLeetaPersonnelFerengi/Bajoran
17 VMardahPersonnelFerengi/Bajoran
18 VNogPersonnelFerengi/Federation
19 VProtPersonnelFerengi/Federation
20 VQuark Son of KeldarPersonnelFerengi/Klingon
21 VGarakPersonnelNon-Aligned/Cardassian
22 VStolen Attack ShipShipFederation/Cardassian
23 V❖ Battle CruiserShipKlingon/Romulan
24 VCha'JohShipKlingon/Romulan