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Trekcc First Edition

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Life From Lifelessness
A Virtual Expansion released on 2010-06-11.

Lead Designer: Jason Robinette
Design Team: Charlie Plaine

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (676 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (37.8 MB) Download Expansion

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Life From Lifelessness contains: 54 cards (54 V)

1 VOff-Zel VaseArtifact
2 VDamaged ReputationDilemma
3 VDisplacedDilemma
4 VDistracted by Thoughts of HomeDilemma
5 VImportant GuestsDilemma
6 VMedical CrisisDilemma
7 VOh No!Dilemma
8 VSkeleton CrewDilemma
9 VThe Arsenal: SeparatedDilemma
10 VVastly OutnumberedDilemma
11 VVirusDilemma
12 VBody ArmorEquipment
13 V45th Rule of AcquisitionEvent
14 VRomulan "Reunification"Event
15 VFor the Sisko (Errata)Incident
16 VInspectionIncident
17 VThe Genesis Effect (Errata)Incident
18 VCritical AssistanceInterrupt
19 VDrivenInterrupt
20 VI Feel YoungInterrupt
21 VAftermath II (Reverse side)Mission
22 VChangeling Research II (Reverse side)Mission
23 VFind Hidden BaseMission
24 VKurnPersonnelBajoran
25 VBrunt of BorgPersonnelBorg
26 VAgent GarakPersonnelCardassian/Federation
27 V❖ EmokPersonnelCardassian
28 V❖ TholunPersonnelDominion
29 V❖ Turan'EkanPersonnelDominion
30 VAdmiral KirkPersonnelFederation
31 VDexter RemmickPersonnelFederation
32 VSergey and HelenaPersonnelFederation
33 VCaptain NogPersonnelFerengi/Federation
34 VDr. ReygaPersonnelFerengi
35 V❖ ZivanPersonnelHirogen
36 V❖ KazatPersonnelKazon
37 VCaptain B'Etor (Errata)PersonnelKlingon
38 VDurasPersonnelKlingon
39 VPorthosPersonnelNeutral
40 V❖ 0413-ThetaPersonnelNon-Aligned
41 VAllamillPersonnelNon-Aligned
42 VCarol MarcusPersonnelNon-Aligned
43 VDavid MarcusPersonnelNon-Aligned
44 VFalowPersonnelNon-Aligned
45 V❖ IlandraPersonnelNon-Aligned
46 VVashPersonnelNon-Aligned
47 VSelaPersonnelRomulan
48 VSubcommander DeciusPersonnelRomulan
49 VDanica EricksonPersonnelStarfleet
50 V❖ DelanhPersonnelVidiian
51 VVetar (Errata)ShipCardassian
52 VRenegade Borg SphereShipNon-Aligned
53 VSarajevoShipStarfleet
54 VDetermined AssaultTactic