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A Virtual Expansion released on 2011-04-01.

[JPG] (910 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (15 MB) Hi-Resolution PDF

BaH! contains: 36 cards (36 V)

1 VBattle Bridge DoorDoorway
2 VEnvironmental SuitEquipment
3 VTactical ConsoleEvent
4 VMake It SoIncident
5 VAttack Pattern DeltaInterrupt
6 VAttack WingTactic
7 VBajoran Phaser BanksTactic
8 VBorg Cutting BeamTactic
9 VBreen Disruptor BurstTactic
10 VBreen Energy-Dampening WeaponTactic
11 VChain Reaction PulsarTactic
12 VCrimson ForcefieldTactic
13 VEvasive ManeuversTactic
14 VFerengi Energy WeaponTactic
15 VFull Phaser SpreadTactic
16 VIsolytic BurstTactic
17 VMaximum FirepowerTactic
18 VPhased Polaron BeamTactic
19 VPhaser BanksTactic
20 VPhoton TorpedoTactic
21 VPicard ManeuverTactic
22 VPlasma Energy BurstTactic
23 VPlasma TorpedoTactic
24 VPrimary Energy WeaponTactic
25 VPulse DisruptorTactic
26 VPulse Phaser CannonsTactic
27 VQuantum TorpedoTactic
28 VRiker ManeuverTactic
29 VSpiral-Wave DisruptorTactic
30 VStrafing RunTactic
31 VT'Pol/Soong Maneuver (Errata)Tactic
32 VTarget EnginesTactic
33 VTarget ShieldsTactic
34 VTarget These CoordinatesTactic
35 VTarget Warp Field CoilsTactic
36 VTarget WeaponsTactic