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Trekcc First Edition

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Shades of Gray
A Virtual Expansion released on 2011-04-15.

Lead Designer: Charlie Plaine
Design Team: Dan Hamman, Thomas Vineberg

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (36 MB) Hi-Resolution PDF
[JPG] (675 kB) Pack Art
[PDF] (776 kB) Klingon Phlox 3-UP
[PDF] (884 kB) Klingon Phlox 9-UP

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Shades of Gray contains: 55 cards (55 V)

1 VArmus: Energy FieldDilemma
2 VArmus: RouletteDilemma
3 VHelplessDilemma
4 VHigh RollersDilemma
5 VRoyale Casino: ElevatorDilemma
6 VShore LeaveDilemma
7 VThe Arsenal: DividedDilemma
8 VThe LossDilemma
9 VThe Vengeance FactorDilemma
10 VDyson Sphere Door (Errata)Doorway
11 VEmergency Transport UnitEquipment
12 VAll-Consuming EvilEvent
13 VD'jarrasEvent
14 VDuck BlindEvent
15 VFederation Flagship: RenewedEvent
16 VShades of Gray: AnguishEvent
17 VShades of Gray: BrutalityEvent
18 VShades of Gray: CrueltyEvent
19 VShades of Gray: DespairEvent
20 VSon'a ObservatoryFacilityNon-AlignedWorld Champion Design-a-Card
2010 Andreas Rheinländer

21 VStarbase OneFacilityStarfleet
22 VFederation Flagship: RelaunchedIncident
23 VHoloprogram: Historical Poker GameIncident
24 VHotel RoyaleIncident
25 VmaH nIv (Errata)Incident
26 VSeductive DanceIncident
27 VWarp Speed TransferIncident
28 VCluttering IrrelevanciesInterrupt
29 VInvestigate AnachronismMission
30 VSave Stranded CrewMission
31 V❖ Brilgar (Errata)PersonnelBajoran
32 V✶ Borg QueenPersonnelBorg
33 V❖ Six of SevenPersonnelBorg
34 VAquiel UhnariPersonnelFederation
35 VMr. TuvokPersonnelFederation
36 VMrs. O'BrienPersonnelFederation
37 V❖ Stephen HawkingPersonnelFederation
38 VWorfPersonnelFederation
39 V❖ GrishPersonnelFerengi
40 VKremPersonnelFerengi
41 VMukPersonnelFerengi
42 VUlisPersonnelFerengi
43 VRielatPersonnelKazon
44 VMartrexPersonnelKlingon
45 VNerasPersonnelNon-Aligned
46 VRishonPersonnelNon-Aligned
47 VThe BellboyPersonnelNon-Aligned
48 VThe ForagersPersonnelNon-Aligned
49 VVina (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
50 VSenator VraxPersonnelRomulan
51 VPhlox (Alt Image)PersonnelStarfleet/Klingon
52 VMorullaPersonnelVidiian
53 VQuetsivooShipFerengi
54 VSchoolroomSite