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These Are The Voyages
A Physical Expansion released on 2007-03-13.

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy? What else could one ask for? Incredible gameplay and gorgeous images as well? These Are The Voyages take Star Trek Second Edition to new levels.

These Are The Voyages contains: 36 cards (12 C, 8 R, 16 U)

12 C 1ArenaDilemma
12 C 5Excalbian DramaDilemma
12 C 6Fesarius BluffDilemma
12 C 10Mark of GideonDilemma
12 R 15Psychokinetic ControlDilemma
12 R 17Swashbuckler at HeartDilemma
12 C 18Trelane's TrialDilemma
12 U 22Condition Red (Errata)Incident
12 U 24Final CryEvent
12 U 32You Have a DiseaseEvent
12 U 35Dominion Hierarchy (Errata)Incident
12 U 36Driven (Errata)Interrupt
12 U 38Neural TransceiverInterrupt
12 U 41Navigate Argolis Cluster (Errata)Mission
12 U 42Secure Strategic Base (Errata)Mission
12 U 43Kira NerysPersonnelBajoran
12 U 46Four of TwelvePersonnelBorg
12 R 47Three of NinePersonnelBorg
12 U 49Oran (Errata)PersonnelCardassian
12 R 50ParekPersonnelCardassian
12 R 66Jadzia DaxPersonnelFederation
12 R 71Julian BashirPersonnelFederation
12 U 77Miles O'BrienPersonnelFederation
12 U 87KraxPersonnelFerengi
12 U 88QolPersonnelFerengi
12 C 97Ambassador GralPersonnelNon-Aligned
12 R 98Dukat (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
12 C 104Skalaar (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
12 U 105CharvanekPersonnelRomulan
12 C 110❖ Amanda Cole (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
12 C 111Hideaki Chang (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
12 R 112Jeremiah Hayes (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
12 C 113❖ Nelson Kemper (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
12 C 114❖ Sascha Money (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
12 C 115❖ Sean Hawkins (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
12 U 120❖ D-7 BattlecruiserShipKlingon