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Trekcc First Edition

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Homefront II
A Virtual Expansion released on 2011-08-06.

Lead Designer: Charlie Plaine
Design Team: Jeremy Commandeur

Enhance your favorite decks with the new and returning favorite cards in Homefront II, a new First Edition reprint expansion that provides tricks for almost every deck. This expansion brings fifty-four (54) new, converted, and reprint cards to the virtual environment, including nine dilemmas, over two dozen "free" reporting personnel, and several very hard to get cards.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (683 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (23 MB) Download Expansion

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Homefront II contains: 54 cards (54 V)

1 VCardassian ProcessingDilemma
2 VDangerous ClimbDilemma
3 VDedication to DutyDilemma
4 VDignitaries and WitnessesDilemma
5 VForsakenDilemma
6 VFounder SecretDilemma
7 VFractured TimeDilemma
8 VGomtuu Shock WaveDilemma
9 VLinguistic LegerdemainDilemma
10 VTemporal Micro-WormholeDoorway
11 VAblative ArmorEquipment
12 VBorg NanoprobesEquipment
13 VGold-Pressed LatinumEquipment
14 VAssassination PlotEvent
15 VHQ: War RoomEvent
16 VIsomagnetic DisintegratorEvent
17 VMasaka TransformationsEvent
18 VSpace BoomerEvent
19 V❖ Transwarp HubFacilityBorg
20 VBriberyIncident
21 VDigIncident
22 VDiplomatic ContactIncident
23 VService the CollectiveIncident
24 VCold WarriorsInterrupt
25 VShape-ShiftInterrupt
26 VTactical ScanInterrupt
27 VCouncil of WarriorsObjective
28 VRanjen KoralPersonnelBajoran
29 VTeero Anaydis (Errata)PersonnelBajoran
30 VWinn AdamiPersonnelBajoran
31 VFour of NinePersonnelBorg
32 VEvekPersonnelCardassian
33 VOcettPersonnelCardassian
34 VToranPersonnelCardassian
35 VFounder AgitatorPersonnelDominion
36 VFounder Leader (Errata)PersonnelDominion
37 VOdoPersonnelDominion
38 VAdmiral Janeway (Errata)PersonnelFederation
39 VAmbassador Sarek (Errata)PersonnelFederation
40 VAndrea BrandPersonnelFederation
41 VBruntPersonnelFerengi
42 VGrand Nagus GintPersonnelFerengi
43 VChancellor GowronPersonnelKlingon
44 VChangPersonnelKlingon
45 VNu'DaqPersonnelKlingon
46 VAlidar JarokPersonnelRomulan
47 VKarinaPersonnelRomulan
48 VRuwonPersonnelRomulan
49 VSelvethPersonnelRomulan
50 VSenator LetantPersonnelRomulan
51 VTal'AuraPersonnelRomulan
52 VBurrowsPersonnelStarfleet
53 VCharles Tucker IIIPersonnelStarfleet
54 VTravis MayweatherPersonnelStarfleet