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Trekcc First Edition

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The Next Generation
A Virtual Expansion released on 2012-04-13.

Lead Designer: Dan Hamman
Design Team: Thomas Vineberg

Rediscover your love of The Next Generation with this ninety-nine (99) card expansion, designed for new and veteran players alike. Celebrate 25 years of TNG with new faces, returning favorites, and brand new decks for the Federation, Ferengi, and Klingons. Explore the galaxy and "boldly go where no one has gone before" with this new First Edition virtual expansion!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (667 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (53 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (30 MB) Federation Starter
[PDF] (28 MB) Ferengi Starter
[PDF] (31 MB) Klingon Starter

[PDF] (2 MB) Alternate Border Cards (3 UP)
[PDF] (2 MB) Alternate Border Cards (9 UP)

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The Next Generation contains: 102 cards (102 V)

1 VA Good Day to LieDilemma
2 VAll Available PersonnelDilemma
3 VDiplomatic InterventionDilemma
4 VDivided LoyaltiesDilemma
5 VFerengi AmbushDilemma
6 VI'm Not Going to Fight YouDilemma
7 VLocal TroubleDilemma
8 VMagnetic Field DisruptionsDilemma
9 VMicrobrainDilemma
10 VPinned DownDilemma
11 VTemptationDilemma
12 VTense NegotiationsDilemma
13 VTriageDilemma
14 VWar GamesDilemma
15 VWarp Bubble MishapDilemma
16 VCowboy DiplomacyEvent
17 VGeneral QuartersEvent
18 VHeart of GloryEvent
19 VLet's See What's Out ThereEvent
20 VYou Are a MonumentEvent
21 VAttention All Hands (Errata)Incident
22 VContinuing Mission (Errata)Incident
23 VEquipment ReplicatorIncident
24 VFerengi Military Operations (Errata)Incident
25 VFinest Crew in the FleetIncident
26 VGet It DoneIncident
27 VLegitimate Leader of the EmpireIncident
28 VMercenary Raiders (Errata)Incident
29 VOfficer Exchange ProgramIncident
30 VScientific DiplomacyIncident
31 VStrategic Base (Errata)Incident
32 V"Tag!"Interrupt
33 VA Matter of HonorInterrupt
34 VBusiness GambitInterrupt
35 VAcquire Surplus ShipsMission
36 VAmnesty TalksMission
37 VAvert Solar ImplosionMission
38 VEncounter at FarpointMission
39 VHost Metaphasic Shielding TestMission
40 VIntercept Sleeper ShipMission
41 VInvestigate DestructionMission
42 VRaid Ancient Burial SiteMission
43 VRevenge PlotMission
44 VSalvage Borg ShipMission
45 VSeize FreighterMission
46 VSteal TechnologyMission
47 VThe Last OutpostMission
48 VTreat Plague ShipMission
49 VVisit Tranquil ColonyMission
50 VExpand the EmpireObjective
51 VFerengi Commerce OperationObjective
52 VSeek Out New LifeObjective
53 V❖ BarronPersonnelFederation
54 VBeverlyPersonnelFederation
55 V❖ Daniel KwanPersonnelFederation
56 VDataPersonnelFederation
57 V❖ DaviesPersonnelFederation
58 VDeanna TroiPersonnelFederation
59 VDr. ChristopherPersonnelFederation
60 VGeordi La ForgePersonnelFederation
61 VKosinskiPersonnelFederation
62 V❖ Lian T'suPersonnelFederation
63 V❖ LopezPersonnelFederation
64 V❖ MartinPersonnelFederation
65 V❖ Seth MendozaPersonnelFederation
66 V❖ BahtPersonnelFerengi
67 VCaptain PicardPersonnelFerengi
68 VDaiMon BokPersonnelFerengi
69 VDr. ArridorPersonnelFerengi
70 VGozar (Errata)PersonnelFerengi
71 V❖ KayronPersonnelFerengi
72 VKolPersonnelFerengi
73 V❖ LevinPersonnelFerengi
74 V❖ MordocPersonnelFerengi
75 V❖ ObolPersonnelFerengi
76 VQuarkPersonnelFerengi
77 V❖ RataPersonnelFerengi
78 V❖ B'SomghPersonnelKlingon
79 VCaptain WorfPersonnelKlingon
80 VCommander K'EhleyrPersonnelKlingon
81 VJean-Luc PicardPersonnelKlingon
82 VKahlessPersonnelKlingon
83 VKitrikPersonnelKlingon
84 VKonmelPersonnelKlingon
85 VKorothPersonnelKlingon
86 VKorrisPersonnelKlingon
87 V❖ LostaPersonnelKlingon
88 V❖ Q'elynPersonnelKlingon
89 VWilliam T. RikerPersonnelKlingon
90 V❖ ZegovPersonnelKlingon
91 VLivingstonPersonnelNeutral
92 V❖ Dr. SyrusPersonnelNon-Aligned
93 VKoral (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Klingon
94 VVashPersonnelNon-Aligned
95 VWill Riker (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Federation
96 V❖ Ferengi Scout VesselShipFerengi
97 VKurdonShipFerengi
98 VBatris (Alt Image)ShipKlingon/Non-Aligned
99 VI.K.S. PaghShipKlingon