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Homefront III
A Virtual Expansion released on 2012-09-07.

Lead Designer: Charlie Plaine
Design Team: Dan Hamman

New conversions join old staples in Homefront III, the 2012 reprint expansion that adds thirty-six (36) cards to the First Edition virtual pool and offers new opportunities to spice up play in every tournament format! Featuring alternate image versions of hard to find cards and staple reprints for block play, veteran and new players alike will all find something to enjoy within.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (681 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (23 MB) Download Expansion

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Homefront III contains: 36 cards (36 V)

1 VBalancing Act (Errata)Dilemma
2 VReady Room DoorDoorway
3 VThe NexusDoorway
4 VEl-Aurian PhaserEquipment
5 VMr. TricorderEquipment
6 VTrilithium Weapon Control PADDEquipment
7 VFajo's GalleryEvent
8 VRegenerateEvent
9 VSeat of Starfleet (Errata)FacilityStarfleet
10 VA Change of Plans (Errata)Interrupt
11 VQapla'!Interrupt
12 VFind Hidden BaseMission
13 VEngage CloakObjective
14 VHQ: Defensive MeasuresObjective
15 VReaching OutObjective
16 VRiker WilPersonnelBajoran
17 V✶ Borg QueenPersonnelBorg
18 VLocutus of BorgPersonnelBorg
19 VGul MadredPersonnelCardassian
20 V❖ T'LaraPersonnelFederation
21 VWesley CrusherPersonnelFederation
22 VTogPersonnelFerengi
23 VCulluhPersonnelKazon
24 VJa'rodPersonnelKlingon
25 VDr. Tolian SoranPersonnelNon-Aligned
26 VJaglom ShrekPersonnelNon-Aligned
27 VKathleen TonellPersonnelNon-Aligned
28 VPersisPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V❖ SabrunPersonnelRomulan
30 VThe ViceroyPersonnelRomulan
31 VTomalakPersonnelRomulan
32 VJonathan ArcherPersonnelStarfleet
33 VBralekShipCardassian
34 V❖ Zalkonian VesselShipNon-Aligned
35 VTrolarakShipRomulan
36 V22nd-Century San FranciscoTime Location