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Trekcc First Edition

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A Virtual Expansion released on 2012-11-02.

Lead Designer: Dan Hamman
Design Team: Corbin Johnson, Thomas Vineberg

The Federation's most cunning foe, the Romulans, adds to the celebration of 25 years of The Next Generation and they are not alone. Engage explores another side of the 24th century with thematic dilemmas and the addition of Cardassians to Block format. This fifty-three (53) card First Edition expansion will deepen classic decks and inspire new decks with new personnel, ships, and even a "revolutionary" artifact that will have lasting repercussions throughout the galaxy.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (650 kB) Pack Art
[PDF] (31 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (30 MB) Romulan Starter
[PDF] (900 kB each) Joret Dal (Federation Border): 3-UP 9-UP

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Engage contains: 54 cards (54 V)

1 VTrilithium WeaponArtifact
2 VAntedean AssassinsDilemma
3 VCaptain's HolidayDilemma
4 VDevastating CommuniqueDilemma
5 VDo You Smell Something Burning?Dilemma
6 VInvidium LeakDilemma
7 VOrnaran ThreatDilemma
8 VReluctant InformantDilemma
9 VShall We Begin Again?Dilemma
10 VTrilithium RaidDilemma
11 VUndercover AgentDilemma
12 VVenus DrugEvent
13 VAlways a Chess GameIncident
14 VFederation Flagship: RecoveredIncident
15 VIllegitimate Leader of the EmpireIncident
16 VThe Romulan UndergroundIncident
17 VThey Will Be ComingIncident
18 VA Family of TraitorsInterrupt
19 VExplain Your PresenceInterrupt
20 VAbduction PlotMission
21 V❖ Advanced Combat TrainingMission
22 VAssist Damaged VesselMission
23 VAssist SurvivorsMission
24 VAttend Mysterious RendezvousMission
25 VConceal Unlikely SocietyMission
26 VInvestigate Dead PlanetMission
27 VLegal AppealMission
28 VPrevent Military EscalationMission
29 VRecover PrisonerMission
30 VResupply Marauder II (Reverse side)MissionFerengi
31 VEnsnaredObjective
32 VWe Are BackObjective
33 V❖ CorakPersonnelCardassian
34 VGollekPersonnelCardassian
35 VJoret Dal (Alt Image)PersonnelCardassian/Federation
36 VHarcourt Fenton MuddPersonnelNon-AlignedWill of the Collective III
37 VRybakPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 VAgyerPersonnelRomulan
39 VAmbassador SpockPersonnelRomulan
40 V❖ D'LorsPersonnelRomulan
41 VJean-Luc PicardPersonnelRomulan
42 VKellPersonnelRomulan
43 V❖ KharicPersonnelRomulan
44 V❖ KhevPersonnelRomulan
45 V❖ MarethPersonnelRomulan
46 VParemPersonnelRomulan
47 VProconsul NeralPersonnelRomulan
48 V❖ T'JevPersonnelRomulan
49 V❖ TacilPersonnelRomulan
50 VToraanPersonnelRomulan
51 VU.S.S. ExcaliburShipFederation
52 VVoyagerShipKazon
53 VDeranasShipRomulan