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Trekcc First Edition

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A Virtual Expansion released on 2013-12-06.

Lead Designer: Charlie Plaine
Design Team: Corbin Johnson, Thomas Vineberg

Reshape the Alpha Quadrant and venture beyond the Bajoran Wormhole with Emissary, an eighty-one (81) card expansion kicking off the new Deep Space 9 block. Join the crew of the station as they stave off Cardassian interests and explore the Gamma Quadrant. With both new and familiar faces, everyone can find something new to enjoy in this First Edition virtual expansion!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (660 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (47 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (33 MB) Cardassian Starter
[PDF] (34 MB) Federation/Bajoran Starter
[PDF] (900 kB each) Ben Sisko (Federation Border): 3 UP 9 UP
[PDF] (900 kB each) Deputy Quark (Ferengi Border): 3 UP 9 UP
[PDF] (900 kB each) Kira Meru (Cardassian Border): 3 UP 9 UP
[PDF] (900 kB each) Quark (Ferengi Border): 3 UP 9 UP

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Emissary contains: 85 cards (85 V)

1 VBack Room DealingsDilemma
2 VChula: Unfortunate RollDilemma
3 VCultural DifferencesDilemma
4 VDifficult DisposalDilemma
5 VEncased in CrystalDilemma
6 VFerengi Locator BombDilemma
7 VFly by the Seat of your PantsDilemma
8 VHard TimeDilemma
9 VMore of Your KindDilemma
10 VPrecision PilotingDilemma
11 VSecret IdentityDilemma
12 VSocializing with the StaffDilemma
13 VToo Many ChiefsDilemma
14 VUnlikely PairDilemma
15 VThe First Stable WormholeDoorway
16 VBajor for BajoransEvent
17 VInternmentEvent
18 VNew FrontiersEvent
19 VRaktajinoEvent
20 VShipwrightEvent
21 VAlliance for Global Unity (Errata)Incident
22 VArticles of JurisprudenceIncident
23 VCall for ReinforcementsIncident
24 VGagh Tek Or?Incident
25 VHere by InvitationIncident
26 VI Miss This OfficeIncident
27 VLabor CampIncident
28 VNano-Biogenic DisarmamentIncident
29 VNew ArrivalsIncident
30 VReshape the QuadrantIncident
31 VEstablish Interquadrant CommunicationsMission
32 VHost TournamentMission
33 VPacify Warring FactionsMission
34 VReopen Trade DiscussionsMission
35 VSalvage Wrecked ShipMission
36 VVerify Legendary JourneyMission
37 V❖ AnneliPersonnelBajoran
38 VBen Sisko (Alt Image)PersonnelBajoran/Federation
39 V❖ BeyorPersonnelBajoran
40 VBorumPersonnelBajoran
41 VDeputy Quark (Alt Image)PersonnelBajoran/Ferengi
42 V❖ DohlemPersonnelBajoran
43 VKira Meru (Alt Image)PersonnelBajoran/Cardassian
44 VKira TabanPersonnelBajoran
45 VMinister ToranPersonnelBajoran
46 V❖ MurjoPersonnelBajoran
47 VVedek KiraPersonnelBajoran
48 VYarkaPersonnelBajoran
49 V❖ BelvaPersonnelCardassian
50 VDanarPersonnelCardassian
51 VDarhe'elPersonnelCardassian
52 VDukatPersonnelCardassian
53 VInvestigator OdoPersonnelCardassian
54 V❖ JasadPersonnelCardassian
55 V❖ JeraxPersonnelCardassian
56 VMakbarPersonnelCardassian
57 VOranPersonnelCardassian
58 VQuark (Alt Image)PersonnelCardassian/Ferengi
59 V❖ RogeshPersonnelCardassian
60 V❖ TadimPersonnelCardassian
61 VArjinPersonnelFederation
62 VBenjamin SiskoPersonnelFederation
63 V❖ HoyaPersonnelFederation
64 VJadzia DaxPersonnelFederation
65 VJake SiskoPersonnelFederation
66 VJulian BashirPersonnelFederation
67 VMelora PazlarPersonnelFederation
68 VMiles O'Brien (Errata)PersonnelFederation
69 V❖ PaulsonPersonnelFederation
70 VChef KagaPersonnelKlingon
71 VAltovarPersonnelNon-Aligned
72 V❖ BhaduriPersonnelNon-Aligned
73 V❖ JakinPersonnelNon-Aligned
74 V❖ JavedPersonnelNon-Aligned
75 VToskPersonnelNon-Aligned
76 VBarakaShipBajoran
77 VU.S.S. GangesShipFederation
78 VU.S.S. OrinocoShipFederation
79 V❖ T'Lani CruiserShipNon-Aligned
80 VKlingon RestaurantSite
81 V✶ The Celestial TempleTime Location