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Trekcc First Edition

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Emissary: Supplemental
A Virtual Expansion released on 2013-12-06.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (660 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (50 MB) Download Expansion

Emissary: Supplemental contains: 80 cards (80 V)

1 VAngry MobDilemma
2 VArms DealDilemma
3 VBrief RomanceDilemma
4 VChula: The DiceDilemma
5 VFlaxian AssassinDilemma
6 VLethean Telepathic AttackDilemma
7 VLockboxDilemma
8 VOops!Dilemma
9 VPalukooDilemma
10 VSeismic QuakeDilemma
11 VThe Three VipersDilemma
12 VBajoran WormholeDoorway
13 VEstablish Landing ProtocolsEvent
14 VRenewal ScrollEvent
15 VSisko 197 SubroutineEvent
16 VTreaty: Federation/BajoranEvent
17 V❖ Bajoran OutpostFacilityBajoran
18 VDeep Space 9 (Reverse side)FacilityBajoran
19 V❖ Cardassian OutpostFacilityCardassian
20 VHidden FighterInterrupt
21 VMagnetic NorthInterrupt
22 VWormhole Navigation SchematicInterrupt
23 VCharacterize Neutrino EmissionsMission
24 VSearch for SurvivorsMission
25 VSecurity BriefingMission
26 VAssign Support PersonnelObjective
27 VExplore Gamma QuadrantObjective
28 VFile Mission ReportObjective
29 VForced-Labor CampObjective
30 VHQ: Secure HomeworldObjective
31 VProcess OreObjective
32 VRescue PersonnelObjective
33 V❖ AnaraPersonnelBajoran
34 VBareil AntosPersonnelBajoran
35 VColonel DayPersonnelBajoran
36 VGeneral KrimPersonnelBajoran
37 VJaro EssaPersonnelBajoran
38 V❖ Minister RozahnPersonnelBajoran
39 V❖ Vedek SoradPersonnelBajoran
40 V❖ AriPersonnelCardassian
41 VBoradPersonnelCardassian
42 VGilora RejalPersonnelCardassian
43 V❖ HoguePersonnelCardassian
44 VKovatPersonnelCardassian
45 V❖ ParnPersonnelCardassian
46 VPlain, Simple GarakPersonnelCardassian
47 V❖ RekelenPersonnelCardassian
48 V❖ ErisPersonnelDominion
49 V❖ FounderPersonnelDominion
50 VHanok (Errata)PersonnelDominion
51 V❖ InglatuPersonnelDominion
52 V❖ OrnitharPersonnelDominion
53 VUmat'AdanPersonnelDominion
54 V❖ ZyreePersonnelDominion
55 VEnrique MunizPersonnelFederation
56 VGideon SeyetikPersonnelFederation
57 VIlon TandroPersonnelFederation/Cardassian
58 V❖ Jace MichaelsPersonnelFederation
59 VKeoghPersonnelFederation
60 VMichael EddingtonPersonnelFederation
61 V❖ Sarita CarsonPersonnelFederation
62 VGralPersonnelFerengi
63 VGrand Nagus ZekPersonnelFerengi
64 VMaihar'duPersonnelFerengi
65 V❖ NavaPersonnelFerengi
66 VPelPersonnelFerengi
67 VT'KarPersonnelKlingon
68 VYetoPersonnelKlingon
69 V❖ AmarosPersonnelNon-Aligned
70 VE'TyshraPersonnelNon-Aligned
71 V❖ KalitaPersonnelNon-Aligned
72 VSakonnaPersonnelNon-Aligned
73 VSharatPersonnelNon-Aligned
74 V❖ Ty KajadaPersonnelNon-Aligned
75 V❖ Assault VesselShipBajoran
76 V❖ GalorShipCardassian
77 V❖ Patrol ShipShipCardassian
78 V❖ Karemman VesselShipDominion
79 V❖ U.S.S. DanubeShipFederation
80 VU.S.S. DefiantShipFederation