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Trekcc First Edition

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The Maquis
A Virtual Expansion released on 2014-06-27.

Lead Designer: Dan Hamman
Design Team: Allen Gould, arcadian

The Continuing Committee is proud to bring you The Maquis — a fifty-four (54) card First Edition virtual expansion that finally brings real meaning to the icon first released sixteen years ago. Players may now build decks based on Maquis active before the Dominion War, the lost crew abducted by the Caretaker in the Delta Quadrant, or inclusive of all members from any Maquis cell. There are also cards that make staying in a region — or staying out of a region — an important decision.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (652 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (31.3 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (30.9 MB) Maquis Starter
[PDF] (900 kB each) Ro Laren (Federation Border): 3 UP 9 UP
[PDF] (900 kB each) Tabor (Federation Border): 3 UP 9 UP
[PDF] (900 kB each) M'Vil (Klingon Border): 3 UP 9 UP
[PDF] (900 kB each) Quark (Ferengi Border): 3 UP 9 UP

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The Maquis contains: 58 cards (58 V)

1 VA Pleasant SurpriseDilemma
2 VDeliberate Tactical ErrorDilemma
3 VDramatis PersonaeDilemma
4 VMaquis VendettaDilemma
5 VProtestations of InnocenceDilemma
6 VRecurring InjuryDilemma
7 VSabotaged Plasma ConduitDilemma
8 VScapegoatDilemma
9 VUnscheduled "Assistance"Dilemma
10 VDetermined to StayEvent
11 VOrganized Terrorist ActivitiesEvent
12 VBleed ResourcesIncident
13 VDefending Their HomesIncident
14 VLearning CurveIncident
15 VNot So DemilitarizedIncident
16 VThey Call Themselves the MaquisIncident
17 VUsed to Being OutnumberedIncident
18 VYou Could Be InvaluableIncident
19 VStalling for TimeInterrupt
20 VBreak PrisonerMission
21 VDivert AttentionMission
22 VExpose Secret BuildupMission
23 VSupply TerroristsMission
24 VFor the CauseObjective
25 VThe Only Way HomeObjective
26 VRo Laren (Alt Image)PersonnelBajoran/Federation
27 VTabor (Alt Image)PersonnelBajoran/Federation
28 VCal HudsonPersonnelFederation
29 VGeorge SandersPersonnelFederation
30 V❖ NilesPersonnelFederation
31 VTamalPersonnelFederation
32 VThomas RikerPersonnelFederation
33 VTom ParisPersonnelFederation
34 VTuvokPersonnelFederation
35 VBill SamuelsPersonnelNon-Aligned
36 VBrathawPersonnelNon-Aligned
37 V❖ KalitaPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 VKasidy YatesPersonnelNon-Aligned
39 V❖ KobbPersonnelNon-Aligned
40 V❖ M'vil (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Klingon
41 VMaciasPersonnelNon-Aligned
42 VQuark (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Ferengi
43 VRebecca SullivanPersonnelNon-Aligned
44 V❖ ReidePersonnelNon-Aligned
45 VSantosPersonnelNon-Aligned
46 V❖ SarkPersonnelNon-Aligned
47 VShankarPersonnelNon-Aligned
48 VStolen DefiantShipFederation
49 VCosetteShipNon-Aligned
50 VGuingouinShipNon-Aligned
51 V❖ Maquis RaiderShipNon-Aligned
52 VS.S. XhosaShipNon-Aligned
53 VVal JeanShipNon-Aligned
54 VClose Quarters CombatTactic