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Trekcc First Edition

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The Gamma Quadrant
A Virtual Expansion released on 2015-01-30.

Lead Designer: Charlie Plaine
Design Team: Jason Drake, Andreas Rheinländer

The Continuing Committee is proud to bring the Deep Space 9 block to a close with The Gamma Quadrant — a fifty-four (54) card First Edition virtual expansion that focuses on the dangers — and opportunities — beyond the Bajoran Wormhole. Take command of the monolithic Dominion as they manage their sprawling empire preparing for war; or, negotiate foreign lands as you seek to explore, exploit or conquer The Gamma Quadrant!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (686 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (32.3 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (31.7 MB) Dominion Starter
[PDF] (900 kB each) Enabran Tain (Romulan Border): 3 UP 9 UP
[PDF] (900 kB each) Quark (Ferengi Border): 3 UP 9 UP

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The Gamma Quadrant contains: 56 cards (56 V)

1 VClose CallDilemma
2 VIncentive-Based EconomicsDilemma
3 VInter Arma Enim Silent LegesDilemma
4 VNanobiogenic FugitivesDilemma
5 VSubspace AccidentDilemma
6 VThe New ResistanceDilemma
7 VUnderestimating the FoundersDilemma
8 VA Better AlternativeEvent
9 VMutual DistrustEvent
10 VDosi Trading PostFacilityDominion
11 VInternment Camp 371FacilityDominion
12 VCross-Quadrant Expansion (Errata)Incident
13 VDominion HierarchyIncident
14 VHolographic CommunicatorIncident
15 VHolographic SettlementIncident
16 VJoint OperationIncident
17 VReward from the FoundersIncident
18 VWhere Opportunities are Made (Errata)Incident
19 VSucking Up to the BossInterrupt
20 VEstablish Medical ComplexMission
21 VExpand Karemman OperationsMission
22 VFurther Tulaberry TalksMission
23 VInternment OperationsMission
24 VInvestigate Omicron ParticlesMission
25 V❖ Probe Alpha Quadrant SystemMission
26 VCombined StrikeObjective
27 VDisguise EncroachmentObjective
28 VTraining RingObjective
29 VEnabran Tain (Alt Image)PersonnelCardassian/Romulan
30 V❖ TuroPersonnelCardassian
31 VAdministrator KilanaPersonnelDominion
32 VAdministrator WeyounPersonnelDominion
33 V❖ Amar'itakPersonnelDominion
34 V❖ Guna'shanPersonnelDominion
35 VJiten'parekhPersonnelDominion
36 V❖ PimooPersonnelDominion
37 VQuark (Alt Image)PersonnelDominion/Ferengi
38 V❖ Retana'varPersonnelDominion
39 VScience Advisor BorathPersonnelDominion
40 VVaren'agorPersonnelDominion
41 V❖ ProsarPersonnelFerengi
42 VColyusPersonnelNon-Aligned
43 VCrodenPersonnelNon-Aligned
44 VLaasPersonnelNon-Aligned
45 V❖ MerrukPersonnelNon-Aligned
46 VRuriganPersonnelNon-Aligned
47 VTayaPersonnelNon-Aligned
48 V❖ SelanPersonnelRomulan
49 V❖ Dosi Trade Vessel (Errata)ShipDominion
50 V❖ Jem'Hadar TroopshipShipDominion
51 VU.S.S. MekongShipFederation
52 V❖ Ferengi FreighterShipFerengi
53 VSerrolaShipRomulan
54 VWardroomSite