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Trekcc First Edition

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Homefront VI
A Virtual Expansion released on 2015-05-29.

Lead Designer: Corbin Johnson
Design Team: Allen Gould, Michael Moskop

The Star Trek: Customizable Card Game universe gets a whole lot bigger with Homefront VI, the first Core Block expansion built from the ground up with Block play in mind. Forty-eight (48) newly printable cards combining the old with the converted, focused on adding new and exciting dilemmas to the mix.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (900 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (35 MB) Download Expansion

Homefront VI contains: 48 cards (48 V)

1 VOrb of Prophecy and ChangeArtifact
2 VA Bad EndDilemma
3 VA Good Day to LieDilemma
4 VAncient ComputerDilemma
5 VArmus: Sticky Situation (Errata)Dilemma
6 VCrew AdvancementDilemma
7 VDon't Let It End This WayDilemma
8 VFrame of MindDilemma
9 VHistory Repeats ItselfDilemma
10 VIt's GreenDilemma
11 VJustice or VengeanceDilemma
12 VLack of PreparationDilemma
13 VMalfunctioning DoorDilemma
14 VOccupational HazardsDilemma
15 VPrimitive CultureDilemma
16 VQ (Errata)Dilemma
17 VSeismic QuakeDilemma
18 VShields Up!Dilemma
19 VUnorthodox PreservationDilemma
20 VAlternate Universe DoorDoorway
21 VDyson Sphere Door (Errata)Doorway
22 VHolding Cell DoorDoorway
23 VA Second Chance at LifeEvent
24 VCellular Peptide CakeEvent
25 VDefiant Dedication PlaqueEvent
26 VHolo-ProjectorsEvent
27 VLine of DefenseEvent
28 VRaktajinoEvent
29 VWhere No One Has Gone BeforeEvent
30 V❖ Bajoran OutpostFacilityBajoran
31 V❖ Borg OutpostFacilityBorg
32 V❖ Cardassian OutpostFacilityCardassian
33 V❖ Dominion OutpostFacilityDominion
34 V❖ Federation OutpostFacilityFederation
35 V❖ Terran OutpostFacilityFederation
36 V❖ Ferengi OutpostFacilityFerengi
37 V❖ Hirogen OutpostFacilityHirogen
38 V❖ Kazon OutpostFacilityKazon
39 V❖ Klingon Empire OutpostFacilityKlingon
40 V❖ Klingon OutpostFacilityKlingon
41 V❖ Romulan OutpostFacilityRomulan
42 V❖ Vidiian OutpostFacilityVidiian
43 VCall for ReinforcementsIncident
44 VContinuing MissionIncident
45 VNew ArrivalsIncident
46 VReshape the QuadrantIncident
47 VEscape PodInterrupt
48 VReflection Therapy (Errata)Objective