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Trekcc First Edition

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A Virtual Expansion released on 2015-09-25.

Lead Designer: Charlie Plaine
Design Team: Thomas Vineberg, James Monsebroten

Venture back into the dark and twisted mirror universe with Crossover, a seventy-eight (78) card First Edition expansion that details the conflict between the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance and the Terran Rebellion. Crossover brings new opportunities to players with new objectives, and greater threats with a suite of lethal dilemmas that will find homes in many different decks. Are you prepared for the mirror universe? Are you prepared to Crossover?

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (690 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (47 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (32 MB) Alliance Starter
[PDF] (35 MB) Terran Rebellion Starter
[PDF] (900 kB each) Nizari (Bajoran Border): 3 UP 9 UP
[PDF] (900 kB each) Mr. Sisko's Intercepter (Non-Aligned Border): 3 UP 9 UP

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Crossover contains: 80 cards (80 V)

1 VAssassination AttemptDilemma
2 VBuried Alive (Errata)Dilemma
3 VClimbing the RanksDilemma
4 VDisgraceful AssaultDilemma
5 VDNA Security ScanDilemma
6 VEnsure Their SilenceDilemma
7 VExplosive DecompressionDilemma
8 VExposed Power RelayDilemma
9 VEye to EyeDilemma
10 VFace to FaceDilemma
11 VHead to HeadDilemma
12 VOne to OneDilemma
13 VPursuit Just BehindDilemma
14 VRules of ObedienceDilemma
15 VTedious SoireeDilemma
16 VTemptations of the FleshDilemma
17 VPride of the FleetEvent
18 VRebellious ServantsEvent
19 VResistance TacticsEvent
20 VThe Best of a Bad LifeEvent
21 VTreaty: The AllianceEvent
22 VWarrior's BirthrightEvent
23 V❖ Alliance OutpostFacilityCardassian
24 VAn Important VictoryIncident
25 VCenter of AuthorityIncident
26 VExpert PilotIncident
27 VPlenty of CaptainsIncident
28 VTaking ChargeIncident
29 VThe Regent's FlagshipIncident
30 VTinkererIncident
31 VYou Can't Kill the CaptainIncident
32 VShrouded AssailantInterrupt
33 VConduct Crossover OperationMission
34 V❖ Enlistment DriveMission
35 V❖ Evade Patrolling SquadronMission
36 VExamine Disappearance SiteMission
37 VInvestigate IntrusionMission
38 VObserve Alliance OperationsMission
39 VOppress Population (Errata)Mission
40 VReplenish WorkforceMission
41 VSecure Supply LinesMission
42 VSeek Knowledge CacheMission
43 VTest WarshipMission
44 VA Safe Place to HideObjective
45 VEmotional BlackmailObjective
46 VEvaluate Starship SystemsObjective
47 VHistoric Coming TogetherObjective
48 VProcess Ore: MiningObjective
49 VRaid Opposite QuadrantObjective
50 VReap All the GloryObjective
51 VStudy Divergent HistoryObjective
52 V❖ Bor KaffePersonnelBajoran
53 V❖ Jalota MarPersonnelBajoran
54 VThe IntendantPersonnelBajoran
55 V❖ MerdanPersonnelCardassian
56 V❖ TreparPersonnelCardassian
57 V❖ AhanuPersonnelFederation
58 V❖ Al VermontPersonnelFederation
59 V❖ BanyaPersonnelFederation
60 VMr. SiskoPersonnelFederation
61 VProfessor SiskoPersonnelFederation
62 V❖ Sarah ShawPersonnelFederation
63 V❖ StoichkovPersonnelFederation
64 VNizari (Alt Image)PersonnelFerengi/Bajoran
65 VCaptain LursaPersonnelKlingon
66 VNu'TalPersonnelKlingon
67 VRegent WorfPersonnelKlingon
68 V❖ ErrolPersonnelNon-Aligned
69 VGuronPersonnelNon-Aligned
70 V❖ MarauderPersonnelNon-Aligned
71 V❖ McKayPersonnelNon-Aligned
72 V❖ SelotPersonnelNon-Aligned
73 VSmileyPersonnelNon-Aligned
74 VV'morPersonnelNon-Aligned
75 V❖ Alliance FreighterShipCardassian
76 VMr. Sisko's Interceptor (Alt Image)ShipFederation/Non-Aligned
77 VYa'VangShipKlingon
78 VThe Intendant's QuartersSite