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Trekcc First Edition

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Through the Looking Glass
A Virtual Expansion released on 2016-03-25.

Lead Designer: Thomas Vineberg
Design Team: Adam Hegarty, Jason Drake

Experience the power, glory and brutality of the Terran Empire at its peak with this fifty-four (54) card First Edition virtual expansion. Travel through time, intimidate worlds, and infiltrate the other side. Will you change the course of history - or find yourself a prisoner in a dark and sinister universe? When you step Through the Looking Glass, there may be no going back.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (700 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (35 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (35 MB) Terran Empire Starter

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Through the Looking Glass contains: 54 cards (54 V)

1 VA New GameDilemma
2 VAlien Abduction: Test Subjects (Errata)Dilemma
3 VAttractive AntiquitiesDilemma
4 VBetween Duty and RespectDilemma
5 VCaretaker's WaveDilemma
6 VDangerous DerelictDilemma
7 VExcludedDilemma
8 VExe-Q-tionerDilemma
9 VLooking for Par'machDilemma
10 VMisdirectionDilemma
11 VNausicaans: PiratesDilemma
12 VQ-uality Time (Errata)Dilemma
13 VRoutine PhysicalDilemma
14 VUnexpectedDilemma
15 VHabit of Disappearing (Errata)Event
16 VCovert AgentIncident
17 VFull Complement of ShuttlesIncident
18 VGetting to Know YouIncident
19 VGreater Glory of CardassiaIncident
20 VProtect the TimelineIncident
21 VStation BriefingIncident
22 VSupplant OppositeIncident
23 VValuable PrisonerIncident
24 VRenewed SpiritInterrupt
25 VSmoke and MirrorsInterrupt
26 VResearch Historic AccidentMission
27 VSeek Illicit RelicMission
28 VVisit Parallel UniverseMission
29 VAssemble Rescue TeamObjective
30 VAssume IdentityObjective
31 VFear Will Keep Them in LineObjective
32 VGet BackObjective
33 VImperial IntimidationObjective
34 VInsert Undercover AgentObjective
35 VKira NerysPersonnelBajoran
36 VBenjamin SiskoPersonnelFederation
37 VCaptain KirkPersonnelFederation
38 V❖ Crewman BredahlPersonnelFederation
39 V❖ Crewman PeartPersonnelFederation
40 VDr. McCoyPersonnelFederation
41 V❖ Ensign CaggianoPersonnelFederation
42 V❖ Ensign ChagwizaPersonnelFederation
43 V❖ Ensign KjolholmPersonnelFederation
44 VFarrellPersonnelFederation
45 VHaadokPersonnelFederation
46 VJulian BashirPersonnelFederation
47 VLt. Uhura (Errata)PersonnelFederation
48 VMr. ScottPersonnelFederation
49 V❖ Yeoman VaughnPersonnelFederation
50 VGrand Nagus ZekPersonnelFerengi
51 VQuarkPersonnelFerengi
52 VRomPersonnelFerengi
53 V❖ BazePersonnelNon-Aligned
54 VMinister TharnPersonnelNon-Aligned