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Trekcc First Edition

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The Terran Empire
A Virtual Expansion released on 2016-11-25.

Lead Designer: Dan Hamman
Design Team: Michael Moskop, Charlie Plaine, Chris Lobban

The Continuing Committee is proud to bring you The Terran Empire - a sixty-two (62) card First Edition virtual expansion. Celebrate the birth of the Imperials in the Mirror Quadrant with the final expansion in the Mirror Block. Players will have many options in the dark alternate universe. Follow a lowly member of the crew through promotions and deception until they become Emperor (or Empress), or perhaps take command of a futuristic starship and use it to dominate the spaceline. Use the tools around you before they disappear, and try to get by with limited resources in your hand. The Mirror Quadrant is not a place for the faint of heart!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (680 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (42.7 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (36 MB) Imperial Starfleet Starter

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The Terran Empire contains: 64 cards (64 V)

1 VAlien ConspiracyDilemma
2 VArchaic RitualDilemma
3 VMultitronic MenaceDilemma
4 VQuality of LifeDilemma
5 VReflectionsDilemma
6 VSuliban Cloaking DeviceEquipment
7 VA Real GameEvent
8 VAmanda Rogers: Protector (Errata)Event
9 VCaptain's PrerogativeEvent
10 VLoyal SubordinateEvent
11 VSecurity DrillsEvent
12 VTechnical WizardryEvent
13 VTerran Flagship: PredatorEvent
14 VTyrannyEvent
15 VWill You Kindly Die?Event
16 V❖ Imperial OutpostFacilityStarfleet
17 VImperial PalaceFacilityStarfleet
18 V❖ Starfleet OutpostFacilityStarfleet
19 VRadiation MonitoringIncident
20 VUFP: One Small StepIncident
21 VWatch DogIncident
22 VDeliver Ancient ArtifactMission
23 VIncapacitate InhabitantsMission
24 VLaunch Military StrikeMission
25 VMonitor PopulationMission
26 VObserve Spatial CoordinatesMission
27 VSabotage BiosphereMission
28 VUnsanctioned AttackMission
29 VAssert AuthorityObjective
30 VBetray CaptainObjective
31 VConsolidate PowerObjective
32 VDeclare New SovereignObjective
33 V❖ CarriPersonnelNon-Aligned
34 VDr. CochranePersonnelNon-Aligned
35 V❖ Haon ObstPersonnelNon-Aligned
36 V❖ Admiral BlackPersonnelStarfleet
37 VCaptain ForrestPersonnelStarfleet
38 VChief Engineer Tucker (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
39 VChief Surgeon PhloxPersonnelStarfleet
40 VComm Officer SatoPersonnelStarfleet
41 VCommander ArcherPersonnelStarfleet
42 VCommander T'Pol (Alt Image)PersonnelStarfleet/Vulcan
43 V❖ Corporal ScottPersonnelStarfleet
44 V❖ Crewman Biggs (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
45 V❖ Crewman D'VelaPersonnelStarfleet
46 V❖ Crewman GhamPersonnelStarfleet
47 V❖ Crewman TerevPersonnelStarfleet
48 VCrewman Soval (Alt Image)PersonnelStarfleet/Vulcan
49 V❖ Ensign GuerreroPersonnelStarfleet
50 VEnsign Kelby (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
51 VMajor ReedPersonnelStarfleet
52 V❖ Private BrownPersonnelStarfleet
53 V❖ Private PalmerPersonnelStarfleet
54 VSergeant MayweatherPersonnelStarfleet
55 V❖ Sergeant MorenoPersonnelStarfleet
56 VStarship DefiantShipFederation
57 VI.S.S. AvengerShipStarfleet
58 VI.S.S. Enterprise NX-01ShipStarfleet
59 V❖ Imperial InterceptorShipStarfleet
60 VPhase CannonsTactic
61 V22nd-Century JapanTime Location
62 VVintaak Drydock Station (Reverse side)Time Location