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Trekcc First Edition

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Broken Bow
A Virtual Expansion released on 2017-03-31.

Lead Designer: Dan Hamman
Design Team: Niall Matthew, Paddy Tye

Retrace the first tentative steps of humanity into the galaxy with Broken Bow, a new First Edition virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee. Featuring ninety (90) new cards from the 22nd-century era of Enterprise, Broken Bow gives players new options down the path of Starfleet exploration or Klingon conquest. However, there are great dangers in the galaxy no matter which path you choose - and plenty of new dilemmas to represent them! Venture forth into Broken Bow, and know the galaxy will never the be same again.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (670 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (59.1 MB) Download Expansion

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Broken Bow contains: 90 cards (90 V)

1 VA Miner ConfrontationDilemma
2 VAuthorized Access OnlyDilemma
3 VContaminating a CultureDilemma
4 VDefrosted MenaceDilemma
5 VFaux PasDilemma
6 VMACO EncounterDilemma
7 VPreoccupiedDilemma
8 VQuantum LeapDilemma
9 VRock PeopleDilemma
10 VSilent EnemyDilemma
11 VStand-OffDilemma
12 VSymbalene Blood BurnDilemma
13 VThe Ghost of Cyrus RamseyDilemma
14 VXindi Test StrikeDilemma
15 VTemporal ConduitDoorway
16 VMACO Assault RifleEquipment
17 VCombat-Ready: SolidarityEvent
18 VCombat-Ready: Tense SituationEvent
19 VDecontaminationEvent
20 VGrappler: Shuttlepod RetrievalEvent
21 VMilitary Assault Command OperationsEvent
22 VPolarized Hull PlatingEvent
23 VGold!Incident
24 VKlingon Imperial CourtIncident
25 VLaunch BayIncident
26 VReed Alert!Incident
27 VSickbay: MenagerieIncident
28 VCombat-Ready: Jury-RigInterrupt
29 VCombat-Ready: Tactical ReserveInterrupt
30 VKlingon Border PatrolInterrupt
31 VKlingon BountyInterrupt
32 VBattle of Narendra IIIMission
33 VEscape GulagMission
34 VExtract Rare MineralMission
35 VPolice Trade RouteMission
36 VResearch Devastating AttackMission
37 VRetrieve MaterielMission
38 VStudy Neutronic StormMission
39 V❖ Survey New WorldMission
40 VSurvival TrainingMission
41 VExplore New WorldObjective
42 VOperate Dilithium GulagObjective
43 VSearch and SeizeObjective
44 V❖ Four of FiftyPersonnelBorg
45 V❖ Ten of FiftyPersonnelBorg
46 VAdvocate KolosPersonnelKlingon
47 V❖ AklamPersonnelKlingon
48 VBu'kaHPersonnelKlingon
49 VCaptain GorothPersonnelKlingon
50 VCaptain KorokPersonnelKlingon
51 V❖ Captain MonakPersonnelKlingon
52 VCaptain VorokPersonnelKlingon
53 V❖ Chancellor M'RekPersonnelKlingon
54 VDuras Son of ToralPersonnelKlingon
55 V❖ GonikPersonnelKlingon
56 V❖ J'MetPersonnelKlingon
57 VKlaangPersonnelKlingon
58 V❖ Magistrate GorvilPersonnelKlingon
59 V❖ MorgaPersonnelKlingon
60 V❖ P'MokhPersonnelKlingon
61 VPrisoner ArcherPersonnelKlingon
62 VProsecutor OrakPersonnelKlingon
63 VOsmotic EelPersonnelNeutral
64 V❖ DarritPersonnelNon-Aligned
65 VShobbi-HarPersonnelNon-Aligned
66 VSkalaarPersonnelNon-Aligned
67 V❖ TrevixPersonnelNon-Aligned
68 V❖ Amanda ColePersonnelStarfleet
69 V❖ CallaghanPersonnelStarfleet
70 VFiona McKenziePersonnelStarfleet
71 VHideaki ChangPersonnelStarfleet
72 VJeremiah HayesPersonnelStarfleet
73 VJohn Frederick PaxtonPersonnelStarfleet
74 VJonathan ArcherPersonnelStarfleet
75 VKelbyPersonnelStarfleet
76 VMarkus ForbesPersonnelStarfleet
77 VMaxwell ForrestPersonnelStarfleet
78 VNathan SamuelsPersonnelStarfleet
79 V❖ Nelson KemperPersonnelStarfleet
80 VPhloxPersonnelStarfleet
81 V❖ Sascha MoneyPersonnelStarfleet
82 V❖ Sean HawkinsPersonnelStarfleet
83 V❖ Stewart RiversPersonnelStarfleet
84 VBattle Cruiser BortasShipKlingon
85 V❖ I.K.S. RaptorShipKlingon
86 V❖ IntrepidShipStarfleet
87 VShuttlepod OneShipStarfleet
88 V❖ Shuttlepod TwoShipStarfleet
89 VHall of MagistratesTime Location
90 VMACO Training Camp (Errata)Time Location