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Trekcc First Edition

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Live Long and Prosper
A Virtual Expansion released on 2017-09-01.

Lead Designer: Charlie Plaine
Design Team: James Monsebroten, Matthew Zinno, Cristoffer Wiker

After making first contact and acting out of fear, Vulcans spent a century hindering Earth's progress. Explore this period of Vulcan obstruction and interference with Live Long and Prosper. Featuring sixty-two (62) new First Edition cards, you'll find lots of dirty tricks to hinder your opponent's efforts. These aren't the logical, stalwart allies of the future; they're manipulative and driven by fear. Can you use these cards to help the Vulcans find their way to Live Long and Prosper?

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (670 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (42.2 MB) Download Expansion

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Live Long and Prosper contains: 66 cards (66 V)

1 VKir'Shara (Errata)Artifact
2 VT'Pol Has Some IssuesDilemma
3 VEspionage: Romulan on VulcanEvent
4 VEspionage: Starfleet on VulcanEvent
5 VEspionage: Vulcan on AndorianEvent
6 VNeuropressure MassageEvent
7 VStrange New WorldsEvent
8 VTemper AdvancementsEvent
9 VCautionary TaleIncident
10 VIDIC: Courage of the V'SharIncident
11 VIDIC: Power of the High Command (Errata)Incident
12 VIDIC: Wisdom of Surak (Errata)Incident
13 VOnly LogicalIncident
14 VThe Katra of SurakIncident
15 VThe Secret of P'JemIncident
16 VThorough DebriefingIncident
17 VYou're Not ReadyIncident
18 VAccept Ambassadorial InvitationMission
19 VAssemble FleetMission
20 VAttend Ambassadorial BanquetMission
21 VCultural Observation II (Reverse side)Mission
22 V❖ Explore Delphic ExpanseMission
23 VIntercept DignitaryMission
24 VLocate TelepathsMission
25 VMedical ConferenceMission
26 VRebuild MonasteryMission
27 VRepatriate CitizenMission
28 VStudy Xenophobic TendenciesMission
29 VSeek Hidden Reliquary (Errata)Objective
30 VMenos (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Vulcan
31 VAmbassador V'LarPersonnelVulcan
32 VCharles Tucker III (Alt Image)PersonnelVulcan/Starfleet
33 VJonathan Archer (Alt Image)PersonnelVulcan/Starfleet
34 VKossPersonnelVulcan
35 VMinister KuvakPersonnelVulcan
36 VMinister T'PauPersonnelVulcan
37 VOrattPersonnelVulcan
38 V❖ SedisPersonnelVulcan
39 VSinamPersonnelVulcan
40 V❖ SmolekPersonnelVulcan
41 V❖ SodorPersonnelVulcan
42 VSovalPersonnelVulcan
43 VStelPersonnelVulcan
44 VSulokPersonnelVulcan
45 VSurakPersonnelVulcan
46 VSyrranPersonnelVulcan
47 VT'LesPersonnelVulcan
48 V❖ T'MerPersonnelVulcan
49 VT'MikPersonnelVulcan
50 V❖ TalmaPersonnelVulcan
51 VTavekPersonnelVulcan
52 VV'Las (Alt Image)PersonnelVulcan/Romulan
53 VV'TalPersonnelVulcan
54 VVanikPersonnelVulcan
55 VYurisPersonnelVulcan
56 VNi'VarShipVulcan
57 VSh'Raan (Errata)ShipVulcan
58 VTi'MurShipVulcan
59 V❖ Vulcan FrigateShipVulcan
60 VVulcan Particle BeamTactic
61 V22nd-Century ShiKahrTime Location
62 VP'Jem SanctuaryTime Location