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Trekcc First Edition

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Trouble with Tribbles Starter Decks
A Physical Expansion released on 2000-08-09.

Two starter decks containing old cards reprinted with hidden tribbles in the images.

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution) (A4)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Trouble with Tribbles Starter Decks contains: 96 cards (96 S)

SAnaphasic OrganismDilemmawith tribbles
SArcherDilemmawith tribbles
SChula: Pick One to Save TwoDilemma
SChula: The AbyssDilemmawith tribbles
SChula: The LightsDilemmawith tribbles
SCosmic String FragmentDilemma
SDangerous LiaisonsDilemma
SDead EndDilemma
SFemale's Love Interest (Errata)Dilemma
SGravimetric DistortionDilemma
SHazardous DutyDilemmawith tribbles
SHunter GangsDilemma
SLack of PreparationDilemmawith tribbles
SLack of PreparationDilemma
SMale's Love Interest (Errata)Dilemmawith tribbles
SMalfunctioning DoorDilemmawith tribbles
SMatriarchal SocietyDilemmawith tribbles
SMenthar Booby Trap (Errata)Dilemma
SMicrobiotic ColonyDilemma
SMicrovirusDilemmawith tribbles
SPhased Matter (Errata)Dilemma
SPrimitive CultureDilemmawith tribbles
SScientific MethodDilemmawith tribbles
SSecurity PrecautionsDilemmawith tribbles
SStellar FlareDilemma
STwo-Dimensional Creatures (Errata)Dilemma
SZaldan (Errata)Dilemma
SAlternate Universe DoorDoorwaywith tribbles
SAlternate Universe DoorDoorway
SBat'lethEquipmentwith tribbles
SMedical KitEquipmentwith tribbles
SMedical TricorderEquipmentwith tribbles
SPlasmadyne RelayEquipmentwith tribbles
SStarfleet Type I PhaserEquipmentwith tribbles
SPlasma FireEvent
SRes-QEventwith tribbles
SWhere No One Has Gone BeforeEvent
S❖ Federation Outpost (Errata)FacilityFederation
S❖ Klingon Outpost (Errata)FacilityKlingon
SRemodulation (Errata)Interrupt
S❖ Bat'leth TournamentMission
SCargo Rendezvous (Errata)Mission
SDiplomacy MissionMission
SFever EmergencyMission
SInvestigate CoupMission
SPlunder SiteMission
SReignite Dead StarMission
SRelief MissionMission
SSearch and RescueMission
SStudy Plasma StreamerMission
SStudy Stellar CollisionMission
STest MissionMission
SAssign Mission Specialists (Errata)Objective
SAlyssa OgawaPersonnelFederationwith tribbles
S❖ CallowayPersonnelFederation
SDr. SelarPersonnelFederation
SFleet Admiral ShanthiPersonnelFederationwith tribbles
S❖ GibsonPersonnelFederation
S❖ Jace MichaelsPersonnelFederation
S❖ Mendon (Errata)PersonnelFederation
SMontgomery Scott (Errata)PersonnelFederationwith tribbles
S❖ Orren RanPersonnelFederation
S❖ Sarita CarsonPersonnelFederation
S❖ TaittPersonnelFederation
SThomas McClurePersonnelFederationwith tribbles
S❖ DivokPersonnelKlingon
S❖ DukathPersonnelKlingon
S❖ KrommPersonnelKlingon
SMorkaPersonnelKlingonwith tribbles
S❖ N'GarenPersonnelKlingon
S❖ VekmaPersonnelKlingon
S❖ Wo'DinPersonnelKlingonwith tribbles
S❖ CoutuPersonnelNon-Aligned
SDevinoni RalPersonnelNon-Aligned
S❖ GortaPersonnelNon-Aligned
S❖ Rax'NaPersonnelNon-Aligned
S❖ VekorPersonnelNon-Alignedwith tribbles
S❖ RunaboutShipFederation
S❖ U.S.S. Danube (Errata)ShipFederation
S❖ U.S.S. GalaxyShipFederation
S❖ U.S.S. NebulaShipFederation
S❖ I.K.C. K'VortShipKlingon
S❖ I.K.C. Vor'ChaShipKlingon
SI.K.C. VornShipKlingon
S❖ Miradorn RaiderShipNon-Aligned