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Trekcc First Edition

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Cold Front
A Virtual Expansion released on 2018-01-12.

Lead Designer: Dan Hamman
Design Team: James Heaney, Michael Moskop

Shadowy threats from across time and space take center stage with Cold Front, a new fifty-four (54) card expansion for First Edition. With Cold Front, you can take on the role of a temporal benefactor, manipulating events in the past towards unknown future goals. Or you can pilot the enigmatic Romulan Empire, the augmented supermen, or dens of thieves and scavengers towards political power, conquest, or the lust for profit. No matter your aim, you'll find something to leverage in Cold Front!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (1437 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (38 MB) Download Expansion

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Cold Front contains: 56 cards (56 V)

1 VA Crime of PassionDilemma
2 VEnemies of the State (Errata)Dilemma
3 VNo Mention of CrimeDilemma
4 VPawns of the MilitaryDilemma
5 VTemporal Benefactor (Errata)Doorway
6 VBigger on the InsideEvent
7 VDisrupted ContinuumEvent
8 VEmpressEvent
9 VRevolutionariesEvent
10 VRomulan MinefieldEvent
11 VThe Unrelenting Lust for ProfitEvent
12 VTreaty: Romulan/Vulcan (Errata)Event
13 V"We Are the Metrons"Event
14 VCold Station 12FacilityNon-Aligned
15 V❖ Tellarite Trading PostFacilityNon-Aligned
16 VComfort Women (Errata)Incident
17 VFerengi Gas TrapIncident
18 VHolographic CamouflageIncident
19 VOne with the BorgIncident
20 VThe Spires of RomulusIncident
21 VThese Are the VoyagesIncident
22 VReman SacrificeInterrupt
23 VTemporal AlmanacInterrupt
24 VInspect Strategic SnareMission
25 VDistant ControlObjective
26 VHinder ProgressObjective
27 VChefPersonnelFederation
28 VDataPersonnelFederation
29 VEzri DaxPersonnelFederation
30 VBosharPersonnelKlingon
31 VKorathPersonnelKlingon
32 VArik Soong (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Starfleet
33 V❖ E'LisPersonnelNon-Aligned
34 VFeezal PhloxPersonnelNon-Aligned
35 V❖ JayaPersonnelNon-Aligned
36 VJonathan ArcherPersonnelNon-Aligned
37 VLissanPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V❖ N'RanaPersonnelNon-Aligned
39 V❖ Parrec-SutPersonnelNon-Aligned
40 VRaakinPersonnelNon-Aligned
41 VRiaanPersonnelNon-Aligned
42 VSarinPersonnelNon-Aligned
43 VAdmiral MendakPersonnelRomulan
44 V❖ DevanhaPersonnelRomulan
45 V❖ LeodisPersonnelRomulan
46 V❖ OlicanaPersonnelRomulan
47 VTalokPersonnelRomulan
48 V❖ VenoxisPersonnelRomulan
49 V❖ Escort VesselShipFederation
50 V❖ Cargo Vessel (Alt Image)ShipFerengi/Non-Aligned
51 VDevna-LevShipNon-Aligned
52 V❖ Bird-of-PreyShipRomulan
53 VRaptor TwoShipRomulan
54 VSmugglers' RendezvousTime Location