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Trekcc First Edition

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A Virtual Expansion released on 2018-05-04.

Lead Designer: Allen Gould
Design Team: Jon Carter, Jason Drake, Charlie Plaine

From the Starfleet Academy to the exhibit of a futuristic museum, there is plenty to explore within the sixty-three (63) cards of Metamorphosis. Inspired by popular backwards compatible cards, Metamorphosis delivers new content for a new era of First Edition. Inside, you'll find tools for decks both familiar and new, ranging from mission solvers to capture to battle. It doesn't matter if your aim is survival, glory, acceptance or dominance, you'll find something in Metamorphosis!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (676 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (43 MB) Download Expansion

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Metamorphosis contains: 65 cards (65 V)

1 VCommand DecisionsDilemma
2 VThe Clown: On His ThroneDilemma
3 VAwaiting TrialEvent
4 VBiosphere ToxinEvent
5 VEarn Your Rank!Event
6 VEsteemed VedekEvent
7 VLife's Simple PleasuresEvent
8 VPatient SchemerEvent
9 VPsychological PressureEvent
10 VQuite a Coincidence (Errata)Event
11 VSleeper ShipEvent
12 VCondition RedIncident
13 VGroup Therapy (Errata)Incident
14 VHoloprogram: The Voyager EncounterIncident
15 VIntuitionIncident
16 VTraining CruiseIncident
17 VSouls of the DeadInterrupt
18 VThat's a Stupid Question!Interrupt
19 VConduct Perilous TradeMission
20 VPractice Orbital ManeuversMission
21 VSecure Strategic BaseMission
22 VTactical ObservationMission
23 V❖ Eleven of NinetyPersonnelBorg
24 V❖ ThorelPersonnelCardassian
25 V❖ Imat'KorexPersonnelDominion
26 VAdmiral PatrickPersonnelFederation
27 VDorian CollinsPersonnelFederation
28 V❖ FosterPersonnelFederation
29 VJackPersonnelFederation
30 VJean HajarPersonnelFederation
31 VKaren FarrisPersonnelFederation
32 VKatherine PulaskiPersonnelFederation
33 VLaurenPersonnelFederation
34 VMarie KaplanPersonnelFederation
35 VNogPersonnelFederation
36 VPatrickPersonnelFederation
37 VRevised ChakotayPersonnelFederation
38 VRevised DoctorPersonnelFederation
39 VRevised JanewayPersonnelFederation
40 VRevised KimPersonnelFederation
41 V❖ Revised Kizar (Alt Image)PersonnelFederation/Kazon
42 VRevised NeelixPersonnelFederation
43 VRevised ParisPersonnelFederation
44 VRevised Seven of NinePersonnelFederation
45 VRevised TuvokPersonnelFederation
46 VRiley ShepardPersonnelFederation
47 VSarinaPersonnelFederation
48 V❖ Seth MatthewsPersonnelFederation
49 VTim WattersPersonnelFederation
50 VLeosaPersonnelFerengi
51 VAlexander RozhenkoPersonnelKlingon
52 V❖ B'amaraPersonnelKlingon
53 V❖ MerahtPersonnelKlingon
54 VCurator QuarrenPersonnelNon-Aligned
55 VSarda (Alt Image)PersonnelNon-Aligned/Ferengi
56 V❖ TogaranPersonnelNon-Aligned
57 V❖ ChagrithPersonnelRomulan
58 V❖ DralvakPersonnelRomulan
59 V❖ JorvasPersonnelRomulan
60 V❖ ThexorPersonnelRomulan
61 VKitaraShipBajoran
62 VU.S.S. ValiantShipFederation
63 VMuseum of Kyrian HeritageTime Location